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They may need to view it as - first string Rb-team 1- Davidson and Brooks....second string Rb-team 2- Howard and Gallman....third string Rb-team 3- Dye and Choice.

Just keep giving them that 1-2 punch at running back with the 3-teams each time.....then throw in the big body blows with Fleming in between.

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Let's play devil's advocate for a minute. What if Dabo Swinney's name was Abdul Mohammad and he was taking players to a mosque instead of a church, having them pray 5 times a day, etc. But we were still winning football games, the players were still positive influences in the community, working with charitable organizations, graduating from school, minimal run-ins with the law, how many of you would be ok with that? Or would you complain that he was pushing his religion on the players and it would need to stop?

Same rule applies...its whoever chooses to participate's choice. Its like if someone from the Mosque wanted me to paint a wall of theirs
a type of Kentucky blue or something...and while I'm painting they are telling about their religion. Now I might listen while I'm painting or I might not even take the job....but you see what I did there....I gave myself a choice. Even if I listen it would not sway me to switch. But I took ownership in helping to beautify your Mosque. Just being nice I guess.

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"On the right path" of having morals and a sense of purpose in life does not need to have anything to do with religion. Just because one does not practice your religion, you cannot assume they are devoid of any sense of values, and are just thugs who don't give a crap about anything.

The FFRF's arguments have merit. The universities you mention are private Chrisitian universities, not public state funded institutions. As a public university, Clemson should not give an appearance of preference towards Christianity or any other religion (or non-religion for that matter). Having the team participate in things such as bible study in between team drills (more information on these occurrences needed here) would be an indication of preference.
I'm not saying that I don't respect Dabo for his religious commitment, ethics and trying to use such as a medium for improving the lives of others. However, he holds a position of influence and has to be careful how he manages such.

And KIMOSAMI, like it or not, minorities are still entitled to voice their concerns. Your statement that "Muslim types" coerce and Christians do not, is asinine.

Its like I said it is their choice to participate if they want. As for the right path part....what would be right for a kid to an elderly lady with her groceries and carry it down the street to her home for her?...or...go rob someone for the heck of it. It may not be for religious reasons but for some that may be the electricity to make their light go off and do the right things in life. You would be suprised what it takes sometimes.

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We are blessed people and some of these people think things are done or things have happend because they made it that way. This subject could go so deep it will overload my computer.
BYU, Notre Dame, SMU, and plenty others..all day long its religion..religion..religion and nobody makes a huge fuss about it. Dabo will go a long way to keep our student athletes on the right path. Any caring person would. Sure they don't have to participate and its their choice if they want to. Its always been their choice to worship whatever. I'm pretty sure there are players that are into other religions.
I really don't know what is the big fuss. What do you want?....A group of young men and women that are well grounded with stability and some order in their life?
...Or do you want a group of young men and women that don't give a crap about anything and it has to be thugnation all day..everyday.

I was once told that when you are doing something good and it will get attacked.

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Good move coach. Might as well do what is best for the team. Keep pushing Stoudt to be hungry and we should do better than decent. If Deshaun Watson somehow creates a miracle showing so be it.

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A few more collisions between Fleming and Boulware will be like colliding a cannonball with a flying anvil.

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That game won't be a make or break game by itself for a top bowl or for playoffs.

I want to win it, too. But I'd take that as the only loss if it means a great post season shot.

That would be bitter sweet though we have enough challenges with the huge road games this year. I still don't want to lose to any of them and I don't want the committee thats supposed to be fair voting for the top four have E-SEC-PN infect the whole process with all their expertise and report to the world that we can't seem to beat Chickenlina.....and UGA and FSU was down this year.....and we don't deserve a title shot because the ACC is weak.

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Alexander is going to make a play on the ball.....that guy just feels it. He will have to taper it off a smidge, but it will be difficult being that he has waited and all that adrenaline will be pumping through his veins, come Georgia time. But yeah, I agree wrap up something on someone and squeeze until they go down. The quicker the offensive player goes down the better.

