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I could see him in the slot as well ... a 2 TE set sort of .... I really like this team, regardless of who starts... best man up...

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in response to TigerNE:

Is there any truth to the rumor Ali has ties to SCar? I just wonder if his behavior was so offensive - which I don't doubt could have been. Or did she just want to get back at him.

There is no reason suspect that the incident with Ali had anything to do with the dismissal from the football team, the post is likely in response to rumors that were rampant concerning her and CK. the rumor i heard was that he was driving and left... she cleared that rumor up by her post. She seemed sincere in her wishing CK the best. Everyone in the state of SC has ties to SCar and Clemson... our taxes support both!

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The atheists consider proselytizing to be coercion when done from a position of authority such as a coach. I do think a coach or any government employee has the right to live their faith including sharing their faith with those they come in contact with. The Supreme Court has never ruled that sharing your faith was unconstitutional in any setting. The Supreme Court rulings involve institutionalizing the proselytizing or regulating them.

Written on Chad Kelly's unfortunate demise: it wasn't any one thing, but a 'pattern of behavior':

I do not feel sorry for CK either, but I do wish him the best, he has a problem with immaturity as many of us did at his age. Dabo is trying to help him grow up and I think he will.

Written on Chad Kelly's unfortunate demise: it wasn't any one thing, but a 'pattern of behavior':

I wish Chad Kelly the best, I hope he goes to a school where he can display his talents and play football. He is at his best when he is playing.
I do wonder if a dismissal from the team opens up his transfer options and allow him to play next season?

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I like the way we are recruiting!!!

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The 3 year rule in baseball and football is a MLB and a NFL rule respectively not an NCAA rule! The reason it does not work in basketball is that the NBA has a one year rule!
The NCAA needs to limit the recruit signings. In football some schools sign 35 and then place 5 or more in JUCO.

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In any sport limit the number of scholarship signings to the total limit in that sport over a 3 year period. If they sign and do not get into school it counts. In basketball a school could only sign 13 or 14 in any 3 year period. In football that would be 85 signees in any 3 year period, schools like old Miss could no longer sign 30+ every year! UK could not sign 8 or so every year in basketball., I think they have 10 freshmen on the team.

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If Barnes is healthy and as motivated as he says... Lawson will not beat him out for the starting spot... Lawson will be good, Barnes is a 'full growed man' Crawford might not get his starting spot back! :-)

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I think we will have the best and deepest OL since Danny Ford and Hatfields day... did you miss where they said there were 9 or 10 guys in the mix most of them started or played significant snaps last year all except Crowder!

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I agree with Dabo that it needs to be about education and he shows that it is with him and the Clemson program. A lot of schools in the NCAA and some in the ACC (UNC for example) do not put a priority on the education part. Athletes leave with no pro career and maybe a diploma but no education, no skills other than their sport.
I think all athletic scholarships should be increased not just football and basketball.

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Unions are not the source of greed! If you want to see 'greed' look at Wall Street, Corporate officers, football coaches, ADs.
The players are looking for someone to lookout for their interests because the NCAA looks out for it's members not the athletes. The ADs look after the interests of their university not the athletes!
UNC did not even care if athletes got an education as long as they maintained eligibility!
The athletes in all collegiate sports need someone to look out for their interests. It should have been the NCAA but they do not. They suspend players for misconduct.... have they ever suspended a coach, or an AD or an University President or Chancellor?
This is not about GREED, it is about fairness. A college athlete should leave with an education, a diploma and without $30,000+ in student loans!

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"no examples were provided of scholarship players being permitted to miss entire practices and/or games to attend their studies."

At Clemson, football players and maybe others miss practice for graduation ceremonies, I assume other sports do as well. One player was suspended this year for spring practice to focus on academics (GHop).
Conversely at UNC they steered athletes to no attendance courses that were 'easy'? What is African studies anyway?

I am ok with student athletes having a union and being able to negotiate with the NCAA and locally with their schools.

The NCAA should have taken out a blanket medical policy icluding LT care for athletes long ago! It is overdue.

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in response to waran:

Hey DooDoo, do you want KJ to leave Clemson so badly? With or without him, USC will not beat this team next year.

