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I gather Peake goes hard in everything he does. Save it and go hard in the game. We need you healthy man.

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I like Stoudt a ton. I think he understands he doesn't have to be a super star for us to be successful. He knows the system, has been able to learn from T. Boyd's mistakes and is poised to have a really good year. People will always under estimate a guy coming in after a player like T. Boyd but it's next man up and we done that pretty well so far under Dabo. Don't be surprised if Stoudt has one helluva year! Go Tigers!

I like the fact that Stoudt is accurate. I just hope he has enough footwork and mobility to elude what Georgia's and Florida State's front 7 is going to throw at him.

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If we can get that better push up front, with some authority and get our running backs in that mentality, that they have to run with authority...then we should be fine. May not win all the short yardage battles but with those two factors I mentioned just now, we should win most of them.

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Why is that helmet, with the baby "Tiger Paw", there in the picture with Beasley? Does the ACC media folks realize we use the "BIG PAW" now?

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Just go out there and play Vic. Don't worry about the records too much.... they will come if you just do what you do at full speed ahead. Keep in mind that you're going to have 7 to 18 other guys that are going to try to help you and the team achieve other major hopefully a championship of some kind.

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Andrew Maas and Cannon Smith, two offensive players, are going to both wear 84? I thought that was against the rules? David Olson wearing No. 10 already? No. 10?

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Howard is really going to have to show me something. I've seen the flashes but I have concerns about his field vision that a productive running back should have. Brooks and Davidson just needs that seam and they can do what they do. Howard will have a seam but don't hit it right and will get stacked up..maybe it was because of injury...(not sure). Now wide open gaps,..... Howard can tear it up, but the smaller holes, he seems to have a problem with getting in there.

Written on On his road to Tigers' backfield, Tyshon Dye going through the motions :

A Dye, Gallman, Choice, and even a little Fleming would be great for the last game in November. Pound Pound Pound!

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Venables seems to get it and want it. If the whole team can do the same that would be awesome. If our defense can play like its 0 to 0 all 4 quarters, with little time on the clock, and all we got to do is keep the other team from scoring, then it can only help our team all season long.

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I really would like to take our atomic debacle and give FSU one of their own. That will set things half right at least. Then on that day in November, set the other half right, by driving a steel stake through Chickenlina and Spurrier's chest with a huge stamp machine that leaves a crater in the earth.

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I want Clemson to win and I'm glad Clemson won against them last year. So that means Georgia is chasing a win. I think Georgia will score a touchdown, because they do have talent but being it is the first game of the season.... there will be some game rust for both teams. Game rust and a healthy giant running back like Gurley coming downhill at you near the goaline usually means he is scoring. Having said that, the guy can't do it all game long against us. Clemson will display more team effort offensively and defensively as the game goes on. Clemson wins 27-20.

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in response to FlopEye:

My comment was to your assertion that
Clemson has " constantly" been one of the
top 3 or 4 " elite" teams in the country.
I hate to burst your delusional orange
balloon, but facts are facts.
Google NCAA college football all time won-
loss records. Clemson is ranked 28th.
Not in the top 3 or 4, even using your
convoluted math.
I try to be judicious toward Clemson.
My youngest son graduated from Clemson
in 1994, and yet, I am a " Coot" fan.
I also know that the " Coots" are
ranked way below the Tigers in all
time wins and losses, but that cannot
excuse Clemson fans like you that
believe your team is among the "elite".
If 28th is "elite" to you, so be it.
Live in your dream world, void of

I clearly stated that if Clemson wanted to strengthen their legacy that they have to win all their games... or they could win 95% of their games but do it year after year. If Clemson does that continuously, then they will be in the class of that 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 group of elite teams in college football in this era. Where did I say they are elite now? Guess what however, no matter what you or anyone thinks of Clemson....... they are not that far at all from being one of those elites.
You're a Chickenlina fan, that totally explained your outburst. Y'all would have something to loudly to cocka-doodle-doo about.... but its not going to last another 8months. The Grim Reaper is coming for Chickenlina and he is bringing his reality staff with the blade on it with him. Not to mention he will be wearing all the colors of the SEC and Clemson's orange and white as well.

