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Written on Pete Yanity looks back on 'wonderful run' as Clemson takes football radio 'in house':

I'm sorry to hear this news. I feel like Pete has been one of the best play by play guys in college sports over the last ten years. Every time I hear another school's broadcast, even big time programs, I always felt like we had something special. Sorry to see you go Pete. Good luck.

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I agree with you Xander. I have no problem with an in-state creampuff game to open the season, but I am tired of having two per season. I hope all the changes that are coming will spell the end of that.

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Will we have to change the rules every time Bama or another SEC team doesn't win the national championship? Obtuse and ridiculous.

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in response to TheTruth46:

Gettin' a little ahead of yourself there, aren't you Tonto? You would think Clemmons just won the BCS championship, or better yet...beat USC or FSU...NOT!!! Just keep drinking that koolaide and the next thing you'll be 0-10 against those pesky coots and Everglades Injuns.

So let me get this straight. Clemson fans shouldn't be happy about a BCS Bowl victory against one of the most storied programs in college football, just because we lost to the best team in the country and gave one away to the chickens? If the "koolaid" is consistent 11 win seasons then pour me another glass. I'm not even slightly worried about those other wins coming. Just a matter of time.


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in response to waran:

Trevor, I was trying to be funny, and I thought it was obvious from my previous posts. I definitely did not buy any snake oil from Dabo.

However, I doubt recruiting a good O-line is more difficult than recruiting a good WR. We have recruited good WR in recent years. Then why cant we recruit a good O-line? Similarly, I doubt recruiting a good O-line to Clemson became more difficult overnight after Danny Ford left. I think it is a question of priority (time and effort) and the type of football that you want to play. The current Clemson Coaching staff have a different priority and a different type of football in their mind. It is more fun when it works than the slow moving running game. But is not going to win championships. We need a better balance. I am not advocating for a change in the coaching staff. I am advocating for a change in the type of football we play...more power football that we used to do in the 80s.

Gotcha. Like I said I was assuming you must be kidding. Anyway, I completely agree that linemen should be a priority in our recruiting. No one wins a championship without a great line. But great linemen want to play for great teams with great offenses. For them it means better exposure and better placement in the NFL draft. With that being said, I can understand the philosophy of going after the flashy skill guys first, building a reputation for offense, and using that to attract the big time O-linemen. I hope that's what we see happening at Clemson, and I hope it works.

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I'm not saying Auburn isn't a solid, well coached team. But let's not forget that they are two miracle plays and several other very fortunate plays away from a very average season. That's why I view them as an anomaly. I felt the same way about Notre Dame last year, although I'll admit that Auburn is better than they were. I may be wrong, but I think Auburn's luck runs out against the Noles.

Written on Clemson's o-line: Numbers, star ratings and the competition:

Thanks for this well written article that really puts the facts on the table. Clemson can be a good team with the level of O-linemen we are bringing in right now, but I doubt that we can be a great team. I do hope our recent success on offense will make us more attractive to top level O-line recruits and that our coaching staff will work their butts off to get them to Clemson.

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in response to waran:

I think Gus Malzahn did not intentionally teach Chad Morris everything. Guz did not tell Chad that you need an O line to succeed in this type of offense. Guz might have been scared of playing against Chad if he had taught everything. The poor old high school coach is still learning at the College level, Chad will learn to recruit a better O-line in 2016 and beyond. Clemson faithful should wait patiently. I bought all the snake oil Dabo has been selling!!!

I'm sorry but I have to ask... Are you serious?
Do you honestly believe that a man who has been coaching football his entire adult life and made it as far as he has, cannot comprehend that he needs a good offensive line for his offense to run well. Would Malzahn really need to teach him that? Do you think Forrest Gump is running our offense?
It's so easy for us as fans to say we need great O-linemen, as if a coach can run out to the market and pick up a few.
It's no great secret, everyone knows we need them. It's just a matter of finding them and winning the recruiting battles to bring them to Tigertown. Much easier said than done! But I hope you are very right that Morris is focused on building a better line in the future. I'll just assume the first part of your post was a joke.

