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Written on Vic Beasley, Sammy Watkins make Walter Camp All-America:

Congrats to Vic and Sammy

Written on Tigers move to No. 8 in BCS standings:

Wow...prior to Dabo becoming the head coach our Tigers had very few 10 win seasons and now he has them in position for a 3rd straight ten win season. I agree he has to put in a game plan that will lead to a win vs SC but we need to be realistic as fans. Do y'all want another Tommy? Bowden or West? We were winning 7-8 games a season, now 10 isn't good enough is laughable. Recruits know when a fan base isn't behind its coach and that will turn them off especially if the coach is winning.

Written on Tigers in the NFL: Andre Ellington grabs his chance, sprints 80 yards for a TD:

Andre "THE REAL DEAL" Ellington...keep it up.

Written on Boyd, Beasley named semifinalists for awards:

Hard work pays off...continue to WORK the season is not over!!!

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I thought this would happen, GMs are looking to draft pass rushers. If he continues to have a good year, he may as well leave early because his stock can not get any higher. Mel Kiper believes he is a top 25 pick right now. Selfishly I want him to stay in Tiger Town but he has to do what is best for him and it will be difficult for him to pass up the first round of the 2014 draft.

Written on Jimbo Fisher takes the high road in response to Swinney's '5-out-of-10' comment:

I understand the reason why Dabo made his comments...he has to show the public he still believes in his players. It is important for the players to know, their coach believes in them. Now to another topic, I hope FSU wins the BCS Title this year. Jimbo is a classy guy and his team is well coached and talented.

Written on Morris: Clemson 'O' struggles not on one player:

I would like to see Morris use Darrell Smith, Sam Cooper, and Jordan Leggett more often. He should have at least two of them on the field to help the Oline run block and pass protect. I hope he uses those TEs and his FB more.

Written on Germone Hopper, Ronald Geohaghan suspended for B.C. game:

I guess Dabo doesn't disclose what rules his players break to protect them and the university from outside scrutiny. It could have been something some may say was "nothing major" or it could have been something some would call "disgusting." Either way by not telling the public Dabo does not have to worry about outside opinions of the act or acts that led to him suspending his players.

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in response to TrevorT:

As long as we're all whining about offensive stats rather than losing a game, I'm a happy man. GO TIGERS!

I second that...

Written on 'Special talent' Shaq Lawson bringing instant-impact:

Barnes can create havoc from the end spot too...the DT's set the table bringing pressure into the face of the QB

Written on Swinney: Isaiah Battle played well before committing 'really stupid personal foul':

Wish he could have controlled his emotion but the punch did serve its purpose...#14 stopped running up into our guys faces after the whistle to talk "cheap trash." As far as it being a "cheap shot" by Battle every man knows to be on-guard if you want to talk junk be prepared for a reaction. Battle hit the man while he was looking.

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Good to see the D making plays which gave our O time to put up some points...every win will not be pretty.

Written on Wolfpack 'D' focusing on limiting big plays:

Hopeful we will play a sound game in all three phases and beat N.C. State...I'm expecting a close game because they seem to give us their best shot.

Written on With Peake sidelined, versatility, youth movement will serve Tiger receivers well:

The coaches may use Seckinger and Leggett in the slot more...having Sam Cooper back helps a lot too. They have the option of using 2 TE's in various formations. Our guys should be able to with stand the loss of a very good player (Peake).

Written on Charone Peake suffers torn ACL:

Get well soon Peake...hate to see anyone go down. Our young WR's looked good last game. Hopefully the other WR's and TE's will step up and show out.

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in response to ghostchaser:

What was the single biggest factor that really won the Ga game for Clemson? Sure, the offense was steady and mostly mistake free; the defense was lights out especially at critical moments; the player running the touched ball out of the end zone at the spur of the moment (sorry Tigers for using that word) when not a single person in the stadium knew the rule. All those were terribly important. But I say that the 6 or 7 touchbacks in the end zone by our kicker, Pinion (is that his name?), was the game changer. Last year we would have given up possibly 200 yards, or more, on those kickoffs and that would have given Georgia too many short field opportunities with their great offense, and maybe a couple of more scores. So my hero is the kicker and the player of the game.

You are correct...the kicking game was a key to our victory. Making UGA have to start from their own 25yd line enhanced our chances to win.

