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More importantly, i think Watson will be the last man standing by the end of the season. He is just too good.

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I think he WAS a great coach who is past his prime. Like many he does not know when it is time to quit.

I am more concerned about the objective coverage of Clemson sports reporters. Would their access be decreased (see a previous report on this topic) if they advocate a change in coaching and does not happen.

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The coach looks "terrible". He looks old, tired and someone who is past his prime. Is it time to retire coach, before you get more embarrassed again next year?

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in response to Bigboots:

Tajh represented Clemson well. He was a good leader and showed flashes of talent. That said, I am not surprised by his draft position. Consistency was always a challenge for Tajh. He would make some phenomenal passes and then totally miss on a screen pass or 10 yard pass. At times, it was hard to watch.
I really wish him the best. Maybe his determination and character will carry him. If not in the NFL, I think he will succeed elsewhere.

I agree. I am glad he was at Clemson, represented the University well, is a good leader and has great determination. But he was not consistent. In some games he was awful. I am glad he WAS drafted, so many other comparable QBs did not (e.g., Shaw). Given who is ahead of him, I doubt he will get an opportunity in the near future. But given his personality, I am sure he will do well in his life. I enjoyed watching him (most of the time) and wish him the very best.

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Sammy is going to Bills and Jameis will be going to Prison. Time will tell and the truth will become evident. I don't wish that on Jameis, but I will blame Florida State University if they cant teach what is important to one of their best STUDENT athletes.

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If the University and the law fail to take action because he is a good athlete, he will turn out to be a big liability to the society. Is this what we want as a taxpayer? Is this what FL State expects from its students or does it have another policy for its athletes?

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I will grade Cole Stoudt as a B, Chad as C-. I am not sure whether our D was so good but will grade the O-line as C. There does not seem to be much confidence in the WR. The only positive I saw was the RB (may be because my expectations were low). Some of those runs were tough and hope they show it in a real game. But it was good spring entertainment.

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in response to clemvol:

After a 5th straight loss to the "chicks" a change in coaching needed to be done but since most folks have an "oh well "" attitude with this and think it's just another game then take them off the schedule and replace them with S.C State or Wofford.

I somewhat agree with clemvol. The game against USC is huge and losing 5 in a row is not tolerable. If we lose again, then we need to find a way to win the national championship, if at all possible. Another 10 or 11 win season against SC State, Wofford, and Wake Forest is not going to compensate. It will just confirm that our coaching staff is not as good as what USC has in winning crucial football games. I hope it does not happen, I like Dabbo as a person. But I love Clemson more. Go Tigers.

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Is it Tuesday, yet?

I cant wait to see Clemson pay well as a team and then, beat SMU.

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in response to lhaselden:

I hope KJ comes back for one more year.... but he can refine his game in the NBA as well. KJ should have our full support whatever he decides and I will be a fan of his whatever uniform he wears next year... not sure i will watch any NBA games when he is not playing though.

Agreed. See my previous post, KJ should have our full support what ever his decision. But DooDoo's message seems to have an ulterior motive... (validated by some of his previous emails).

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Draft Express has him as a late 1st round pick which would be perfect for him. He'd go to a good team with a good culture and could probably see some meaningful playing time b/c of his defensive abilities (Kawhi Leonard comes to mind). It's a risk to come back after the season he's had. He can "refine his game" in the NBA which to me means a more consistent jump shot.

Hey DooDoo, do you want KJ to leave Clemson so badly? With or without him, USC will not beat this team next year.

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KJ is the best player I have seen playing at Clemson that I can remember. I am more of a football fan and have not been watching basketball regularly, but KJ made me addicted and have not missed a game on TV. I hope he returns next year, but wish him all the success in the NBA. Perhaps he will make me addicted to professional basketball too.

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I wish I was in Clemson and could attend this game. This team needs all the support they can get. They deserve this support because they are trying their best and we will have a good team next year if they get to play more games this year.

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Congratulations. well deserved. He was the Clemson Team.

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in response to michtiger:

Many years ago at Littlejohn I saw Clemson loose with a 5 pt lead with 15 sec left and possession under our basket against Va. Our first two inbounds were picked off and put pack. The third ball was inbounded but turned over for a 1 point lost. I thought this was the most gut wrenching loss I had ever see. On so many levels the lost Sat was with out any ability to explain. With a dead clock at six sec. Blossomgame hit 2 FTs to move to 5 pts. We let then get off a 3 pointer they hit in 3.6 sec. with 2.4 sec we try to force pass under our own bucket. With 6 and 2 possession lead why were there not impeded on the advance so any shot would kill clock? Why wasn't the inbound not throw over the top to kill the clock? This has been a fun season but not sure this team can handle this next week. Here is next week: you do not need to take your socks off to count first round wins: Looks like we will play GT ( maybe wF or ND ), we barely beat them at home because they had two starters out, in second game we made a good comeback, they have their better guys not only playing but they are back in shape, they are winning some games and in sports beating a team three times is hard. not sure we have recovery from this gut hit in us. Good news we are really shown ours critics wrong this year. hopefully thur we win and at least 1 NIT game at home.