Written on Watching Auburn's offense with Clemson in mind was a bit of a revelation:

I agree that essoclub has made some excellent points about the current condition of the program. I completely agree with most of them. I especially appreciate the objectivity in not suggesting that everyone should be fired although we have no one to replace them with.
I do take exception to the much repeated idea that a 10 win season is meaningless unless you win every "big" game you play. You don't even have "big" games unless you are winning all the "little" ones. Who would have cared about the FSU game if we had already lost to Syracuse or NC State? Consistency against weaker opposition is the foundation for true success as a program. I'm not saying we should be satisfied with just that, but don't discount it's significance.
As for Auburn, I mean them no disrespect because they have played with serious intensity, but they really are an anomaly.
I think that fact will become plain when they face an FSU team that has been building consistency over the past few season and is now truly dominant. If our Tigers can recruit some serious linemen on both sides of the ball, I think we could quickly get where they are now. GO TIGERS!!!

Written on Tigers play giveaway, Gamecocks win again:

6 turnovers, 8 penalties. 5 straight loses. What else can you say? Sickening. Carolina is obviously in Clemson's head at this point. Coaching is definitely to blame for that. One of the head coaches most important jobs is to get his players past those types of mental roadblocks. So fine, if Morris wants the job, give it to him. If Saban is looking for a change of scenery, why not? But please, let's not be willing to hand over the program to the first chump that comes along just because we all have to endure another year of this garbage. Let's move on and get a big bowl win. GO TIGERS FOREVER!!!

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in response to TigerFan95:

Troll? The ring on my finger and the diploma hanging on my wall says otherwise. I’m just a “fan” that’s sick and tired of losing to SC and that’s had enough of Dabo blowing smoke up my rear telling me it’s all great. Believe me, I want nothing more than to be DEAD WRONG about this game, but my gut tells me I won’t be. If that makes me the "sorriest excuse for a fan" then so be it.

Look, sorry to insult you but it just gets under my skin when those of us who claim to support this team make predictions of failure before a snap is even played. I do feel that's the mark of a sorry fan. I'm typing this after we just lost our fifth in a row to the chickens, but I haven't changed my mind, never will. Your opinion is yours whether I appreciate it or not. But you might want to consider that the main person supporting your comments is the most obvious troll on the internet, and that's what he continues to PROVE. Seriously, look at every comment he's ever made. Never a positive word about the Tigers. In fact he usually only shows up after we lose or before he thinks we will, or maybe to tell us all how great the SEC is. It's a joke.

Written on For Swinney, Boyd success, consistency, progress are bigger than a single game:

Dejavu, remember all the Clemson "fans" last year posting about the guaranteed beatdown we had coming from LSU? Best case, 95 is just an undercover gamecock troll, but if not, he's the sorriest excuse for a fan on the planet.

Written on Spurrier says Clemson-Carolina rivalry needs a name:

And by the way, I don't know if Xander5000 is a chick or what, but those are two of the prettiest sounding names for a football game that I've ever heard.... You might want to reconsider.

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in response to tigerrob44:

The headline of this article is basically what got John Cooper fired from Ohio St.
While I agree the overall success of the program is more important, it seems as though this has been Dabo's theme for this game for 5 years. It will ultimately cost him his job if we do not win and win soon and win often. That folks, is the bitter truth.

I agree in principle with what you're saying but I think there is another factor that must be considered here.
During this four game streak, for at least the first three games, SC simply fielded a better team than Clemson. It makes me sick, but it's just a fact. It's not like we were getting beat by the typical 5-6 chicken squad we are used to facing. We're talking about top ten level teams here. So I'm willing right now to chalk that up to Swinney settling in to his job and establishing his recruiting. However...
I do feel that Clemson right now is as good or better than SC talent wise. So Dabo, it's time to get the job done. I'm thrilled with ten win seasons, but there are other things that matter too. Beating SC is definitely one of those things. I don't think we are anywhere near the point of considering another coach, but something's got to give at some point.
Let's get it done Saturday. GO TIGERS!