Written on Monday notes: Morris says Boyd slowed Tigers down:

in response to TigerMarine:

Ya and how many more snaps would we have gotten minus the flipper impersonations every time our offense got into a rhythm. That's ok though we really should thank them for their pathetic and obvious acting bringing it to the lime light. Making this sort of cheating such a prominent topic of national discussion that even the NCAA can't indefinitely ignore it.

It did appear to be apart of UGA's strategy to slow the pace of CU's offense by laying on the ground after plays to catch their breathe.

Written on Clemson leaps to No. 4 in Associated Press Top 25, ranked No. 5 by coaches:

Polls don't matter to me until week gain an idea of what a team will become as the season goes on.

Written on Coordinator roundup: Venables 'loves' physical, disciplined Clemson 'D':

I enjoyed watching the aggressive nature of the D...gave up a few big runs but those things can be corrected. Keep the passion guys.

Written on Swinney thinks 'pain of discipline' will serve Tigers well as they move on to S.C. State:

Keep them focused all begins in meetings and practice. GO TIGERS

Written on Ben Boulware survives an eventful Clemson debut:

I command C.J. Jones on his hustle...not many of us knew the rule, of a player being pushed into a loose ball not being considered a live ball. The young man made a nice play off of instinct and coaching, he played until he heard a whistle.

Written on Scouting Georgia: how the Bulldogs win:

It is simple, the game will be won in the trenches...the team that gains and maintains control of the line of scrimmage will win... of course the fundamentals are important, no turnovers, gang tackling, and staying on your blocks will assist in victory too.

Written on Opportunity knocks, will the Tigers answer?:

Good article...I believe in our Tigers!!

Written on Healthy Jayron Kearse could share nickel spot with fellow freshman Korrin Wiggins:

This young man will be huge for our Tigers...

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Great determination shown by Chad Kelly...GO GET 'EM TIGERS!!!!

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To be the best you must play and beat the best...Ric Flair said it best, "to be the man, you got to beat the man." woooooo

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You never know whether or not they're using the process for getting a seat at big games. It really doesn't matter. Whatever you have to do to get an edge. The fact that they visit means they're interested because we're definitely not the only show in town. You just never know what it takes to get a guy to commit. One thing I can say without hesitation is Dabo and the crew know how to recruit. From year to year we have one of the top recruiting classes in the nation and that says a lot. We've gotten to the point now where we can spend a recruiting class heavily on certain positions of need because we now have really good depth at most positions. That's awesome!Go Tigers!

You are correct...Dabo and crew can recruit with the best of them. If last year was a glimpse of what is to come in the near future, then the program is in good hands under Dabo's watch. He finally got the Tigers to whip the teams they should beat. Go Tigers!!!

Written on Coordinator roundup: Georgia a test for Clemson's defense, physicality:

I like to hear coaches talk about their team in the proper need for a coach to be rah rah with the media prior to a game and there is no need for a coach to say we are going to be beaten. Venables kept the proper perspective of the season. One game doesn't make or break your season, it is the schedule as a whole, that determines your season as a good or terrible season.

Written on New rule makes spiking the ball a cut-and-dried call:

Does it really take 3 seconds to spike a ball? The center snap to the QB takes less than a second. It may take a QB 1.25secs to spike the ball. For the sake of argument that took 2 seconds. I guess I just answered my own question. Well I'm sure the rules committee did a thorough investigation. 2 seconds or less, go for the TD!!!

Written on Next Edge: Clemson football taking advantage of new iPads:

Hopefully that have a remote shutdown device for these ipads...just in case one is lost. If it is hacked then, oh well. Hopefully the team has a secure firewall and two more behind it.

Written on Jordan Leggett out 3-4 weeks with MCL injury:

Good news...glad to hear the young man's injury is not more serious.

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Coach has great offensive mind...hope we continue to run the ball in games even when some of the runs only produce 2-3 yards. Eventually longer runs will come and play action followed by deep passes will be effective.

Written on Good news for freshman WR T.J. Green: knee injury is not torn ACL:

Great news for the young fella and us (fans). Get well soon, man.

Written on Freshman RBs show off in PAW drill:

These bigger RBs are just what this offense needs...smash mouth spread. Spread the D out and run between the tackles. Play action will be effective off a good running game.

Written on Notes: Venables 'tired' of big plays allowed, freshmen getting work at LB:

in response to Lynx26:

Man 215-220lbs is the norm now days because of the spread offense and speed driven philosophies. 230lbs + are the size of Mike LBs in this day and age. Yes he has all the size in the world(tall, long, good weight), but he plays too soft.

