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Written on Six games in, Brad Brownell looking for answers in ACC play:

I guess he is the one who recruited the "Cubs" If he wants "Tigers" it is job to recruit what he needs. Good luck and go Tigers.

Written on Breakdown: Clemson offense v. LSU defense:

in response to MoncksTater:

Clemson could conceivably blow this LSU team out..if we protect we should win regardless.

Like your way of thinking Tater. Blow out would be great but a win would do just fine. Go Tigers!!!!

Written on Decisions, decisions: Clemson basketball, football programs facing game-changers:

in response to ashleycooper:

Who is Dabo Swinning . . . as in the sentence "Dabo Swinning, needless to say, would like to keep Morris another year" ???

If you don't know it is probably irrelevant.

Written on Milton Jennings still a part of Clemson's roster, Brad Brownell says:

It is good to know the basketball program has high standards, good luck with mr. Jennings for the remainder of the year. I hope he doesn't disapoint

Written on Louisville's addition the right move for the ACC:

I think Louisville was the best of what was available and I think they will make a great member of the ACC.

Written on Boilermakers 73, Tigers 61: quotes, notes & numbers:

If that is the way he conducts business we are better off without him. We have younger talent that wants to obey the rules and play.

Written on N.C. State poised to make a move; board approved contract parameters in Wednesday meeting:

I think he owes us more than 2 years with what we have invested in him but he may not think that way. It would be a good increase if he is offered and and takes the job. If he does so be it. We were looking for one when we hired him.

Written on Clemson still alive in BCS, but more likely to face LSU or Texas A&M in Atlanta:

in response to cuGIZ82:

Totally agree...if you want to become better as a program you must consistently face challenging opponents. You will win some and surely lose some but as we know, "no pain, no gain."

Probably not going to happen, it helps the in state schools and is almost a certain win on a coaches resume'

Written on Tajh Boyd edges UNC RB Giovani Bernard for ACC Player of the Year:

Congratulations for your performance this year. Go get whom ever we play in the bowl game. You can do it.

Written on Curious playcalling, pressure on Tajh Boyd combine for sour finish:

in response to omnipotent1:

Another curious stat was the lack of touches by Sammy as mentioned in the no calls of screens, but also no jet sweeps. Think Morris dropped the ball?

You are dead on, we never found a consintant way to get the ball to Sammy and Nuk. They have been the playmakers all year. Ellington was running the ball in the first quarter but we quit going to him. Maybe SC made adjustments that prohibited that.

Written on Milton Jennings arrested on drug charges, suspended:

Let him go, enough is enough.

Written on ACC presidents vote to invite Louisville to join conference:

This is a good choice among the choices we had. This decision and the Notre Dame decision have improved the ACC, we will not miss Mary. I wish them well, they were a loyal member for a lot of years.

Written on Clemson still alive in BCS, but more likely to face LSU or Texas A&M in Atlanta:

in response to michtiger:

Lets see we have shown we are not very good against a good mobile QB. So we are looking at Fl. TA&M and LSU. Wow. We have also seen that our OL can not handle good defense and our QB gets rattled under pressure. Wow. Can we please ask for the music city bowl!!

Everybody has been complaining about lack of strength schedule so rejoice, looks like our prayer may have been answered. lol

Written on Clemson places six on All-ACC first team offense:

Congratulations to the guys. Ten wins is good but we need to work on putting sc game amoung the ten next year. Losing to that crew gets old.

Written on South Carolina takes down Clemson 27-17:

I am not a coach and would not pretend to think I could call the plays but I can tell you without a doubt you will loose the game ever time when you don't run but 19 offensive plays in the second half.

Written on Another South Carolina defeat leaves Clemson with empty feeling:

Looks like we will play in the Chick-fil-A in the Ga. Dome against either LSU or Ga, if they loose to Alabama. We better get our act together in a hurry or this will be another West Virginia. I'm a loyal tiger supporter but if we don't play better than we did against Carolina we will be embarassed again. To Tigers.

Written on State's O'Brien, BC's Spaziani fired:

I wish NCSU and BC luck in their quest for new football coaches. They both have had very strong programs in the past. Mybe they can find coaches that can take them back to those kinds of programs.

Written on To win games like South Carolina, Clemson must improve in trenches:

It is always easy to second guess but I don't understand why we didn't have a game plan to involve our speed guys Sammy and Nuke more. We should have been creative enough to get the ball in their hands more. Nuke did have the one touchdown.

Written on Clemson's offensive line ready for biggest challenge yet in USC:

The o line will definitely be a big factor in this one but I fully expect to see the d step up and be a factor as well. No, I don't think they will shut them out but hold them within range of what our o can out score. Go tigers!!!

Written on Dabo Swinney challenges Tigers to maintain focus, discipline during 'down time':

I'm all for it but sounds like an awful lot of improbable things have to happen. However, we need to do our part and win convincingly over the coots. Then see what happens.