Written on Spurrier says Clemson-Carolina rivalry needs a name:

How about the name it already has? "BIG THURSDAY" Sure, we don't play on Thursday anymore, but what's that got to do with tradition? Spurrier, and apparently everyone else reading this need to brush up on their history. Even if we did change it to "BIG SATURDAY" it would be the best option.

Written on At least for now, all's quiet in Spurrier-Swinney war of words:

in response to tigerrob44:

What the coaches say doesn't matter one way or the other. Dabo said last year "it's just one more game" or something to that effect. John Cooper at Ohio St made a comment to the effect it's just another game and he lost and got fired. Spurrier has been around for a long time and the comment that started all this was made by a guy that has an I.Q. of about 40. All we got to do is go down there and beat them and they will all get scared and begin thinking oh,no,is it gonna get back like it always has been. Clemson people have to remember SC has never been any good at football until the last 3 or 4 years and that's because of Spurrier. They still have a lousy university and lousy everything else. They can't compete with Clemson in academics, campus, integrity and our reputation compared to theirs is...well, finish that thought for yourselves. Just go down to Columbia and play your A game and we will win. Go down there and turn the ball over 4 times and we will get beat. It ain't rocket science

Well said. My thoughts exactly. SC may beat Clemson a few times on the football field. But in the words of that certain SC alum with the 40 IQ...
they "aren't Clemson", and they never will be. GO TIGERS! BEAT THE STINKIN CHICKENS!

Written on Clemson 'O' keeping focus internal, off recent woes versus Gamecocks:

in response to tigerrob44:

How can you say I am delusional when we beat SC 9 out of 11 years from 1998 thru 2008? And over the last 10 years I think we are 5 and 5 against FSU. If that's delusional then delusional be I. And all time against SC we have a 61% winning percentage. Yes, I must be nuts.

Sorry for your confusion tigerrob. I think you may be new here and didn't realize radtiger is actually a gamecock troll who hides behind a Clemson fan persona. Pathetic, I know. Just ignore him, trust me, he's not worth the effort.

Written on Scouting South Carolina: how the Tigers win:

Agree with all these points but especially #4.
If we stay in their QB's face consistently this game may not even be close. But realistically, I like the Tigers, 35-24

Written on 5 Things to know about Clemson's 55-31 rout of Georgia Tech:

I think so too, but I'm not willing to hang the whole season on it.

Written on 5 Things to know about Clemson's 55-31 rout of Georgia Tech:

in response to TigerFan95:

I could care less about the whole ten win season thing. If we lose to SC this season is a failure in my opinion. But im sure the whole back to back 10 win season stat will be the smoke Dabo blows up our rears to make us feel good.

I hate the Gamecocks as much as anyone, but this is a ridiculous statement. You seriously feel our season would be a failure if we finished at 11-2 and likely with a top ten ranking, based upon a loss to what will likely be a top 10 S.C. team?
Believe me, I want to beat'em real bad too, but I remember seasons when the Gamecocks were about the only team we could beat, and I have to say I feel much better about our program now than then.
If you don't care about 10 win seasons, you don't really care about Clemson Football, because solid seasons mean a lot more to our program as a whole than one victory a year over S.C.

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in response to clemvol:

I would suggest that talking about a bowl game right now is like eating your desert before the main course, it just doesn't make any sense.Do the Tigers get to choose which bowl they get play in? NO. Do the Tigers get to choose to beat the citadel then beat the lamecocks? YES. Focus on the next opponent then the next. Everything will fall into place. As far as the thinking goes about playing the starters for 1 or 2 quarters in the citadel game i will say this is a mistake. At minimum play the starters for 3 quarters and don't be rusty for the chickens. Go Tigers

No disrespect, but I'm a little tired of this same post every time bowl projections come up. Sure, it would be nuts for the players and coaches to sit around discussing these scenarios, but is it really a problem for fans and reporters? What are we supposed to do, have 20 articles this week about the importance of beating the Citadel? Give me a break! A big part of being a fan is discussing the possibilities for your team. If you don't agree with that, why do you keep reading these articles? I agree with most of what you post but I can't really see your point here.

