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Written on Marion Hobby predicts Beasley will thrive on double-teams, high expectations:

Grady Jarret and Josh Watson played hurt all last year... It will be interesting to see how they play when healthy! :-)

Written on Confident Tigers eager to 'shock' doubters:

If the media is only correct 1 out of 9, why do I keep reading all these articles? ? ? :-)
I think Stoudt will burn it up. I think the O and the D will feed off each other. I think FSU has a lot of talent, but I like the experience and talent of our front 7, and we have some talent with some experience at DB as well.

Written on On his road to Tigers' backfield, Tyshon Dye going through the motions :

I look forward to having 3 or 4 RBs healthy for every game! Do not count Howard, Brooks nor Davidson out of the rotation! I hope one of them can be a force as a KR!

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Jenkins is suspended for the UGa game I think... I expect we will see a lot of Baker this season... I thought he had an interception in the spring game?

Written on Tiger defense pursuing 'great,' fighting complacency:

Do you see how deep we are at DT, DE, LB..... WOW if a player is not giving it all they will not see the filed.. were are deep Watson started 2 games last year and may not start this year. I would not be surprised if only Anthony gets more that 40 snaps a game.

Written on Roundtable: Clemson's preseason perception, ACC what to watch for:

I like the 3X5 model with the swap.
Clemson permanent opponents: Florida State, Georgia Tech, N.C. State.
I would prefer to play 5 others this year and the next 5 the next year, then the first 5 then the second 5. Maybe adjust the permanent partners every after 2 or 4 years if needed.

Written on Countdown to kickoff: Tigers, Dawgs in transition going into Athens opener:

I think Clemson score more than 30.... Final
Clemson 33
UGa 23

Written on Countdown to kickoff: Tigers take aim at turning tide against Gamecocks:

TheTruth46 cannot handle the TRUTH!
For the first time in 5 years Clemson has the best DLine in our context, probably the best LBs....Secondary may be even, we will know soon. We can check our D's stats in Athens against your D's stats against UGa in Columbia!
I expect your O to post more points in a friendly environment that we do in Athens.

Written on 2014 Forecast: Deshaun Watson's impact a tough call among intriguing freshman class:

I would like to see one of the freshman (possibly a RS) excel at KR! It never gelled last year... Adam Humphries improved at PR over the course of the year until the 2 fumble debacle at Columbia! One was not his fault... but I would like to see us get better at the return game. That and place kicker are the biggest holes that I see in the team.

Written on 2014 Forecast: Gallman, Davidson are Clemson's wild cards in run game:

I would like to see 200yds rushing a game, I think DJ Howard and Brooks can perform well when healthy. Gallman did look good in the spring game, but when we go to Athens... the RB has to be able to spot and pick up the blitz.... not sure if he is ready for that.

Written on 2014 forecast: Pinpoint accuracy should land Cole Stoudt among nation's best:

I think you consider putting Watson in for a relief series if Stoudt is winded or banged up, I would not take the most experienced guy out on 3rd and long.

Written on Sizing up the ACC: Disruptive Clemson d-line poised for big 2014:

If Blanks and company can handle the LB/Nickel spot I think Steward and Anthony will dominate opposing Os, playing behind a DL that might require more than 1 double team. I just learned a month ago that Grady Jarret played hurt all last season? Now he is healthy, Steward is healthy, I look forward to watching our D play this year. There could be 4 All Americans on our D this year.
Vic Beasley, Jarrett, Anthony, Alexander( freshman all american) and possibly Steward. .....

Written on While Sammy shines on, Martavis Bryant gets an earful from Steelers' coach Mike Tomlin:

Bryant will make it, he will take the hard coaching, he might be lazy, but this is money and about taking care of his kids.

Written on Football Elite Subdivision: punt conferences, divide 'em up, let 'em play:

A lot of the issues like disability insurance and some type of long term medical plan for any disabilities should be paid by the NCAA for all NCAA athletes regardless of the sport.
The education costs of injured players should be paid by the school where they were injured.
Any stipend should be for all athletes not just those in revenue sports.