Your son graduated from Clemson.... then he is one smart human being.

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What am I smoking? What have you been watching for the past 10 seasons? Clearly you got to admit that recruiting and play from Clemson football has gotten better.
If any team is trying to win championships or become an elite squad year after year then they must win most of if not all their games year after year. If that's not the goals of any team then why even have a team show up on the field? What are your grand solutions to becoming an elite program?

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There is clearly not much downside 6 out of the first 7 games of this season. There are some tricky spots in that first 7, where anyone can slip up. And ofcourse there are some games in that first 7, that you better strap it on tight and slice a light gash across your chest just to make yourself mad, because you're going to be in a knock-down drag-out fight.
These games..... all these games on this schedule need to be won by Clemson if they expect to continue to strengthen their legacy of constantly being one of the 3 or 4 elites in the nation.

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Yeah their offensive vertical game has been traditionally and historically a force to deal with. Us and the whole old ACC need to know and respect that they are not dealing with Maryland anymore...these guys come to play when they get things clicking.

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Does sold out mean no seats at all available?
Does sold out me I can't get one from a scalper?

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Pesky is not the word for Boston College under
Coach Addazio. A team of tanks and wrecking balls is the phrase that I think of when describing them.
Boston College left us a sore spot last year that made us think that Boston College will play their guts out in a very physical way, even if they are the ones that end up losing. Would like to see Clemson dominate and blowout these guys in Chestnut Hill this year.

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If things go like they very well may, our secondary could be a strong part of our team. Does that make sense to anybody? My reasoning is sound and makes plenty of sense. Here it is: Our front 7 will be so good most quarterbacks will either be passing the ball while lying flat on their backs or under such ferocious pressure we may not need anyone in the secondary. That's not realalistic but you all get what I mean by that. We have the players that can put so much pressure on the QB the secondary may wind up with really great numbers due to the other's on the defensive team. I am really looking forward to seeing how we do on the road in Athens to start the season. It should be interesting and tell us a lot about what to expect over the next 11 weeks. With a vastly improved secondary coupled with the frong 7 back, our defense, if only improves marginally, will be awfully good and running the ball against them will be next to impossible. We were real good against the run last year if you all remember.

That first and one game will not tell the whole story of how our defense will play for the next eleven weeks. The defense may come out owning all of the Northern part of Georgia and be that way all year long....**which I really want to see happen**.......or...... they can give all they have and then flop.....or.... the D-line may have a bad game but the D-backs and Linebackers do well....or....the whole defense messes up but improve back to domination in week 4. So many scenarios that can play out with this year's group. I just want these guys to NOT go out like somebody that does not want to fight.....don't go out like they don't have pride.....don't go out like they don't have a spine.....don't go out like a weak pink punk. Go out like men that stand tall eventhough some may be short. Go out and let them dogs know that they are going to have to beat the whole nation of Clemson Tigers that night. This goes for our defense and our offense. Do it not for just the first game but for every game this season.

Written on Clemson's consistency catching eyes, earning respect:

The thing noticed is the players Clemson is able to get lately. A lot of hype around a lot of these recruits and their talents. Clemson always had good talent from about 5 to 8 players in the past...but now the word I can only think of when thinking about our talent is *LOADED*. Coaching has improved but still needs a bit more to get over that end of the year hump and stop getting ridiculously blowed out of games that we should be so much more competitive in. We will get there if we stay on the right path.

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We can not be great on defense only if an offensive minded coach or a coach period can find the holes in our defense and pick us apart. Lord knows I don't want that to happen.....But we still have to deal with Jimbo, Fedora, and ofcourse Spurrier.

Written on 2014 forecast: Veteran backs Zac Brooks, D.J. Howard have much to prove:

in response to TigerFan95:

You're right, I've thought the same thing about Howard & Brooks. One thing I've noticed about our RB's, and it's just a simple observation, is that we've got a lot of skinny legged guys..Look at Gurley, Freeman and Mike Davis and they all have tree trunks..None of our guys, even Gallman, are built like that, but I think that's the type back we desperately need. Dye is supposedly a bigger back, but I've not seen him in uniform yet. Perhaps he's that guy, but given his injury history I'm not optimistic.