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Got to keep our defensive secondary healthy all spring and summer long. Sure we got depth but its young depth. If they can all stay healthy I believe we can be strong early in the season and sustain that. If they can stay healthy and out of messes the better our run support will be.

We are going to get a lot of things thrown at us in that Georgia game......lots of tailbacks, fullbacks and receivers that have got playing time for Georgia. We have to be ready....they all are coming right at us.

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Okay 1st half run Brooks, Davidson, and Gallman
2nd half run Howard, Dye, and Choice.
1st half run Brooks, Gallman, and Howard
2nd half run Choice, Dye, and Davidson.

Got to love to be able to do this all day. It will be better to see it be productive in real time and life.

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You know, if all doesn't work out with the first teams that former Tigers go to, then why not go to somewhere sunny with palm trees, beaches, great weather, great food, good landscapes, beautiful women and good family atmosphere to play football? Heck lets make it The San Clemson Chargers. Go for it free agent Tigers and do your jobs. The rewards will be all around you.

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Its too bad that Steward and Anthony couldn't have had majority of the defensive snaps together for like 2 years or something. Those two were supposed to be the enforcers of a rich tradition thats polished and shining once again.
They were supposed to be the second coming of Kirkland and McDaniel or Kirkland and Simmons.

Maybe this year with these two will have us all witness legacies old and new come alive again 50-fold for Clemson defensively....and do it all in one year what we should have seen a couple of years ago,----- and thats pure out-right ferocious domination by them.

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Hope Sammy doesn't go to the Raiders.
Sammy deserves much much much better.

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**Qb's and Rb's plenty capable of running the ball at a high level**...........
That I believe. The thing I'm concerned about is the offensive line's capabilities to continue to create holes and get that push up front, at a high level for our Qb's and Rb's consistently.

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Lots of players for us thats suspended. Crawford should know better, he is a senior. So now we will see if Georgia suspends 8 of their players between now and until gameday.

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D*MN!!!!!...This guy is the kind of pound away running back that we need and the waiting is already agonizing as it is. I know he feels 10 times as bad. He shouldn't rush back so fast but he does have some time....maybe by game 3.
Someone like a Gallman, Davidson and Brooks will have no choice to step up now. Speaking of Choice he too must step it up. Hope we can keep M.Alexander healthy this time as well on the defense. Get well Tyshon....get well.

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I really was rooting for him a Tankersley to be a good solid one-two punch in that defensive backfield. To come in as the No.10 safety in the nation should have shown up on the field at some point. Its disappointing because he has good size and range and it would have helped strengthened that area of our defense even more. I really wonder what happend?

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To know or not to know? That is the real question.

To know will be basically an altering of a straight group on how they do things in the locker room. Maybe they wait as long as they can before they get undressed to suit up to avoid so and so. Maybe they rush in the locker room to get undressed to suit up before so and so gets in there. Yeah I could imagine the uneasy feeling of a room full of young men or in that type of environment.

Not to know means that you will go on with life as usual. You will view so and so as a teammate like you do everyone else. The only thing that will shock you maybe, is after all of you have graduated and retired from football and then it comes out. There is nothing you can do but be in shock or say that you knew all along.

The world is a changing scary place.

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I pray that he is actually indestructible this time around. Would truly make things interesting.

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Another problem of scheduling fairness Brandon, is that this is not really done at all programs that are Division-I/Power Conferences. If that is the case why all these years the ACC, Big XII, Pac 12....etc..... was and is always looked at, as basically inferior to the SEC, when the SEC is scheduling Cupcake State, Cream & Berries University or Gravy Tech as well. The high dollar media organizations pumped the SEC up with so much media steriods that some how it all got overlooked that they play small teams too, but its okay for them to automatically have 5 teams considered for a National Title every year. My hats off to teams that play decent real Division-I teams instead of the FCS schools. I would have at least one on a schedule, but after that let everybody should play a Utah, an East Carolina, an Indiana, a Colorado State, a Northwestern....etc...See where I'm going with this?
Its going to be interesting to see how and who gets in this 4-team playoff or 8-team playoff later, eventually. Because if you are going to look at someones schedule and base their qualifying ranking off that then there could be at least 10 p-oed programs out there that deserves a shot.

