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Written on Leggett: 'My message to the team is this one is over':

Appropriate headline for this story ("This One is Over") I assume Jack means the season. Even if they get by Xavier today, they'll have to face the Ducks again and win four in a row to get to a Super Regional - not enough pitching or hitting to get that done

Written on Coaches, administrators say NCAA needs to be done with 'one and done':

The baseball and football rule of 3 year minimum ( including any redshirt year) makes the most sense. The one and done at Kentucky makes a mockery of the term " student-athelete" - do you think those guys go to class? Then there is UConn which wasn't allowed to play in the NCAA basketball tournament last year because they were on academic probation for a low APR score. Do you think that culture has changed there in one year?

Written on Clemson falls to 0-57 at UNC:

in response to YabbaDaboDooDoo:

Love this post. To paraphrase: "Eh, why not give him another year. Besides, there's always baseball. We're just playing basketball to pass the time until baseball starts."

Great recruiting pitch for basketball: Come to Clemson, we'll pretend to care for a month or so.

You've got to give Leggett credit. He usually has a Top 15 team and has only missed 1 NCAA post season in the last 20. What's basketball's record? If we can recruit 4 and 5 star players for football and baseball, why not basketball?

Written on Clemson falls to 0-57 at UNC:

Let's give Brownell one more year. He'll have four full recruiting classes and senior leadership in 2015 (McDaniels and Hall). It won't get any easier with Louisville in the ACC next year. Baseball season starts in less than 3 weeks.

Written on Top-ranked defense falters, early and late, in Clemson's 66-64 loss to Auburn:

in response to michtiger:

This is the kind of reporting that causes so much pain in football. Repeating "the nations leading defense " several times is disgusting. We are 11 games into season against mostly cup cakes and talk about nation leading. Come on. Lets get real, with our schedule this is meaningless and simply gets the fans believing what is clearly an early season fluke. This is a very average team with maybe two elite players in McDaniels and Hall that could compete for paying time on a big boy team. Then we have several mid level talents in Roper ,Coleman, with Filler trailing. Blossomgame still is growing and Nnoko showing improvement. Yes lets be positive but avoid what is really bad tags like number one defense. Boy did we get burned on Djambo. I would run him off if heputs up another 3.

Michtiger is right on the money. The ACC season awaits with the addition of Syracuse and Pittsburgh. If Auburn were in the ACC, they would finish 16th in basketball. If you can't beat Auburn, you're in for a long ACC season

Written on Tigers' rally comes up short at Arkansas:

Need better play from the big men offensively. You need to get more than 14 points off of 19 offensive rebounds and overall team shooting percentage of 33 per cent is horrible.

Written on Doubleheader split leaves Tigers with bad taste:

Time to get a new Sunday starter coach. Firth has had 4 years to prove himself - guve somebody else a chance.

Written on Highs & lows, ups & downs: some final notes on the 2012-13 Tigers:

Worst season in ten years (Purnell's first). Most seasons you can see improvement from start to finish - not this team. Being blown out by Coastal Carolina was the first signal and a 4-5 ACC home record was the last. One scholarship left - get an ACC caliber scorer. You're on the clock coach

Written on One more shot: 11th-seeded Tigers take on FSU in ACC tourney opener:

Tigers should save the time and money and mail this one in. Let the coaching staff focus on recruiting some ACC caliber players for 2013-14 so we don't embarass ourselves like we did this year.

Written on Tigers' second-half rally falls short at Virginia Tech, 69-61:

Can somebody recruit some ACC level players? Tired of hearing about not having a quality shooter. Maybe some rejects from UNC and Duke?

Written on The ACC's fine line: lapses add up to 'not good enough' for Brownell's Tigers:

The biggest issue is that Brownell and staff aren't able to recruit ACC caliber players. Until we can, we are relegated to no better than 0.500 seasons or worse in the ACC and no post season

Written on Cavaliers crush Tigers, 78-41:

in response to ewhite#232824:

This team is embarassing. They are getting worse, and not better. After playing close with NC State in Raleigh they have done nothing on the road but get demolished. I had planned to go see them at Littlejohn this year but I'll save the time and money for a time when they have a real team.