Written on Strength vs. strength: When Tigers meet Gamecocks, something's got to give:

in response to TigerShore12:

PLEASE WEAR ALL ORANGE.........been waiting on it all year!

Maybe I'm spersticious but wear the orange and white that you have won with all year at home. Besides they are a good looking uniform. Go Tigers

Written on Is timing right for Dabo Swinney to break his chicken curse?:

Now is the time to break the losing streak and I think we have the weapons with our #4 ranked offense. The defense can and will play better than they did in the State game. Go Tigers

Written on Clemson's defense takes step back against N.C. State:

in response to YabbaDaboDooDoo:

Climpsun fans should be worried after this game. Glennon may be an NFL QB but he didn't have any other NFL talent around him. Top-15 teams don't give up 48 points to NC State... period. This defense is not very good at all. Points allowed had gone down in previous games but only b/c the schedule was as awful as the ACC could possibly allow (@WF, @Duke, MD, and an unusually BAD VT).

South Carolina game will most likely be followed by another game against an SEC team either in Atlanta or in New Orleans if the Sugar Bowl chooses to make that mistake. The video game offensive stats won't be there against SEC defenses. Climpsun will actually have to stop somebody or they'll get "Mountaineered".

I agree that we have to play better defense but I think we can and will against the chickens. I think the offense will score points on anybody, might not be 62. Go tigers!!

Written on Gamecocks next on Tajh Boyd's 'to do' list:

in response to TigerNE:

It will take much more than another stellar offensive performance to beat SC. The good news is that Shaw is no where close to performing under pressure like Glennon was. The bad news is that our defense and special teams allowed Palmer and Thornton to run all over us, and have better days than versus the Citadel or Wake Forest from this season. That's just for starters...

SC will be a totally different team than ncs, our prep will be different and offense and defense will be ready. ST will be greatley improved. We will all be ready to play. Go Tigers!!!

Written on Tajh Boyd named Walter Camp national offensive player of the week:

Great day and very deserving of the MVP of the week. Award good for Tajh, the team (particularly O line) and CU.

Written on In Dabo's Words: 'We made it harder than it had to be...It's a good thing, though':

in response to tigerdh:

Make no mistake about it I'm pleased with the win, but could not agree that it was more difficult than it should have been. I did not feel the defense was in control. There is no way ST should be giving up the yards that they did and defence should have played better.

I ment to say "could not agree more" in above post.

Written on In Dabo's Words: 'We made it harder than it had to be...It's a good thing, though':

Make no mistake about it I'm pleased with the win, but could not agree that it was more difficult than it should have been. I did not feel the defense was in control. There is no way ST should be giving up the yards that they did and defence should have played better.

Written on Swinney says still-looking prospects not 'committed,' proposes early signing date:

in response to TUN:

Another approach Dabo could take would be simply to not accept any verbal commits until a certain date thus eliminating premature commitments. Even if a guy says he is completely sure, tell him he can verbally commit on Dec.1 thus giving him more time to really think it over, make any last minute visits etc. before committing. This approach might seriously cut down on people changing their minds.

Sounds like TUN might have something here, might could work for CU and recruit.

Written on Ifs, ands & buts: ACC's new Orange Bowl deal full of quirks, contingency plans:

Sounds plenty complicated to me. I hope the ACC understands the process.

Written on Following Nkemdiche's lead, Grayson's David Kamara withdraws commitment:

in response to TUN:

I think people get way too caught up in the recruiting process these days. As Clemson fans our only focus should be on NC State and making sure we destroy them in the Valley on Saturday. And after NC State, our focus should only be pounding South Carolina. All of this recruiting stuff will take care of itself. I am fully confidant that Dabo will once again put together an outstanding class. He does it every year and he is building a powerhouse here in Clemson. We don't need Nkemdiche or Kamara to have an outstanding class but to be honest if I had to choose between Gallman and Kamara, I would choose Gallman in a heartbeat. He is a better player and athlete. Clemson fans should not wring their hands over verbal commits who later decommit. It is just part of the process. One of Dabo's great strengths is recruiting and Clemson is an easy sell both as a university and as a football program on the rise. Anyone who knows anything about Clemson football knows that we have and will continue to attract elite athletes from all over the country. We have nothing to worry about recruiting wise. Our best sales pitch for our program is to keep winning and to take care of business the next two weeks.

I think TUN is right on. We get way too caught up in the recruting process and we will attract elite athletes with Dabo and crew at the controles.

Written on While SEC, Big 12 strike sugar, ACC finalizes 12-year Orange Bowl deal:

Here we go again! The SEC gets the Sugar Bowl with the big $$ and we get the Orange Bowl in south Florida. O well it could be worse.

Written on Tajh Boyd says Clemson future "up in the air":

I think Hopkins will go and who could blame him for going to the next level and the big $. I think Boyd will be back, he has unfinished business.

Written on So far, so good: Swinney's focus on focus propels Tigers to cusp of special season:

Dabo has done an excellent job of keeping the team focused on the game at hand, hope he can continue for the next two weeks. Then we will concentrate on bowl games.

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