I hope KJ comes back for one more year.... but he can refine his game in the NBA as well. KJ should have our full support whatever he decides and I will be a fan of his whatever uniform he wears next year... not sure i will watch any NBA games when he is not playing though.

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It is nice to have a group who can play.... seems like we have been shorthanded since Spiller's sophomore year.

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I do not think college football nor athletics would be served by a competitive bidding for a player. I am in favor of doing something to help players in economic distress involved in sports that require a 12 month a year comittment like football and basketball and maybe others.
If an athlete is prevented from having a part time job because of the time constraints by the sport then that athlete should receive full cost of attendance, An athlete on full scholarship sports at least should not end their college career with 20,000 to 50,000 in student loans!

The NCAA has been dragging its feet on upgrading the rules while the money involved has sky rocketed. 20 years ago a top coach made 200,000 grand or so and top assistants 1/3 of that. Athletes had off season jobs in their home towns. Now if a football player is not on campus for the summer he will seldom play.

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Nobody gets a turn, you earn your turn and not by longevity. I think Cole will win the job, but best player starts. As I think Dabo said, the QB that gives us the best chance to win against UGa starts.

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I am jacked to see them all play April 12th!

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It would get great getting another big time OL commit especially coming in in January!

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6th. 15th, 1st. Doesn't matter if they aren't coached on how to inbound the ball.

If you look at the bracket for the tournament ... what matters is not to be in the last 6 teams. The last 6 teams have to win 5 games in 5 days to win the tournament.
I have the way the ACC tournament is set up. The #1 team should be the only team with a bye on Wendesday the #2 vs #15, #3 vs #14, #4 vs #13. The winners play again on Friday.
on thursday 5vs12 6vs11 7vs10 8vs9 the winners play on Friday.

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I would like to see Beasley at SAM against GaT......... put another DE in and run 4 -3 with beasley at SAM .... if we go to 3 - 4 then Bealey should be in at LB as well.....

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Look forward to seeing if Tony Steward can wind the starting job as well.

Written on Brownell hoping for a bounce-back in the student section for tonight's Miami game:

When I was at Clemson we would pick up tickets the day before the game like they do for football the week before. Do they still do that.

Written on Swofford says ACC keeping its options open on scheduling, division structure:

Count ND as a conference game and play 9 conference games.

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If we were in the SEC... would we ever beat Alabama in recruiting?
I look forward to beating FSU and Miami at least 1 time every 4 years,

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There is no safety issue... Saban and Bilema recruit tubs of lard and do not want them to get tired. Get them in shape before the game and it is not an issue... our OL and DL are in shape.. the ones that get on the field anyway. We recruited a 4* OL a few years ago... 340 lbs+ I have yet to see him on the field.... not sure if he will even be on the team next year.... it has been 3 or 4 years...

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The ACC Tournament bracket is bad unless you are in the top 4!
I suggest
Wednesday 2vs15, 3vs14, 4vs13
Thursday 5vs12, 6vs11, 7vs10, 8vs9
Friday 1vs(8vs9), (2vs15)vs(7vs10) , (3vs14)vs(6vs11), (4vs13)vs(5vs12)
Sat Semifinals
Sun Finals.
Only #1 gets a bye.

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Spurrier pointed out that if you can stop the opposing offense it does not matter how fast they snap the ball! I think he is not able to pass up an opportunity to rub it in!

Written on Arkansas coach argues that slow-down rule is a matter of life and death:

If a player cannot play he should not be on the filed this is on Arkansas medical staff and coaches not on the opposing Offense!
Recruit gut under 300 lbs and the might be able to play 10 straight downs! I would wager that Biliema and Saban averagew over 10 lbs a man more on their OL and DL than their opponents! they both need to man up and get their players in shape to play!

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A great team game, I would like to see Rod Hall show that aggressiveness offensively every game!

Written on Tempo-pushing coaches skeptical of 'injury concerns' behind slow-down rule:

Remove cleats from the shoes and put a 300 lb weight limit on NCAA scholarships. Those 2 changes would limit more injuries than the proposed change.. and enforcing weights under 300 would enforce a healthier training regimen.