Poor leadweship from the two seniors on the road. In 45 years of watching Tiger basketball, I can't remember a worst loss - no energy, poorly prepared - that's a reflection on the coaching staff as well. We've got a young team but we werent playing UNC or Duke. This was a middle of the road UVA team we beat at Littlejohn by 15 points. This game set Clemson basketball back 50 years.

Written on Devin Booker comes up big against the Seminoles:

Congrats to "Book" on his game vs. FSU. We are running out of time for "5 Star" Milton Jennings to play up to his potential. Hopefully we will do a better job of recruiting HS talent in the future. Jennings has been a bust in every sense

Written on Clemson will face off with LSU in Chick-fil-A Bowl:

This is a bad matchup for the Tigers of Clemson. USC and FSU proved that strong defense beats good offense everytime. Our offense looks good against the cream puffs of the ACC however, the Baton Rouge Tigers are a different story. LSU will have a field day against our offensive line.

Written on Clemson hangs with No.17 Gonzaga, but falls at Old Spice Classic :

It could be a long season for Tiger basketball with no scoring threats to speak of on this year's team. Jennings and Booker need to score in double digits vs. ACC teams for the Tigers to have a chance. Neither has realized their potential in a Tiger uniform. Wait until next year.

Written on Milton Jennings focusing on becoming team player:

How was this guy rated a 5 star in high school? There were only 25 of them in the entire nation in the 2009 recruiting class ( can you say John Wall, Daryl Cousins, Harrison Barnes, John Henson, etc.) It's time for Milt to live up to his potential and take charge of elevating this team to another level.

Written on Clemson's NCAA Tournament streak appears in jeopardy:

The NIT looks like a stretch from here - it will be a long winter in "the John" A lot of role players but no "go to" scorer at the end of the game. The junior class is the most frustrating. How Jennings earned five stars (Top 25 in USA - think Kentucky, UNC, Duke, etc) in high school is beyond me. "Little Book" simply is not aggressive enough. Hopefully Brownell can get something out of the freshmen by January when it counts.

Written on Dabo Swinney says healthy Tigers have 'spring back in their step' after off-week:

Dabo needs to keep everyone focused on Wake however, if the Tigers prevail on Saturday, I suspect he'd rather not face that Flexbone offense from GT again until 2012

Written on Tigers' brutal early slate could determine 2011's fate:

in response to IBDM1:

I bet they are 1-1 heading into the Auburn game.

IBDM1 - Will the lost be to Troy or Wofford?

Written on UConn bashes through Tigers, Doug Kingsmore invincibility:

This was the most embarassing loss I have ever witnessed at "The Doug". Team was flat from the tough loss the night before and Leggett stayed with his pitchers a few batters too long starting with Sarratt on Sunday night leaving him in for over 100 pitches before the long home run that turned that game and the regional around. Need to find that dominant big game pitcher to win the big games like UVA, UNC and the Gamecocks have recruited.

Written on Clemson can't finish off ACC sweep of lowly Maryland:

This Tiger team will struggle until they can get consistent starting pitching. Weissman is a big disappointment after a good 2010 postseason and the injury to Brady leaves them short handed for reliable starters. Leggett needs to recruit some starters if he wants to keep up with the boys in Columbia

Written on Another disaster-script dance for the Tigers:

It's time to get Tahj Boyd some experience. Ship Parker to the Rockies Puerto Rican winter team and let's get this kid ready for 2011

Written on Clemson romps to blowout of Blue Hose:

Why don't we schedule games with schools like PC for the JV and schedule another game for the varsity to help get us ready for Auburn. This game did absolutly nothing for the first team

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