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All road games - important.
Against N. Carolina - important.
Against Louisville - important.


Put it in your locker room Coach Dabo Swinney.

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And in three of those years...not one win against Chickenlina. Kind of like having an ice cream sundae without the cherry on top....or a juicy angus steak without 57 sauce or A-1. You appreciate the meal but it just feels incomplete or somethings missing.

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Feature running backs are fading out unfortunately but understandable. You want to save your running backs from constant wear and tear. So thats why you will see more of 2 to 4 running backs during a game. As far as the wideouts are concerned, I imagine this football is going to be flying around like a pinball laser or something to every receiver we got. That will keep defenses off-balance, for sure. But nothing will work if we keep coming up short on quality beef.

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There really shouldn't be any excuses to use Boyd that much 4yds away from the endzone. I saw a game against Va. Tech where Boyd could barely hold on to the ball trying to score a touchdown inside the 5yd line. He may have not wanted to admit it but he took quite a shot previously before those series of plays when we scored. Another game against small profiled SC State, Boyd trying to go over the top to smashed square in the head by a defender's helmet. These kinds of situations is where you have to rely on your O-line and your running backs. No one is going to first consider SC State to threaten anybody to deny them a Divivision-I championship......And a score by our newly storied quarterback is not worth him getting hurt by a team that we should walk the dog on.

Written on Countdown to Signing Day: Tigers take top-20 class into final stretch:

The way things pan out 50% of the time is that these star ratings are not always accurate. A 5-star may be a complete bust on another team and a 3-star could be the best thing that has happend to that program in double digit years. Its about and player and player motivation....sometimes offensive and defensive schemes, but all in all pure flat out coaching.

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My thing is Stoudt could be the surprising X-factor of the offense. Why would you really need to run him so much or any quarterback, when you have multiple running backs and a few fullback types to do it for you. KNOW AND USE WHAT YOU HAVE FIRST. Plus when defenses are accustomed to expect our running backs to get the ball, then Stoudt can surprise them with a run. Also defenses should already be worried about our receivers as it is. Things start up front in the trenches though.....and the rest should flow like the water up there at Sliding Rock.

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We are in the ACC, what. We have to play who is on our schedule. Though we need better out of conference teams to play, Clemson is in the ACC, but we don't need to sort of team up with them. When the season starts, and during the season its supposed to be Tiger eat whoever is in front of us. No matter what conference we are in or what conference we play against.

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Possible 4 seniors on the defensive line gives us a huge chance to really put our foot on teams next year. Thats right Vic come back to cause chaos on opposing offenses. Come back and get even more money in the NFL next year.

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I like having the depth at running back because as we all know injuries do happen. But if we have minor to minumum injuries then spreading the wealth is good. Having said that, there is also the chance to find a VERY productive kick-off returner and punt returner out of these 6 or 8 running backs. If skill positions is going to be our strength maybe we shouldn't hold back so much. But O-lineman are needed to block for them all.

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in response to 33dtb:

O-Linemen ?????

2015's class should be and highly need to be heavy on recruiting in that area. I believe they are tapped out a bit for the 2014 class scholarship-wise.

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Well, here's what your schedule looks like through 2021:

Jimbo Fisher or Nick Saban (can't remember who) made a great point about expanding the season/playoffs. NFL players can sit in treatment all week. College players can't do that. They've got class, study hall, etc. And their bodies at 18-22 can't take the same punishment of an expanded NFL-type of schedule. If you want an 8-team playoff then schedules need to shrink. No more in-state handouts to SC State, Furman, Wofford, and the Citadel. Take the Troys and Georgia States off the schedule too. Those games are awful to watch. The solution shouldn't be to add games. It should be to make games more meaningful.