Clemson's tailbacks are just built up to be 8 to 10 yard slashers. Not 8 to 10 yard bruisers like Gurley. Gallman could do it but he needs more meat on him, and that may come in time. The tailbacks we seem to be getting over the years are the ones who has to have that nice hole and get what they can.....except for Spiller, Ellington and even Bellamy...those guys were pure 1 or 2 cuts and gone! Those guys are good to have too but to have a guy that can get you those tough 6 to 7 yards or maybe more, when you really need a play, will wear down an opposing defense.

Written on 2014 Forecast: Tigers, Cards, 'Noles fight for Atlantic, Coastal a toss-up:

We really need to have tough skin and stamina. While everyone is looking at the tough road games....and understandably so.....its the home game against UNC that people need to pay attention to. After being in two slobber knocker type battles with Georgia and Florida State, will the body really be up for a NASCAR-INDYCar-Formula 1 race that UNC will bring to Death Valley. The WILL to win will be tested in September that is for sure.

Written on Football Elite Subdivision: punt conferences, divide 'em up, let 'em play:

Just took us decades to get conferences to reshuffle and stay solidified, so it would possibly open the doors to having a true champion.......and even though we will need an eight team playoff anyway, there are more things
to try to put on the horizon to try to get to whatever goal that we are trying to achieve. That goal seems to be fairness, balance, and to make more money in which ofcourse will cause more issues and problems.
-------- So now,

Written on Tigers' next-wave receivers: much like 2011, a staggering array of talent:

The other running backs have talent...yes, but Dye's running style, his ability, and him staying injury free, will only propel this team to a successful 2 or 3 spot if not more.

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I'd like to see CJ Davidson back there returning KO's. He's got speed to burn and the moves to make guys miss..Just not sure about his receiving skills.

I was thinking that exact thing......having Davidson along with Ryan Carter, Jae'lon Oglesby, Artavis Scott, or Prime Time Baker.

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While I do understand Peake could be or is the fastest on the team. I think I could do without having him on the kick-off return. I'm sure there are others with speed that can do this. Peake just appears to be a much needed, but fragile component at this time to our team, than to be returning kick-offs.

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Not getting to play everyone was bound to happen when you add more teams to your conference. Its like you marry a woman with 4 or 5 kids. You love her to marry her but you know there are going to be times or seasons that you are not going to get to eat the way or as much as you used to. Why?...because you got to think of the well being of those kids.
So now it looks like the nonconference games that we so long wanted to see such as a Clemson vs a Texas or a Florida St. vs an Oregon on a home and home agreement would flirt doing away with that so we can play everybody in the ACC.
Might as well just make it where it looks sort of like a NFL schedule. Except don't play everyone in your conference or division twice, just expand the number of conference games to 10 or 12. Then rotate the next year...where the ones you played on the road last year you now play at home this year. The teams you haven't played at will play them in every 2 years and go from there. Then at the end of all the conference games...have the conference championship...then the bowls or playoff games if you get in. Ohhhh thats right can't have that many football games on a college athlete. Well I see this going back to square one and down-sizing like when they had the old Big 8 conference. This thing has gotten too big with too much money involved to satisfy everyone.

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in response to lhaselden:

I think the idea is that Duke and NCSt want to play each other more often than the current 6/1/1 model, I would rather play Miami in a non conference game than Wisconsin.. I do not think the strength of schedule is the factor... it is about getting exposure in South Florida for recruiting... Syracuse wants to play more in South Florida and in Virginia for recruiting exposure.

I"m truly fine with trying to get the exposure but the games should count. We give with these Division II teams enough exposure to rival what Duke and Syracuse is trying to do. Heck Syracuse and Pitt just got in the league....things are going to take time to get things rotated correctly and fairly. Any ACC game played should count. If Pitt ran the table in the ACC and come up short of a playoff spot because of politics, schedule,..etc... but they end up having a victory against a nonconference team like Oregon or LSU that will surely trump anything the ACC has to offer, according to media and all....they would look at that game to count as a springboard to a playoff spot.
We all should be equal when D-I is playing D-I. When a D-I team has 3 victories over D-II teams in one year, then how should that count that a shot at the title is deserved? If the ACC does this new idea then they will be selling themselves short.