Yes, please tell me you did not study at Clemson, or I am sending my son somewhere else.

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in response to BrandonRink:

I don't think anybody expected him to burn it up in the 40. He's a tough runner, but never was speedy.

I'd agree he won't touch first day status because he has too much ground to make up PR-wise. He'll have Pro Day and team workouts to prove to teams he's worth a pick on day two.

Brandon: I respect your opinion and your knowledge. This is your job. I also hope you are right as I wish Tajh the very best. But I very much doubt he will be picked in day-2. I hope he gets drafted.

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"Boyd registered a 40 time of 4.84 seconds, which placed him seventh among quarterbacks." He might think he is the best, but at most Boyd is a late 3rd round. Sammy and Nuke made him look good at Clemson. He is a fighter but gets confused easily.

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in response to tigerrob44#291802:

As much as I despise ESPN due to their obvious SEC bias, I still put more faith in their rankings than any other of the ranking outfits. How can it be possible for us to be ranked so highly by ESPN and Rivals yet Scout has us ranked mediocre? Scouts must be some type of outfit run by a bunch of people that know very little about the talent level of a high school football player. Scouts has no credibility with me and probably not too much with a lot of other people.

I don't want to criticize Scout for ranking Clemson low without knowing why. Scout is pretty consistent with ESPN and Rivals for all other colleges and not for Clemson. Why? Also, they ranked NC State higher than Clemson. Why?

Anyway, rankings are just an indicator. It is what we do with what we recruit that matters.

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Mitch, glad you joined Clemson and best wishes for a successful career and future.

For Clemson, this is a step in the right direction.

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I think there are two lessons from this year's Super Bowl for the Clemson Football and Basket Ball Teams:
1) a strong defense is always going to prevail (especially if you cant protect the QB);
2) the "will" to win is more important than talent.


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It was a good win but Clemson is still an inconsistent team. Brownell is not capable of motivating the team to perform at a high level on a consistent basis. We have a few talented players but not a good team or a good coach.

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in response to BrandonRink:

Yeah next year really isn't the issue with seven seniors projected back and up to four starters depending on how it all shakes out. What TigerFan is pointing to is the lack of upperclassmen/numbers projected for 2016 picking up two each in the '13 and '14 classes. We'll see if it's an issue down the road.

I don't think it will be a problem for Dabbo and Chad. They will be out of here before then. Is there a good Clemson Alum as a coach anywhere?

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in response to miketiger71:

Let's give Brownell one more year. He'll have four full recruiting classes and senior leadership in 2015 (McDaniels and Hall). It won't get any easier with Louisville in the ACC next year. Baseball season starts in less than 3 weeks.

Giving home one more year is suicide.

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57 in a row in basketball against UNC at Chappell Hill. 5 in a row in football versus USC. It is becoming hard to live in SC as a Clemson fan!!!

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in response to clmtgr92:

I am not so sure getting rid of Brownell is the answer. The guards on this team are pathetic. Cannot score or create. We have to be dead last is assists. You mentioned Roper, my wonder is why Rod Hall is still starting and playing extensive minutes? He doesn't to anything. His stat line is always empty. Without a doubt this is the worst offensive team in 30 years. I know they are young, but this it two games in a row they have rolled over a died before half time. You know Coach K and Duke are scratching their heads wondering how they lost to this team.

That's what bothers me. Brownell's inability to motivate the team on a consistent basis. I know the team is young and not many talented players. But they gave their heart when we played Duke. Last two games they rolled over. we cant become any worse than this if Brownell is gone, we can at least hope for a better year. With a decent coach, perhaps in 3 years back to NCAA. With his recruiting, coaching and motivating Brownell cant do it.

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I hope this is the last season for Brad Brownell. It is only half-time and we are losing by 16 to an average UNC team. more importantly, it is clear that he is unable to consistently motivate the team. I don't know why Roper is on a scholarship. UNC has consistently lost with smaller teams and we have many others. This lack of a plan, poor recruiting and inability to motivate bothers me a lot, and should bother the alumni.

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I am no Coach Brownell fan but I am cheered by what Coach K has said. More importantly, I see how we play each game... fight hard... and I now think we have a solid team.

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Go Tigers. The whole Clemson nation is rooting for you.

