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Written on Rain, snow or today's score, the best is yet to come for Leggett's young Tigers:

Our young guys showed flashes of some good things that we hope to come. But we can't survive on talent alone. We are not an improving program, we are excuses program now. They recruit well thanks to LeCroy. But you have to develop and manage well after that. Right now, we are a deer in the headlights if the opponent produces a LHP. We don't have a power team right now, but we have good pitching, we have pretty good defense and speed. We are young. That's a team that needs good management which I just don't see. I like Leggett, but his comments after today's loss and not caring about the score. You gotta be kidding me, that's what he is paid to care about!

Written on Michael Snaer's buzzer-beater sinks Tigers, 60-57:

I still believe in Brownell despite this. It was a very bad loss. But he has our boys scrapping for everything they can find and playing hard defense. They still believe in him and so do I. Obviously hard to make Clemson basketball totally Great year over year these days..I get that. But within 2 years, I think Brad will get us back to NCAAs and be actually competitive there for a change.

Written on Sophomore linebacker Lateek Townsend to transfer:

I think Boulware will be getting playing time next season...that guy is a leader. I hate that Lateek couldn't progress fast enough, but I think that's what made this decision happen. Not worried.

Written on DeAndre Hopkins announces NFL plans via Twitter:

Wish it weren't in his best interest, but it is. Thank you for so many great memories are a CU Tiger through and through!

Written on Tigers struggling to execute offense, leaving Brownell few adjustment options:

Man, you guys are tough. No way we were going to compete with Duke this year...we all knew that. Brownell wants to play good defensive ball and run motion offense. That's what Rick Barnes did and he got the most out of the talent we had. Under Barnes, we made some decent runs in the ACC tournament and NCAA. OP's style exhausted the players and it showed badly when tournament time came. Also, Jennings as McD All-American has been a complete bust and a distraction to a team that needed leadership from senior players. OP's success was also largely when the ACC was down. Last I checked, his record at DePaul was 29-48, so he's no miracle worker. ACC is now coming back strong especially considering Big East teams coming so it's gonna be harder. Brownell needs at least 2 more years to see if he can lead the program. In his style, defensive lapses and pressing in the offense is a sign of youth, not an excuse.

Written on Crunch week: Swinney says it will take 3 or 4 plays to get Tigers 'over the hump':

I'm still trying to forgive Dabo for punting with 4th and long with just over 3 minutes to go in the USC game. I think that was an obvious face-saving maneuver to keep the score from becoming 34-17 which would be quite a bit more embarrassing to him and Clemson. I can't see any other way to explain that decision. I hope that hasn't gotten into the players a loss.

Given that, I don't like the poor mouthing thing much either. But let's get real, we are the definite underdog here (forget the 3 point spread) and I think he is trying to play that card in the public. I don't mind that underdog mentality in this situation...we just don't know what he is saying to the players in private.

Written on Dabo Swinney calls Texas Tech a dream job for Chad Morris:

in response to Bigboots:

Yeah, that's it.

you got it too. Kingburg..that's the man. Just like Orangeburg, without the Orange. I am glad that Morris is back in the Fam for another year. I think some small college at worst will snap him up next year. Morris...we love you and just stay as long as you want. BTW..when you face fast DE's, you're gonna wanna switch up the game plan a bit. Throw over the top maybe, an extra blocking back maybe, some counter moves maybe...just sayin.

Written on Tigers end two-game losing skid in the rivalry with Gamecocks:

The chickens plan to get cute and mock us football-wise with 10,000 strong at the basketball game just didn't quite work out...that part makes me smile. Thanks Brad and Co., well done!

Written on Louisville's addition the right move for the ACC:

in response to cuGIZ82:

ACC should have taken WVU last yr...good thing they did not allow Louisville to slip away to the Big 12.