Look at Chickenlina, how many times have they played Alabama since joining the SEC? Yet all their other games count and they get exposure and hype. Got to figure out a way to get exposure and have the games count.

Written on When is an ACC game not an ACC game? League exploring all scheduling options:

I think that whole idea would just be stupid and a waste of time. Not to mention, it will cause mass confusion to folks who won't know if an ACC game will count or not. That leads to unecessary arguing and debating....etc.
I don't want to go down the road that we are that weak of a conference that we have to play ourselves in games that won't count, only to try to bump up our schedule difficulty, which will only be *A TAD*. Just need to keep trying to play all the D-I programs, that are respectable, who are not scared to play us and vice versa. In other words, I would rather play Wisconsin six years in a row than to play a fellow ACC team once that will not count or get any respectability as far as strength of schedule goes.

Written on 4-star TE Garrett Williams goes his own way, picks Tigers over Seminoles:

WoW......okay as I try to catch my breath because there are more players we are after.....but I will say WE TOO DEEP.
I can't remember when Clemson was primed to be loaded this way.

Written on The next T.J. Green: how the recruiting services missed the boat on Juwuan Briscoe:

They need to revise the whole system. I mean is a 4star that Rivals rate really better than a 4star that Scout rates? Is a 24/7 sport's 3star really better than an ESPN's 2star? I mean who his the head dog here between 24/7...Rivals... ESPN...and...Scouts when rating these football athletes? Who has the very best information about any given player?

Written on The next T.J. Green: how the recruiting services missed the boat on Juwuan Briscoe:

He could also be an emergency running back.

Written on Dream Team: Sammy Watkins selected at No. 4 by Buffalo Bills:

Only way Watkins is going to disappoint any team is if Watkins just don't want to play....and thats unlikely. The freezing temperatures of their home games is what is really the test for most players who are not just used to it. Spiller is from Florida as he may be able to show him how to deal with it all.

Written on Spurrier favors 8-game slate, says Clemson series 'makes things a little different':

Its about consistentness and how things are done. The way we have played Chickenlina is soooooo below our standards on how we usually play against those guys. If we had lost a game, then win a game against them the next year, and then win or lose a conference title or lose our chance to play in one, in between all that, then I could live with that. If we had lost two times in a row to Chickenlina, and then win or lose the conference title or lose our chance to play in one in between all that, but beat Chickenlina the third time, then I can live with that. Losing four and five times in a row just leaves a bad taste in my mouth despite that we have done well after those games. It just feels something is incomplete....something is missing....something is just not right even after we had a victorious bowl game against storied programs.

Written on ACC's 8-or-9 game schedule vote could go either way:

in response to YabbaDaboDooDoo:

How is scheduling impacted? You're only going to schedule 2 power conference opponents. 1 is SC and that date is locked in. The other date has been week 1. Look at your schedules over the previous seasons. Every year that you schedule an upper tier power conference opponent, it's been played to start the season. The only exception is TCU in 2009. The ACC isn't going to make you play Duke or UVa in week 1. It would be 1 of your cupcake games either right before what would've been your first ACC game or right before you play SC.

Besides that, the SEC just gave Clemson a GIFT when it comes to scheduling by MANDATING that the SEC play a team from the other 4 power conferences. Clemson's proximity to the SEC and history of scheduling week 1 games against UGA, Auburn, Alabama, and TX A&M only makes it MORE likely to continue scheduling those games on Labor Day weekend. UGA and Auburn aren't going to fly to the PAC12, Big10, or Big12 when they can take a bus ride to Clemson.