Some NFL players who are of age and have NFL bodies and some others that are in the NFL can't take the NFL punishment. Those Woffords, Furmans, SC States, should be taken off the schedule. I would rather them treat it like a pre-season game and just pay them for coming and partcipating. I would rather not have those games even count in the win-loss column. So would Florida<Ga Southern>, so would Michigan<App.State>, and so would Virginia Tech<James Madison>. So yeah I would get rid of the Presbyterians, the Samfords, the Chattanoogas, the Towson States, and Eastern Kentuckys. Shrinking the schedule could help but it would hurt the big school vs small school state traditions and heritages. Plus they want to treat every program as an equal when 95% of the time they are not. So we don't want to insult them. Shrinking the schedule would also be a problem because now you have more programs in a conference now a days. Bottom line Division-I programs and the NCAA don't want to lose money even though they give a lot away to smaller schools. The big debate is at the end of the year when a program has 11 wins but not a chance for a playoff spot because of a debatable / non-debatable strength of schedule.

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Well we have to start somewhere and should keep our out of conference schedules as Division-I as possible. I just don't like the fact that the game against Wyoming is in 2021. Thats sooo far off. I don't what our schedule looks like for 2017 thru 2020, but I will imagine it will be difficult to schedule these so called power conference teams. They are going to be so quick to flash the excuse that they have a tough schedule within their conference and can't schedule decent out of conference Division-I competition. Most if not all will find the easiest way possible to get in that 4 spot playoff from here on out. Thats why I believe they should let it stand like this for this year and the next. Then in 2016 expand the system to 8 teams. The plus on that is that it would be beneficial for future incoming rookies to the NFL for at that time they will have truly experienced some sort of a higher level of playoff football coming in.

Written on Another 10-star recruit: Stephone Anthony says he'll be back for senior season:

Since Stephone Anthony is staying and Tony Steward coming back also....its time for those two to take it up 5 notches for their senior years next season. I mean GO ALL OUT. I'm talking Levon Kirkland, Ed McDaniel, Leroy Hill, Keith Adams dominating type stuff. Plus with all the talent that will learn from them and back them should be special at linebacker next season.

Written on Bashaud Breeland to enter NFL draft:

Breeland leaving will hurt, though it opens up the doors for all the young talent behind him.
However I wish Breeland would stay and be a sure fire leader on our defense next season. Him leaving now bothers me because his stock could rise to 2nd round and maybe late 1st round next season..... Not now. He will not get his just due now like he thinks. I wish him well but I think he could use one more year.

Written on In preparing Tigers' offensive game plan, Morris says more is not always better:

There are bigger games at the end of each year that you can go all out for. This game ranks high on the list because of who you are playing and most important who you are---and thats the Clemson Tigers. Because this is not for all the marbles and because you lost again to your state rival you should go all out. As a matter of fact some of you should go all out because its some of y'all's last stand...your last go around as a Clemson Tiger. For some of you its a building block to next season. For these very reasons not only should a Clemson program go all out they should be mad and play mad. Be mad, play mad because all our goals were not accomplished this season. Be mad, play mad because there are folks out there who still don't and won't respect The Clemson Tigers. Be mad, play mad because you feel you have been robbed and slighted of a magical season. Be mad, play mad but play smart and be smart out there tonight.

Offense the chance of shredding through their defense to get first downs and scores is here tonight. Take it and hold on tight to all your advantages and opportunities. Having said that lets not get crazy and cute with our offensive plays. We have too much talent for all that smoke and mirror stuff. Lets slice them, dice them, shred them running and passing and move on like we know what we are doing.

Defense I hope your cardiovascular is up tonight because there is going to be a lot chasing and hitting with high impact collisions. You guys are basically up against a big but slippery quarterback and a powerful but slippery running back. Don't let them get loose and most of all don't let them make you look silly.