You got it...there was no choice really. Now it's all up to whether the $50mil holds up. Otherwise, you just can't have football teams like Wake, Duke, and two other NC teams in the same TV market. It just doesn't work. Honestly, the ACC has to come apart and reorganize within the next 5 years...cause now, with everything based on $$$, you can't have 4 teams in the same North Carolina market

Written on In Dabo's Words: 'I just want to apologize to our fan base, our seniors, to everyone':

We were badly outcoached and thought we were better than we are. The defense disrupted the pass catching, sightlines for the receivers and pass throwing lanes. That is a very well coached defense...better than our offense even. Our defense is very weak. They played hard, but the USC offense is nothing to brag about and they controlled the ball relentlessly. We have a long way to go and this conference is a huge negative to real achievement.

Written on Clemson can't control Clowney, USC's defensive line :

Clowney is truly an amazing player. I don't know why the arrogance has to be part of the package, but it is what it is. I'm tipping my hat to the gamecocks as the better team won tonight.

Written on Why did Clemson lose? Too many sacks, too much time, too few snaps:

in response to michtiger:

You forgot one thing. We play in a very weak conference and as a result we over rate our wins and skill level and are not used to good quality opponents. Until we get out of this sub par football conference and play better teams on a regular basis we will continue to be lacking playing quality opponents. The SEC embarased the ACC one more time this weekend. And next weekend our championship game has a 6-6 team!!!

You got it right. Overrated wins leads to overconfidence and hidden weakness. USC has slightly better players than we do overall, but Dabo was way outcoached again in this contest. Personally, I am rooting for Ga Tech in the championship game. I am hoping that such a ridiculous champion for this conference might wake up our university leadership to show how weak the ACC is. If we continue to stay in this conference, our football program will endure a slow long term decline. We are not a large school and we don't have a great TV market, but right now, we still have some real appeal nationally. It's time to act if possible!

Written on Orange Bowl rewind: Bottom fell out quickly for Clemson:

It is a well-conceived and written article...not talking about how much it is liked or accuracy of content (which is probably good), just about the Greg's ability here. Good job and well written...and we do have to move on soon. Thank God that LSU was pasted as it took some national attention off of this debacle. Never seen anything like it in my life and hope never to again.

Written on Kevin Steele looks for answers following Orange Bowl shellacking:

Please don't wait to get things 'fixed' all the time. Go ahead and get it right the first time. I don't like that mentality from Dabo. The Orange Bowl is a precious thing and WV knew it. Well done to them. We look so bad fundamentally defensively this year...that should not be something that needs fixing. Apart from ACC championship game...cant tackle, cant read, cant get off blocks. Basics..Steele should resign watching this. But, oh yea, its a bad economy, not going to happen.

Written on Back-and-forth continues between Steve Spurrier, Dabo Swinney over Twitter post:

Posting something on the university's official twitter account is not 'heresay'. it's verifiable fact. Not saying Dabo handled it the best, but the university of south carolina-columbia knows exactly what they are doing.

Written on Tigers remain optimistic, but momentum isn’t on their side:

in response to jdl031287#282299:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

What are you smoking?? Dabo calls his players out on the field when they make mistakes all the time. He's constantly yelling at the OLine(which he should be). Hopkins is way more consistent this season than Bryant (who I really like). And Tajh has gone deep successfully over and over again against weaker competition. First thing, we are getting outcoached week after week and it's not really at a high's basic stuff. We have enough talent. There's always a way to adjust to what the other side is doing. Our adjustments are nonexistent or not working. Second thing, O-line looks lost. We lose 1 player, Price, and the ship has sailed?? That's really a coaching problem to have so little depth and wisdom with 5 seniors on that line. Stoudt would run for his life just like Tajh, and likely have little more success. Dabo has some serious work to do and it is going to be very hard to correct...let's face it. Still love our Tigers though!

Written on Gamecocks roll past Tigers 34-13 for 3rd straight state title, historic 10th victory:

in response to moonbeam01us#220767:

Clemson will not only beat VT, they will run the score up.

Fair weather fans.

Unleash the kraken. Clemson will not lose another game, bowl or otherwise...this season.

and next don't want to play the tigers next year. nor the year after, nor the year after that...

Congrats to my gamecocks...lack luster...but effective...again.

Dude, we have been grossly out-coached for the last four games and Maryland. My blood bleeds orange like any real Tiger fan, but not gonna beat Va Tech short of 4+ turnovers from them.

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