Written on Football Elite Subdivision: punt conferences, divide 'em up, let 'em play:

I hope the ACC would move down to the FCS instead.

Written on Tiger 'D' lands three on Phil Steele preseason All-ACC 1st team:

I expect Blanks and Alexander and possibly Smith will be on the post season all ACC teams... Possibly Stoudt and Leggett as well.... I sure hope some OL make the post season teams... Battle, Norton, Guerlemo(?sp) ??? I hope ...

Written on Despite season, dismal weekend, Leggett has earned a chance to right the ship:

in response to 35802tiger:

The Tigers were abysmal in fundamentals from the opening day loss to Eastern Michigan to the debacle in Nashville. Sorry, I can't give Jack a free pass on this one.

Coach Leggett is not giving himself a free pass either. There is no do-over. Jack Leggett suffered through this season just as we did. The question is whether the AD thinks Coach Leggett can fix what is ailing with Tiger baseball, if not the hire someone else. I do not think Coach Leggett should be fired just because of one season.

Written on D.J. Howard, Mackensie Alexander among new starters on depth chart:

We used to have Ford and Spiller returning KOs, they were more important to the O than Peake, they were about 50% of the O. We need to improve KO retruns... put the best man on the job... whoever it is.. even if it is Deshan Watson....

Written on When is an ACC game not an ACC game? League exploring all scheduling options:

I think the idea is that Duke and NCSt want to play each other more often than the current 6/1/1 model, I would rather play Miami in a non conference game than Wisconsin.. I do not think the strength of schedule is the factor... it is about getting exposure in South Florida for recruiting... Syracuse wants to play more in South Florida and in Virginia for recruiting exposure.

Written on When is an ACC game not an ACC game? League exploring all scheduling options:

I think Clemson should have GaT, FSU and NCSt as permanent rivals in the 3/5/5 format....

Written on Clarification: no changes in Clemson football media access policy:

So if the media has a laptop, a smartphone or a pad and internet connection they still have access to the docs or they can print them in the office... saving trees! Good idea!

Written on My two cents worth: the information game has changed, not for the better:

I appreciate your view, but with the proliferation of media outlets the coaches no longer have time to talk to anyone that comes by the offices. I thing even the HC, OC and DC have limited access now.
I think the priority of the athletic dept communications employees should be to make sure the stories get out there for people like me.
Your priority is the same, but you may want stories told that the athletic dept does not. I want to read yours as well! :-)
I do not have a problem with the changes. I hope you are not limited in the stories you write.

Written on Survive and advance: Clemson plays for ACC, NCAA Tournament life:

Despite finishing with a winning ACC record (15-14), Clemson is just 2-11 against the top 25, 7-12 against the top 50 and 12-16 against the top 100,” Fitt said. β€œTheir resume lacks substance; they need at least two wins in the conference tournament to bolster their case, and maybe more than that.”
1-25 2-11
26-50 5-1
51-100 5-4
26-100 10-5
Sound pretty good to me?

Written on Commentary: Clemson reinventing media access, 'sports communications' mission:

I have read articles critical of Clemson football and basketball and baseball... What I want is not sugar coated fantasy nor negativity from the Athletic dept... but I would like info on Clemson sporting events with a write up of each... I cannot get that from the regular media nor the 4 letter network. I hope to get that now from the Clemson sports information from the athletic department.

Written on Commentary: Clemson reinventing media access, 'sports communications' mission:

I do not know if Munson will be better than Yannity until I hear a football broadcast! I know Yannity was 2 or 3 steps back from Jim philliips... If Munson does not improve the product then hire someone else... I am not sorry Yannity was replaced.

Written on Commentary: Clemson reinventing media access, 'sports communications' mission:

Orange and white does an excellent job of covering Clemson athletics. The State is pathetic, most stories on Clemson are simply AP stories are from other publications. I think the those paid by the athletic dept. should have their priority set to get the Clemson story told to as wide as an audience as they can... the Clemson story is no longer a priority for most traditional media in this state.
As for Yannity, I do not think I will miss him... I still miss Jim Phillips and Yannity was a poor replacement. I hated listening to Yannity do basketball. When Jim Phillips was doing football I would turn on the TV and listen to the radio... but I stopped doing that when Yannity took over the play by play. U hope Munson is better if not replace him.. but we needed a change.