- Doesn't have the hips or speed to play safety
- Not physical enough to play a true 4-3, 4-2 LB
- Doesn't blitz well
- Average tackler at best
- cannot get off of blocks(stays blocked)

To say he's been playing out of position is an idiotic statement.... The guy is playing the exact same position he's been playing 3yrs in a row.

Passing downs should be the only time he's on the field... either spying QB or lined up on a RB(shadowing).

In order for us to be a solid corp, he'll have to find his niche and excel in it or stay off the field while younger guys take his spot.

WATCH HIS GAME FILM... from beginning to end before you reply to my statements. (Florida State was pathetic, USC, LSU, G. Tech, etc.)

There's a reason he's never been a dependable LB... as a SR with countless game-time reps, one should be a penciled in starter and IMPACT PLAYER.

Instead, he's a guy that will get the nod early week one bc he's an upperclassmen which will be subbed in and out... who will then be replaced as the season progresses.

We finally have a sold group of LBS now... instead of under-athletic safeties who can't flip there hips good enough to stay in the secondary.

Trust me... I've been on and played at the highest levels.

*** Christian should be used on 3rd downs... not a knock. Thats just his skill set.

GO Tigers!

Man calm is not that serious. You gave a decent analysis of what you seen on film. So I take it you are on the coaching staff? You break down game film of each game? I agree he has issues shedding blocks. Clemson has had a 10 year run of bringing in 210-220lbs LBs but they are now bringing in heavier LBs, like LSU, BAMA, UGA, & USC to name a few. Teams who play with tiny LBs always have issues against the run because they don't have the weight or strength to shed blocks.

His coaches must see something they like on film because he has been a major contributor since he (Christian) arrived on campus. They like his coverage skills. There are are articles on this very site in which they praise his ability to cover slot receivers. So for you to say he doesn't have the skill set to play safety, is an idiotic statement and you should watch more film.

We can agree to disagree on this topic. We all have opinions and ours don't have to be the same. We see the game differently. He has been playing out of position, in my opinion. You say he has been playing in the correct position just under performing. We can agree on the under performing part.


Written on Insider trading: Dan Brooks likes defensive ends with versatility to play inside:

Football games are won along the line of scrimmage...GO TIGERS

Written on Notes: Venables 'tired' of big plays allowed, freshmen getting work at LB:

Kearse has the ability to be an impact player. Our starting safties should play well this season. The LB corps has been assembled well. Quandon Christian has been playing out of position his entire career. Dude is the size of a safety. He just recently weighed in at 230lbs to play his final year. Any time you have a 215-220lbs LB of course he will have a difficult time shedding the block of 300-320lbs O-linemen.

Written on Flying high: Clemson ranked No. 8 preseason in Coaches' Poll:

in response to TrevorT:

It's true that the rankings don't prove anything at his point. However, history does prove that you almost have to start the season in the top ten to have much of a shot at a national title. I'm glad to see we have the shot, just hope we use it well.


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The offensive players are playing the same amount of plays as the defensive guys that are defending against an uptempo offense. If you want to recruit the BIGGER d-linemen then make sure they work on their cardiovascular condition. Or just, recruit smaller linemen. It is simple just get the offense off the field, 3 & out.

Written on Receiver Kyrin Priester still awaiting clearance to practice, enroll:

This is the guy that got away from NC State...could be a blessing in disguise if he has to sit out this year. The team is loaded at WR and he could count towards next yrs class once Sammy leaves.

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ACC has placed plenty of talent into the NFL...go through various NFL team's rosters and you will find a lot of their top players came from ACC schools.

Written on Hall of Famer Warren Sapp challenges Da'Quan Bowers: 'Son, it's time to wake up' :

As long as he can stay healthy, he will perform well.

Written on Former Daniel, Clemson star Nuk Hopkins already a fan favorite in Houston:

He can catch nearly any pass...some of the best hands to have come through CU belong to Nuk.

Written on Leadership setting Tiger 'D' apart this summer:


Written on Double take: eight freshmen sharing jersey numbers with veteran Tigers:

Ogundeko and V. Beasley are both built to the mold of OLBs in a 3-4 scheme...which may actually help the front 7 be more flexible.

Written on Be like Nuk: Mike Williams has Tiger receivers coach Jeff Scott repeating himself:

I look forward to watching him help the team...wish him and the rest of the TIGERS the best.