There's no denying that 1 less home game hurts. My point is that the added revenue from a richer TV deal should more than make up for losing what's basically half of a home game. Keep in mind that there's an incredible amount of interest in an ACC channel also. TV drives sports in 2014, not gate receipts. That's the way it is in the NFL. That's the way it has become in college football. Look at it this way. Tennessee has been filling up a 100,000 seat stadium for decades. But the SEC didn't get rich until they negotiated their massive TV deal. Texas only played 6 home games this season and they averaged 95,000 fans. So they didn't hypothetically lose gate money by not playing a 7th home game. They DID lose money and they don't care. They're thriving. The bigger picture is more important here. TV brings more money and the more money that flows into the athletic department, the more money that can potentially go back into the local community.

Cal and Oregon flew to Tennessee and Tennessee returned the favor. LSU went to Washington and Arizona State and Washington and Arizona State returned the favor. Georgia has been to Colorado, Arizona State and Oklahoma State. And again they returned the favor. It can be done. I wish Clemson and all the teams will do this kind of thing more regularly as well. Play your one Egg Nog Valley State first then play a power out-of-conference game with a home and home deal. The SEC is not the only power conference team to play. True, it is great to play them for the sake of southern rivalry and competition but the SEC have been known to bail out of these games as well so they can have two more super easy ones.

Written on Tigers add senior Stanford quarterback transfer for 2014 season:

Schuessler better start getting in the mix if he wants a little success and playing time.

Written on Dabo Swinney wants 8 games, but 'indifferent' to divisional issues:

Its supposed to be good for the state and a good payday for the lower tier schools. I think one game at the earliest part of the season with a lower tier school will be enough.....just to fine tune our level of play and get all the in-game rust off. Sure as heck better not lose to any of them, but thats the importance of showing up and play like its the championship......because make no mistake about it, those lower tier programs are coming in dreaming to knock us off and to get paid(the schools that is). If they do knock us off then they just wanted it more.

Written on Zac Brooks isn't satisfied headed into next stage:

They may need to view it as - first string Rb-team 1- Davidson and Brooks....second string Rb-team 2- Howard and Gallman....third string Rb-team 3- Dye and Choice.

Just keep giving them that 1-2 punch at running back with the 3-teams each time.....then throw in the big body blows with Fleming in between.

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in response to smitty4523:

Let's play devil's advocate for a minute. What if Dabo Swinney's name was Abdul Mohammad and he was taking players to a mosque instead of a church, having them pray 5 times a day, etc. But we were still winning football games, the players were still positive influences in the community, working with charitable organizations, graduating from school, minimal run-ins with the law, how many of you would be ok with that? Or would you complain that he was pushing his religion on the players and it would need to stop?

Same rule applies...its whoever chooses to participate's choice. Its like if someone from the Mosque wanted me to paint a wall of theirs
a type of Kentucky blue or something...and while I'm painting they are telling about their religion. Now I might listen while I'm painting or I might not even take the job....but you see what I did there....I gave myself a choice. Even if I listen it would not sway me to switch. But I took ownership in helping to beautify your Mosque. Just being nice I guess.

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in response to CUHyperDuc:

"On the right path" of having morals and a sense of purpose in life does not need to have anything to do with religion. Just because one does not practice your religion, you cannot assume they are devoid of any sense of values, and are just thugs who don't give a crap about anything.

The FFRF's arguments have merit. The universities you mention are private Chrisitian universities, not public state funded institutions. As a public university, Clemson should not give an appearance of preference towards Christianity or any other religion (or non-religion for that matter). Having the team participate in things such as bible study in between team drills (more information on these occurrences needed here) would be an indication of preference.
I'm not saying that I don't respect Dabo for his religious commitment, ethics and trying to use such as a medium for improving the lives of others. However, he holds a position of influence and has to be careful how he manages such.

And KIMOSAMI, like it or not, minorities are still entitled to voice their concerns. Your statement that "Muslim types" coerce and Christians do not, is asinine.

Its like I said it is their choice to participate if they want. As for the right path part....what would be right for a kid to an elderly lady with her groceries and carry it down the street to her home for her?...or...go rob someone for the heck of it. It may not be for religious reasons but for some that may be the electricity to make their light go off and do the right things in life. You would be suprised what it takes sometimes.