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in response to YabbaDaboDooDoo:

The only thing surprising so far has been the win over Duke. The best ACC start in 17 seasons really has more to do with an easy schedule to this point. BC and VT are awful and beating WF at Littlejohn should be expected as WF isn't very good either. No one outside of Clemson is impressed since they can't get a single vote in any poll. They're about to finally get into the meat of their schedule and they'll fall back to where they belong. This still isn't a very good team.

I wish Clemson will win at least couple of the next 5 games. Then you can eat you own Doo Doo. I agree we took a step back with Brownell but this Team is pretty decent and is comparable with any of Purnells. They are playing hard. TJM and Clemson will surprise many by the end of the season.

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I think we are going to win more than 1 of the next three games, with a few major upsets of predictions by the pundits.

Congratulations to the Tigers, they are playing well. Show passion, keep playing hard and you can beat anybody. We may not have the best shooters but we can compensate by playing hard.

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I love our defensive play in basketball and agree with Brownell that it is like old Danny Ford in basketball. Dabbo and Chad are fun to watch but what wins big games is Defense. But what bothers me is when we play sometimes without enthusiasm, passion or any pride in playing for Clemson. For example, the FL State game. Today was different, the players fought for each point and I hope they learn from the win. They learn from how the fans appreciated them after the game. If they can beat Duke, they can beat everyone else.

Go Tigers, be proud of Clemson, fight hard.

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It was a great game. There has been only a few time ever, Clemson has played like this. Very well done. With half this energy and enthusiasm, we could have easily put away Florida State. But that's done too. We still have time to play well and shock everyone who ranked us at the bottom. I loved how Nnoko and Blossigame played and their enthusiasm. We got more energy as soon as Blossingame entered the court. As a reward, can he start the next game?

TJM and Hall were great, but expected.

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I did not realize that we can be so bad. I think this will be Brownell's last year.

I really don't know why Roper is in the team. He has no passion, poor in shooting and kept committing unnecessary fouls. No improvement from last year and that reflects on coaching.

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Look at progress before-Venables and after-Venables. Brent has done a great job.

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in response to TigerFan95:

I didn’t watch their bowl and didn’t hear his comments live, but I did catch a clip that was all over social media. The first thing I noticed was that he looked like a big goober in that hat--I guess we now know why he wears visors. The second thing I noticed was that he appeared like he had been drinking again. Were these comments made right after the game or were they after he had time to go in and take a nip? As for the comments themselves, they don’t bother me at all and in fact I find them pretty flattering. Think about it, SC just won their third bowl game in a row and Spurrier completely ignores the trophy and insist upon grabbing the microphone to make comments about beating us..And he goes on to say that beating us is just as big or bigger than winning two bowl games..Wow! that puts us in pretty high esteem doesn’t it!!

When I heard Spurier first, I thought what an idiot!!

But, after having read your comment, I agree with you, it is flattering to Clemson.

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Did anyone watch the USC - Wisconsin game and Spurier receiving the trophy? He referred to the State Championship, again.

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Hoops Man, I disagree with you. But I am not questioning your loyalty to Clemson or whether you studied at Clemson at all.

I will even agree with you if we don't get to the NCAA tournament this year. But I think we will and that is what we can hope for. Starting this year, if we are in the tournament for 4 years, I will then expect us to recruit better players and move up to the Sweet 16 in about 5 years time.

Written on Top-ranked defense falters, early and late, in Clemson's 66-64 loss to Auburn:

I think some of us are going to be surprised when we beat a few ACC Teams. We are a young team, not an elite in ACC and definitely not in the nation this year. But we are improving, playing well together and definitely a better team than what we had last year.

I expect to be positively surprised. Go Tigers.

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in response to TrevorT:

I'm sorry but I have to ask... Are you serious?
Do you honestly believe that a man who has been coaching football his entire adult life and made it as far as he has, cannot comprehend that he needs a good offensive line for his offense to run well. Would Malzahn really need to teach him that? Do you think Forrest Gump is running our offense?
It's so easy for us as fans to say we need great O-linemen, as if a coach can run out to the market and pick up a few.
It's no great secret, everyone knows we need them. It's just a matter of finding them and winning the recruiting battles to bring them to Tigertown. Much easier said than done! But I hope you are very right that Morris is focused on building a better line in the future. I'll just assume the first part of your post was a joke.

Trevor, I was trying to be funny, and I thought it was obvious from my previous posts. I definitely did not buy any snake oil from Dabo.