Written on 4-star TE Garrett Williams goes his own way, picks Tigers over Seminoles:

WOW... recruiting is blazing .... This has a chance to be our best class ever........

Written on Tigers add another piece to 2015 recruiting puzzle with Sterling Johnson:

If we want him, we want him... who cares if we were the first choice!
I would like to see some more big beef that can tackle behind the LOS.
Sterling looks like he could add another 30 pound between now and August 2015 and play DT or just reform some muscle and some technique and play DE.

Written on Cole Stoudt may be the QB, but he's no different than any other starter:

In Boyd's case he had taken ownership of the team, he was not just the QB, it was his team, he led the team. Stoudt is not at that point... A few years ago Gilchrist was the leader of the D, he was constantly making sure our young LBs were in the correct postion.... Gilchrist led the D in snaps that year, he played nickel, safety and corner....

Written on ACC stays status quo on schedule, division change on deck?:

I like the Clemson 3X5 model you presented if we are staying at 8 games....
I wonder if divisions could be reset every year? Using the 3 rivals approach so that Clemson would lay FSU GaT and NCSt every year....

Written on Swinney eager to see Boyd, Watkins rewarded for Clemson success:

Tahj also has a great work ethic which will go a long way toward him being a franchise QB one day. You do not set all the records he set unless you got game.

Written on Passing up NFL draft, Vic Beasley focused on maximizing Clemson 'D':

in response to TigerNE:

Not to be a nit-picker, but it's never good for anyone to think this about a player, especially another player! "Usually Tavaris will get tired here or there after a couple reps, but he’s put in the work last offseason and going into the spring. You can see it paying off for him." So much for All-In last year.....

On a positive note, it's hard to find anything negative about Vic B, even a nit-picky thing.

I read an interview with TBarnes where Barnes made the sam comments about himself and his play last season... VB was simply saying that Barnes was accomplishing his goal to be an every down DE!

Written on Pete Yanity looks back on 'wonderful run' as Clemson takes football radio 'in house':

I wonder if Munson will be saying "there is ORANGE in the end zone." ..... I might miss Yanity... but I still miss Jim Phillips...

Written on ACC's 8-or-9 game schedule vote could go either way:

I agree that the 9 game conference schedule will be an increase in TV money, but it increases gate receipts as well.... The conference games are a premium compared to SCSt or BallSt, or Middle Tenn St. having Miami VaT or UNC at home every other year would make up for lost revenue of one less home game every other year.
But the increased TV revenue from 7 conference games would cover it as well! Also we need to consider TV exposure in the PITT and SYR and Va markets every year rather than every 5 or 6 years.

Written on ACC's 8-or-9 game schedule vote could go either way:

Giglio proposes 3 rivlas and 5 other confernce games then playing them the next year, I think it should be 5 teams 1st year and the other 5 on alternating years. Every 4 years rotate some rivals if both teams request it.

Written on ACC's 8-or-9 game schedule vote could go either way:

The 6-1-1 schedule model has to be thrown our... replace it with 9 games or if the NCAA allows it the 3-5 / 5 schedule model.
Clemson's 3 rivals should be GaT, FSU, NCSt not UVa!!!

Written on Brad Brownell expecting big off-season strides from Nnoko, Ajukwa:

I think Brownell is the best we have had at developing talent in my memory. I hope we can keep him for a long time.

Written on Swinney, Morris looking for leaders this summer:

I think Battle wants to be a leader in the trenches... and he has a nasty uppercut... not sure about his attitude!

Written on Dabo Swinney wants 8 games, but 'indifferent' to divisional issues:

in response to SlappleDapple:

I was under the impression that Clemson was required by law to play (and pay) one of the in-state FCS teams. Maybe they could bring one of them in for a pre-season exhibition game. That wouldn't fill the Valley, but there would be enough football-starved fans to be able to pay them.