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A few years ago I posted on STS that the coaching staff looked like they were recruiting the most depth at DT we have ever had... the consensus there was that I was an idiot... I was also right.
Our DTs, the DEs, and the LBs we have might be the deepest in the country.
Alabama and others might have more stars but we should have fresh legs in the 4thQtr till that last game of the season.... A few years ago, I think our OL and DL lost their legs by the end of the season....

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I think Clemson counts ticket sales as attendance... so i am a little skeptical of the numbers.

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go tigers... looking forward to August... actually looking forward to Spring game as well....

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in response to CharlestonTiger:

I'm tired of hearing about all these great offensive stats when those numbers disappear against USC. The MAIN reason Clemson has lost five straight to them and not scored more than 17 points is because their defensive line has overwhelmed our offensive line each and every time. Not hard to figure out.

The problem the last 2 years was not being able to get the USC O off the field.... not the OL!!! Look at the # of 3rd down conversions that USC had against us.... The TOs stopped our offense and limited our possessions, Not the OL not being able to block!

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" The next 3 years at least, we should be almost unbeatable due to our talent level and we have the coaches in place to make sure they get it done right"
We still play FSU and USC every year.... UGa next year and ND the next..... Their talent level at least by the star ratings are better that ours... Ours may be a little ahead of USC by average star but they bring in JUCOs that usually do not count in the star ratings. They also bring in more bodies.

Written on No. 1 2015 offensive tackle Mitch Hyatt will announce college choice on Wednesday:

I agree we need better OL recruits. The last 6 NC had top 5 OL classes,
Alabama and Auburn had 2 in the last 6 years, FSU had 1 in 2010.
We have never had a top 5 OL recruiting class. Hopefully we will have a top 5 class in 2015. But the reason we do not have one is that they are hard to get. there may only be 4 or 5 OL in the top 100 players. If you do not get 1 or 2 of the top 25 OL recruits you will not have a top 5 OL class and everyone wants them!
The only OL in SC I remember in the last 5 recruiting cycles rated as a top 25 OL recruit was Shell that went to USC. We do not have then because our State is not producing them!
Guillermo was a top 5 Center in his class but he was rated a 3 star player and not in anyone's top 200 recruits.

Written on Next in line: 10,000-yard passer Tucker Israel commits to Tigers for 2015:

He should have time to develop in this offense with 3 QBs ahead of him. Sounds like he has a great attitude and willing to work. Looks liek we are putting a great class together for 2015.... especially on the OL. It is nice to be a QB behind a good OL.

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Looking forward to seeing the Tigers roar! Go Tigers...

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If we lose to FSU and beat UGa nd USC and one of them wins the SEC east or even the SEC then we are in the hunt for the 4 playoff spots.
I think we can wind 2 of the 3 and still be in the hunt, unless we lose to USC, then we would have to win the ACC title to have a shot.....

Written on ESPN's 2014 Top 300 loaded with future Seminoles, Hurricanes, Tigers:

I had given up on region ever contributing.... thought he might graduate and move on after this semester.

Written on Coach K says Brad Brownell is building 'a program...not a team':

I think Coach Brownell is the best coach we have had in a long time... better than Ellis was as a coach just not as good a recruiter ... yet.
Best free throw shooting i have seen in years..... maybe ever
Best shot blocking since Tree.

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WOW..... a great start and a great team win...... Now we go into a hard stretch,

Written on Countdown to Signing Day: Tigers take top-20 class into final stretch:

Steward was a 5 star, Shuey was a 3 star ... and Steward could not beat him out. Shuey red shirted and worked his tail off... a 5 star in his 3rd year did not beat out the red shirt senior that started as a 3 star.

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One key to Clemson's success will be the number of Seniors starting on the team.
This year there were 4 O, 3 D, 2 ST.

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I think the FCS games will go away for teams striving to get in the 4 team playin! But Wake and others (us too in the past) need to play FCS teams to get to bowl eligibility.

Written on Dabo Swinney says ACC has proved 'we're as good as anybody out there':

I think the conference needs to go to 9 games as well. I would also consider having the division championship determined only by division games. That way there is a balance in difficulty. I could see FSU playing Miami and VT one year, Clemson playing GT and UNC and Loisville playing Pitt and Duke and Louisville winnign the division.
With 3 cross division games the disparity could be greater.