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Written on Mackensie Alexander picks Clemson:

in response to jdjesusfan2002#285607:

Let's hope this class is the beginning of the rebuilding of the Clemson defense by Brent Venables into the consistent top 10 units he produced at Oklahoma.

right on!

Written on Hot hitters: Brad Miller, Kyle Parker on the fast track after sizzling 2012 seasons:

Kyle Parker is going no where fast, just like when he tried to scramble in the pocket

Written on Auburn hires Chad Morris mentor Gus Malzahn:

dude, i know right?! I did the exact same thing. Creative though lol, now let's just have an exhaustive laugh

Written on Milton Jennings still a part of Clemson's roster, Brad Brownell says:

Even LSU let's their reoccurring potheads hit the road...

Written on Tajh Boyd still has plenty to prove at Clemson:

Entering the draft at his current level would be an utter mistake for his future career. Nothing more really needs to be said

Written on Chad Morris' offense rendered a non-factor by USC:

If you look at Venable's record at Oklahoma as DC, then the questions about firing him would cease right now. He's a good defensive coordinator and needs the tools to build a defense. Our tools come next year with recruits. Our defensive players were too caught up trying to make the big plays instead of playing within the system.

Written on Clemson's defense takes step back against N.C. State:

our defensive recruits come next year, we can see what venables does with some raw talent. for now, we have to make due and that's all we can do. just train people for next year on defense. our d-line doesn't give any pressure (with the exception of a few plays) which in turn hurts our already-struggling secondary and our linebackers have their eyes in the backfield the whole game. just need to keep up with fundamentals to help solidify next year's defense! GO TIGERS!!!

Written on Tajh Boyd says Clemson future "up in the air":

If Boyd tries the NFL draft, he will be majorly disappointed. He's a good QB but just not NFL caliber quite yet. Nuke can go and be an easy first rounder if he keeps up his production though. The best of luck to him if he decides to go after this year!

Written on Venables pleased with defensive progress:

You can't slam Venables for what he was given. He knows what a national stage defense is supposed to be. HE WAS WITH OKLAHOMA FOR A WHILE. They were nationally known for their defense. Our defensive recruits come next season. Our D-line is slowly maturing but THEY ARE GETTING BETTER. It can take time to rebuild a defensive program, be patient fellow tigers! Our team will be well rounded and a national contender within the next few years if not in 2013!

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