Win this thing tonight. Win it for yourselves. Win it for your families. Win it for us the fans. And Win it for Clemson, South Carolina.

Written on Big Finish: Tajh Boyd's ready to leave a lasting memory:

""Tajh Boyd is ready to leave a lasting memory?""
I know this game can go either way. When I think of that quote and read that just gives me an uneasy feeling because we truly don't know what kind of memory Boyd is going to leave us. I hope he plays his tail off and shred these Buckeyes like he is capable of doing. Don't turn into stone......continue to be alive and show all of us that you know what you are doing out there and you know how to do it. Help each other out team.

Written on Looking ahead: Can incoming RB talent push veteran trio for playing time?:

Can incoming RB talent push veteran trio? Absolutely they can. Gallman and Dye can certainly be the main two doing most of the pushing. Adam Choice may be the dark-horse in the mix depending how fast he catches on. Oglesby will need more size in a hurry in my opinion. CJ Davidson and DJ Howard should be on alert though. DJ Howard should really stick with and work on inside the trenches running and go from there. I think Howard should be on extra high alert next spring and summer because Gallman and Dye will be hungry....especially Gallman. Dye may be hungry as well but that back problem he had must be 100% first.....then we will know.

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I wish there was a way to speed up the elgibility information. This game could have been for the national title...why do we need to have unpleasant surprises that we could control??

As for Ohio State, Clemson needs to be faster and more physical than them the whole game......then its game over.......end of story.

Written on Bucking the trend, Coastal Carolina opts out of scheduled 2014 game at Clemson: Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa St., Minnesota, SMU, or Kansas going to fill this new open slot now???

Written on Clemson's o-line: Numbers, star ratings and the competition:

Thats why I think our AD and Clemson president should always be a Clemson guy/female or have a strong connection to Clemson somehow. This way that person will automatically know whats REALLY EXPECTED from Clemson Football as well as other athletics.

Written on Clemson's o-line: Numbers, star ratings and the competition:

Imagine how much more Boyd could have accomplihsed with a better O-line. Imagine Hot Rod, Z.Brooks, and the rest of the tailback gang thats coming in, ....the holes they could run through and gashing of the defenses for 4 quarters.

Written on For Tigers and Tide, would a jolt of Orange help cure rivalry hangovers?:

Since this is THE LAST year of this BCS, I say shake this thing up and lets do something different. Since Tiger fans are supposedly and understandably down about going to play in the Orange Bowl---(Eventhough we must learn to conquer all our demons)--- Send Clemson out west to the Fiesta. What does it matter as long as it doesn't interfere with the National Championship.

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Oh that would fabulous. Stick two of the most---p-offed passionate fan bases right now in the Orange Bowl when talking about Alabama vs. Clemson. Watch out South Beach. This could be an all out blood bath like that movie 300. Only in this battle, we really can't be sure who will be left standing.

Written on Morris: 'It stinks, but you have to move on':

Sammy's interception.
Humphries's 2 fumbles.
D. Williams jumping offsides on Chickenlina's 4th down.
All three of these happend at very critical and at possible turning points of the game. That just killed us.

We get players like Spiller and no ACC Championship. We get Boyd, Watkins, Morris, Venables,...etc......and we can't get one victory against Chickenlina in 5yrs. now. We do a bunch of good things but we always seem to be missing something. What the he// is it???

Ten wins is okay. If one of those wins was against Chickenlina, it would be great. Florida State will be Florida State whether we beat them or not.

Bright Side:::: Chickenlina won't go to the SEC Championship Game.

