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Written on Looking ahead, position-by-position: quarterback:

What about Nick Schuessler?

Written on Brad Brownell on blowout loss to Coastal Carolina: 'I didn't see this coming':

Might want to correct the spelling of Brownell's name in the headline.

Written on Miller, Lamb, Hinson lead Tigers' charge in MLB draft:

Have any of these guys given any indication as to whether they will actually go pro now or not?

Written on Dabo Swinney’s impressive month has totally changed Tigers’ momentum:

Those recruiting guys who were scratching their heads have obviously never been to Clemson or talked to Dabo Swinney. It's pretty obvious to all of us who know how special Clemson is. And I think if we get Clowney back on campus for the UNC game, it's a done deal.

Written on Signing Day notice: What others are saying about Tigers' recruiting class:

Well, Heather's comments are a little embarrassing.

Written on Clemson gets commitment from Charlotte QB Morgan Roberts:

He's not actually No. 25, Kerry. He's a grayshirt, so he counts toward the 2012 class.

Written on Clemson LT Brandon Thomas arrested for disorderly conduct:

Let's see what he actually did before we throw the book at him! A misdemeanor, with a bond of $262 -- doesn't sound too bad. He evidently didn't hurt anybody. Maybe bench him for a game or two.

Written on Clemson falls to USF in Meineke Bowl, 31-26:

I want to be the first to post here and say how proud I am of my Tigers. Fence sitters will throw in the towel, and Gamecocks will crow, but I am very proud of my team. They didn't give up, scored 13 points in a little over a minute, and came 18 inches away from pulling off a huge comeback. If that onside kick had traveled just 18 more inches, a touchdown definitely would have followed.

You can all have your chickens and such, I will keep my Tigers and their spirit. My flags will still be flying tomorrow, and I call on all true Tiger fans to do the same.

Written on What ails Clemson football - and how do you fix it?:

Generally, I agree with you, but Saturday was the exception. The ground game wasn't working, and we showed on the opening drive that we can throw on them. Their pass defense is abysmal. But we insisted on running Jamie Harper up the middle, into the strength of their defense. Doesn't seem very bright to me.

Written on South Carolina crushes Clemson, 29-7:

in response to funnybones777#279426:

(This comment was removed by the site staff.)

I wouldn't say I am exactly a Dabo fan, but I am still behind him. I think he is doing the right things, and if he gets a marquee offensive coordinator that will go a long way toward righting this ship. We need to give the man a chance.

Written on Despite misses, Tigers’ Catanzaro still has kicking edge :

For Wake, I agree that I would give Tajh plenty of playing time -- assuming we have the game under control. For Carolina? Since I cannot stomach the idea of hearing Gamecocks crow for another year, I say do whatever it takes to win. If Parker is it, so be it.

Written on Another disaster-script dance for the Tigers:

How many times has he simply not seen open receivers? Or simply missed them? Granted, receivers have also dropped a lot of balls. But Tajh can't do much worse than Parker has. It's long past time to let him play.

Written on Scouting NC State: How Clemson Wins:

I sure hope you are right, and we control this game the way we did against Georgia Tech. We need to win two, but I'd really rather win all four!

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