Written on Clemson football program accused of pushing Christianity on players:

We are blessed people and some of these people think things are done or things have happend because they made it that way. This subject could go so deep it will overload my computer.
BYU, Notre Dame, SMU, and plenty others..all day long its religion..religion..religion and nobody makes a huge fuss about it. Dabo will go a long way to keep our student athletes on the right path. Any caring person would. Sure they don't have to participate and its their choice if they want to. Its always been their choice to worship whatever. I'm pretty sure there are players that are into other religions.
I really don't know what is the big fuss. What do you want?....A group of young men and women that are well grounded with stability and some order in their life?
...Or do you want a group of young men and women that don't give a crap about anything and it has to be thugnation all day..everyday.

I was once told that when you are doing something good and it will get attacked.

Written on Swinney: 'Pretty obvious' Stoudt won QB job out of spring:

Good move coach. Might as well do what is best for the team. Keep pushing Stoudt to be hungry and we should do better than decent. If Deshaun Watson somehow creates a miracle showing so be it.

Written on 'Deep' Tiger RB unit showcased in spring game:

A few more collisions between Fleming and Boulware will be like colliding a cannonball with a flying anvil.

Written on Going 'live' with quarterbacks reaps dividends for Clemson defense, too:

in response to TigerNE:

That game won't be a make or break game by itself for a top bowl or for playoffs.

I want to win it, too. But I'd take that as the only loss if it means a great post season shot.

That would be bitter sweet though we have enough challenges with the huge road games this year. I still don't want to lose to any of them and I don't want the committee thats supposed to be fair voting for the top four have E-SEC-PN infect the whole process with all their expertise and report to the world that we can't seem to beat Chickenlina.....and UGA and FSU was down this year.....and we don't deserve a title shot because the ACC is weak.

Written on With Mackensie Alexander closing in on starting CB spot, Tiger defense 'complete':

Alexander is going to make a play on the ball.....that guy just feels it. He will have to taper it off a smidge, but it will be difficult being that he has waited and all that adrenaline will be pumping through his veins, come Georgia time. But yeah, I agree wrap up something on someone and squeeze until they go down. The quicker the offensive player goes down the better.

Written on Tiger QBs shine in 'live' look, Alexander 'separating':

Got to keep our defensive secondary healthy all spring and summer long. Sure we got depth but its young depth. If they can all stay healthy I believe we can be strong early in the season and sustain that. If they can stay healthy and out of messes the better our run support will be.

We are going to get a lot of things thrown at us in that Georgia game......lots of tailbacks, fullbacks and receivers that have got playing time for Georgia. We have to be ready....they all are coming right at us.

Written on D.J. Howard emerging, providing 'leadership' among RBs:

Okay 1st half run Brooks, Davidson, and Gallman
2nd half run Howard, Dye, and Choice.
1st half run Brooks, Gallman, and Howard
2nd half run Choice, Dye, and Davidson.

Got to love to be able to do this all day. It will be better to see it be productive in real time and life.

Written on Kavell Conner joins Marcus Gilchrist, Crezdon Butler on Chargers' defense:

You know, if all doesn't work out with the first teams that former Tigers go to, then why not go to somewhere sunny with palm trees, beaches, great weather, great food, good landscapes, beautiful women and good family atmosphere to play football? Heck lets make it The San Clemson Chargers. Go for it free agent Tigers and do your jobs. The rewards will be all around you.

Written on Having 'scratched, clawed and persevered,' Tony Steward's time is now:

Its too bad that Steward and Anthony couldn't have had majority of the defensive snaps together for like 2 years or something. Those two were supposed to be the enforcers of a rich tradition thats polished and shining once again.
They were supposed to be the second coming of Kirkland and McDaniel or Kirkland and Simmons.

Maybe this year with these two will have us all witness legacies old and new come alive again 50-fold for Clemson defensively....and do it all in one year what we should have seen a couple of years ago,----- and thats pure out-right ferocious domination by them.

Written on Revolving door: Will Sammy Watkins end up replacing Jacoby Ford in Oakland?:

Hope Sammy doesn't go to the Raiders.
Sammy deserves much much much better.