Written on No more talk: Boyd, Clowney finally take the field in top-10 showdown:

There is no way a win against these guys, as of recently, should take 4 or 5yrs. Clemson has heard how good they have to be throughout this season to win games. To win this game not only does Clemson has to listen how to do it, learn how to do it,...they need to believe that they can do it....right from the first smack-sound of the pads colliding together. Clemson all of your perfections must be amplified where it shines so bright, Gamecock fans have to put their hands over their eyes and faces to accept that reality wears orange and white. Clemson all of your bad habits and constant miscues must be non existent Saturday because this is about showing the upstate, the lower state and the rest of the country that you have pride in what you do and take pride in correcting what has been wronged. O-line, you guys are going to have to just say the he// with it and take it to their D-line like only one can live on this grid-iron planet....and that one must be Clemson. Run blocking is ever so critical. Tigers' D-line, must be the hungriest as it has ever been for this one. Beasley and Lawson must wreak a double dose of havoc. Jarret please continue to OWN that line of scrimmage. Linebackers, you must CONTAIN and PUNISH Shaw and Thompson. DBs, your support will be needed the most. The more you guys shut down their receivers, the more Shaw and Thompson will panic and should get PUNISHED. For Clemson's entire defense, wrapping up and holding on really tight to their running backs until they are cratered into the ground must be done with very little wasted time...POINT BLANK!

Boyd, Watkins, and Hot Rod...its your last stand with these chickens. All three of you must be one machine and gel together. Tight-ends, you are on the spot to represent Clemson as Clemson should be. You guys must seal the edges, catch the ball and DO NOT FUMBLE. 4 years is long enough. Time to set this right. You will feel better about this win for the rest of your lives.
You guys have been challenged and questioned in a way by the media, by disappointed fans...adults and children, and you bet by South Chickenlina about when will and can Clemson stop or end this streak? GO OUT THERE AND END IT!

Written on Spurrier says Clemson-Carolina rivalry needs a name:

Either..."The Indigo Bowl" to tie it in with the state flag and the indigo ink that was produced WAAAYYYYY back in the day.....OR...... they can call it the "Crescent Moon Classic", to also tie it in with the state flag that has that symbolic moon

Written on Morris: Tigers have to have a plan with Clowney:

in response to f8thwlk:

Good plan, except their are 10 other guys on their defense. Who blocks them if everyone is after the rooster?

Either at least 8 defenders will be somewhat out of the play after we gain yardge. If they load up on the side that we attack Clowney on, go to the other side by air or the ground. Main thing is we need to always know where Clowney is and attack him 70% to 80% of the time. The other 20% to 30% of the time we can spread them out and spread the ball around.

Written on Morris: Tigers have to have a plan with Clowney:

Just take all your big bodied players such as tackles, guards, fullbacks, running backs, and tight-ends and run right at that giant swamp-rooster. He has to get tired and worn down sometime.
If we keep sending fresh big bodies his way to pound on him, with our up-tempo offense he has to get gassed.

Written on Bowl projections: Orange more likely, opponent up in the air:

I would rather have a chance of a sweep by beating all the well known Division 1 programs with the nickname Tigers. So far as I know Missouri is the only one left. I would however, love for Clemson to sneak in a Sugar Bowl game.

Written on In their words: Dabo Swinney, Paul Johnson discuss tonight's matchup:

We have the chance to make it a big night tonight. It is important that the focus is shutting down this offense in everyway possible. The focus is executing in all phases of the game. Defense remember to watch your legs, keep your feet under you, and play your assignments. Watch the deep ball on the back-end. Stretch out the plays that are to the sidelines and most of all stuff and penetrate Ga. Tech's backfield. Offense find the open areas and continue to gash them all night. O-line you got to be consistently physical when running the run plays. Its going to be cold out there but Clemson, ya'll have to be hot and stay hot for now is the moment to seperate and let all the media and on-looking spectators know that we have the tunnel vision to complete our goals for the rest of this season. Coaches....the right calls have to be made and its not important to be cute with the offensive plays. On defense, we have the chance to own this but discipline is key. Venables must watch our guys's back and put them in the right spot. Its on fellas.....lets turn Ga. Tech off tonight and get to the next phase. Lets SHUT THEM DOWN! WIN CLEMSON WIN!!!!