Given the relative weakness of the ACC, and the coming playoff structure, I think schools would be wise to drop FCS and most lower division FBS teams from their schedules to enhance SOS as much as possible. If they do that, then a 9-game schedule might work.

Neither Clemson nor USC is required to play an in-state FCS team but legislators have requested if they are going to play an FCS team then play an in-state team.
At one time Clemson and USC were required by law to schedule each other... but that may have changed.

Written on Dabo Swinney wants 8 games, but 'indifferent' to divisional issues:

3 rivals 5 others is 8 games.... the next year play 3 rival and the other 5 conference teams...
I am in favor of a nine game conference schedule and giving up the SCSt, Wofford, Citadel in FCS games..... I think the FCS games are a waste of time at the level Clemson is now playing at. I think it is going to hurt the rating at the end of the year with the 4 team playoff.

Written on Zac Brooks isn't satisfied headed into next stage:

It would not surprise me if DJHoward starts in Athens or ZacBrooks or CJDavidson, or Gallman.... I just hope they all run the way they did in the spring game.... You need at least 4 RBs to get thru a season...we have been shorhanded at the position for the last 4 years......
I think this is the deepest team Dabo has started the season with across all positions.

Written on Confident in Cole Stoudt, Jordan Leggett's ready for breakout:

I could see him in the slot as well ... a 2 TE set sort of .... I really like this team, regardless of who starts... best man up...

Written on Former QB Chad Kelly apologizes to Clemson coaches and fans, family:

in response to TigerNE:

Is there any truth to the rumor Ali has ties to SCar? I just wonder if his behavior was so offensive - which I don't doubt could have been. Or did she just want to get back at him.

There is no reason suspect that the incident with Ali had anything to do with the dismissal from the football team, the post is likely in response to rumors that were rampant concerning her and CK. the rumor i heard was that he was driving and left... she cleared that rumor up by her post. She seemed sincere in her wishing CK the best. Everyone in the state of SC has ties to SCar and Clemson... our taxes support both!

Written on Clemson football program accused of pushing Christianity on players:

The atheists consider proselytizing to be coercion when done from a position of authority such as a coach. I do think a coach or any government employee has the right to live their faith including sharing their faith with those they come in contact with. The Supreme Court has never ruled that sharing your faith was unconstitutional in any setting. The Supreme Court rulings involve institutionalizing the proselytizing or regulating them.

Written on Chad Kelly's unfortunate demise: it wasn't any one thing, but a 'pattern of behavior':

I do not feel sorry for CK either, but I do wish him the best, he has a problem with immaturity as many of us did at his age. Dabo is trying to help him grow up and I think he will.

Written on Chad Kelly's unfortunate demise: it wasn't any one thing, but a 'pattern of behavior':

I wish Chad Kelly the best, I hope he goes to a school where he can display his talents and play football. He is at his best when he is playing.
I do wonder if a dismissal from the team opens up his transfer options and allow him to play next season?

Written on Getting bigger & nastier: Fruhmorgen joins Hyatt, Green in Tigers' OL class:

I like the way we are recruiting!!!

Written on Coaches, administrators say NCAA needs to be done with 'one and done':

The 3 year rule in baseball and football is a MLB and a NFL rule respectively not an NCAA rule! The reason it does not work in basketball is that the NBA has a one year rule!
The NCAA needs to limit the recruit signings. In football some schools sign 35 and then place 5 or more in JUCO.

Written on Coaches, administrators say NCAA needs to be done with 'one and done':

In any sport limit the number of scholarship signings to the total limit in that sport over a 3 year period. If they sign and do not get into school it counts. In basketball a school could only sign 13 or 14 in any 3 year period. In football that would be 85 signees in any 3 year period, schools like old Miss could no longer sign 30+ every year! UK could not sign 8 or so every year in basketball., I think they have 10 freshmen on the team.

Written on Tired of the back seat, Tavaris Barnes vows to become a playmaker:

If Barnes is healthy and as motivated as he says... Lawson will not beat him out for the starting spot... Lawson will be good, Barnes is a 'full growed man' Crawford might not get his starting spot back! :-)