However, I doubt recruiting a good O-line is more difficult than recruiting a good WR. We have recruited good WR in recent years. Then why cant we recruit a good O-line? Similarly, I doubt recruiting a good O-line to Clemson became more difficult overnight after Danny Ford left. I think it is a question of priority (time and effort) and the type of football that you want to play. The current Clemson Coaching staff have a different priority and a different type of football in their mind. It is more fun when it works than the slow moving running game. But is not going to win championships. We need a better balance. I am not advocating for a change in the coaching staff. I am advocating for a change in the type of football we play...more power football that we used to do in the 80s.

Written on Clemson's o-line: Numbers, star ratings and the competition:

Just imagine if Sammy had played for Alabama or in any team with a good O-line? We are doing a big disservice to the excellent WR and QBs we recruit if we cant have a good O-line. What is needed is a more balanced focus on recruiting. If we reduce the focus on "flashy football" and refocus on running the football with a good O-line we will then get back to the real "Clemson Football" that we have all seen in the past. We can do it.

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ESSOCLUB: I would like to reply to your email hoping that everyone will read your message for the 2nd time. Yours is the best written explanation of how many of us feel about a program that we love. I hate it when people question my loyalty to Clemson and have learned to ignore it. But when I read your message, I just wanted to say THANK YOU.

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in response to Bill61:

Did Morris defeat Malzon two years ago and didn't Clemson almost take mighty Malzon and Auburn down the year Auburn won it all with Cam? Wonder how that happened? Clemson does not have a true zone read QB nor a RB in the same league as Auburn. Not one player other than Sammy on Clemson offense could start for Auburn. Plain and simple, sec vs acc athletes. Dabo controls what recruits come in.

I disagree if you are suggesting that we lost to USC because they recruit better players. We have had higher ranked recruiting classes. Many of our players get drafted higher. USC (and many SEC teams) are better coached and better prepared than Clemson. But we have the highest paid coordinators. That should tell you where we go wrong!!!

Written on Watching Auburn's offense with Clemson in mind was a bit of a revelation:

I think Gus Malzahn did not intentionally teach Chad Morris everything. Guz did not tell Chad that you need an O line to succeed in this type of offense. Guz might have been scared of playing against Chad if he had taught everything. The poor old high school coach is still learning at the College level, Chad will learn to recruit a better O-line in 2016 and beyond. Clemson faithful should wait patiently. I bought all the snake oil Dabo has been selling!!!

Written on Bowl projections: Clemson-Ohio State Orange Bowl likely after championship shakeups:

I think we have a better chance with Ohio State than against Alabama. I believe that THE OSUS was overrated and so was our Tigers. As a match up between what I believe should have been two 10 - 25 ranked teams, I am happy and look forward to the Orange Bowl.

I also agree with RADTIGER - lets not make fun of USC till we beat them in football. They have beaten us 5 years in a row and are ranked higher that us. I would have preferred beating USC than a BCS Bowl which only increases Dabo's bonus.

Written on Bowl projections: Clemson-to-Orange still looking good:

Dabo wants Orange Bowl as a BCS bowl is a larger bonus. Period. If we lose the bowl game, Dabo and Chad Morris should be fired. If they stay, I will not buy my season ticket next year and hope others dont also. Only money can force AD to take action, at least next year.

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Tajh Boyd's November also includes: Only Clemson QB to lose 3 years in a row to USC.

He may be the only QB in the world to have lost 3 years in a row to USC. I doubt there are many SEC teams that USC would have beaten 3 years in a row. They have not been that good until recently. Lol. An then, I doubt those losing teams would have had the same QB for all 3 years.

Ummm...I will always remember Tajh for the good and for the bad but he is not one of the greatest as the stats suggest.

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in response to TigerFan95:

Our lack of O-line recruiting is due to the fact that Dabo is a Bowden disciple who believes that if you have enough speed you dont need a O-line. We made a huge mistake back in '08 when didnt rid our program of all the snake oil salesman from that regime and failed to get back to playing Clemson football based on sound and proven fundamentals. Sadly, it may now be too late to do so and I see our program as the Nebraska of the east.

I agree. We recruited another high paid snake oil salesman in Chad Morris. They now have their fans who compare them with Tommy B and are happy with 10-2 status quo. Why cant you compare Clemson today with Danny's era? Were you not there or do you think that we can never have those glory days again? I believe in Clemson and that we can be national champs again, but only when we change the style of football that we play. I like Dabo and Chad but doubt they can get it done.

Written on Morris: 'It stinks, but you have to move on':

I agree its time to "move on". Good Bye Chad Morris, glad to know you agree.

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Yes, if it is Bama, it is 10-3 season.

Written on In Dabo's Words: 'We missed a great opportunity tonight, but I love our team':

He gets a bonus when he goes 12-0. He gets a bonus if he wins ACC Championships or a bowl game. Does he lose anything if he keeps losing to USC?