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Spark plug of our defense. It's been a pleasure to watch him grow into that role.

Written on Morris convinced Tajh Boyd is back on track:

As long as we're all whining about offensive stats rather than losing a game, I'm a happy man. GO TIGERS!

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in response to f8thwlk:

The public has a short memory...Soon this will be OBE. The Tigers must learn from this and keep pushing and keep winning. By the time Fla. St. comes to town no one will be talking about this. It happened, it was not good, let's move on. Same thing when Sammy got popped last year. No one is discussing that anymore. They are just talking about how good he is. We must not forget that these players are still children in everyway except physically. To be a champion, not only do you have to play like a champion but you have to ACT the part as well.

If they are children they should be at home with their parents.

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in response to Bigboots:

I liked the way he popped the punk and put him on his butt.
Go Tigers.

It's like the decline of the Roman Empire.

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You're entitled to your opinion, and like I said I understand he will never in this universe be punished to that extent. I have played plenty of competitive sports, that's why I believe in sportsmanship, and would never have crossed that line even in the most heated situation. The fact is he threw a punch in response to words. If he did the same thing to your kid in the classroom would you be so understanding? I don't think being an athlete entitles you to live by different rules, but that's just my opinion.

Written on Swinney: Isaiah Battle played well before committing 'really stupid personal foul':

in response to TRUETIGER1:

Last season when Swearinger took the cheap shot on Ellington, our team stood there like Girl Scouts, I for one am happy to see some fire in my Tigers, give the kid a break, 14 had been trash talking all night.

You have to be kidding me. Throwing a punch does not make you a tough football player. In fact, watch the video, he looks like a punk running backwards after throwing the punch. It was an embarrassment to our school in every possible way. I'd be satisfied if he was dismissed from the team and expelled from the university. (although I know that will never happen) Isn't that what would happen if he did the same thing in a classroom? I'm also sick and tired of everyone calling these guys "kids" the moment they do something stupid. They don't live at home with mama, they are legally grown men who should be responsible for their actions. I hope Dabo feels the same way.

Written on Turning Point: Tigers take advantage of botched call with fumble-causing sack, TD:

I didn't get to see the game live so I can't say for certain either way, but was it really irrefutable that he stayed in? I saw a still frame photo posted on Tiger Talk immediately after the play that seems to clearly show his foot out of bounds. Is it a fake or an optical illusion or what? Either way, it would only have given N.C. State a one point lead, just like the one they lost earlier in the game. There's really no strong argument to say the call changed the final outcome.

Written on Tigers battle past Wolfpack, 26-14:

Sure, you want to see more out of our offense than they showed tonight, but hats off to the D for keeping that game under control. They absolutely refused to surrender momentum. A very solid, tough fought road win. Next?

Written on Tiger offense ready to get back into 'flow':

I'm personally more excited to see what the D does in this game. I think this is the first real chance to see where we are defensively. You can't really use the Georgia game because they are one of the best offenses in the nation, and of course S.C. State tells you nothing. A dominant performance from our D Thursday night on the road would tell me this team is legit. Of course, the offense also has to do it's thing, but I don't honestly think that will be a problem. GO TIGERS!

Written on Tigers need no lessons from Seminoles about danger lurking in Raleigh:

Take them seriously. Beat them mercilessly.

Written on After strong starts, earlier Clemson-UGA rematch not out of question:

A very entertaining scenario. Not impossible.

Written on Scouting N.C. State: how the Tigers win:

Tigers - 45
Wolfpack - 17

Written on Inside Clemson football: Tigers' big-play passing game grounded:

Why would we be chucking deep balls against Georgia when Hot Rod was running over them at the line of scrimmage, or against a team like SC State who can only stay in it if you turn the ball over? Your observation is valid, but just because you don't use a weapon at a given time doesn't mean you don't have it. I think we'll see plenty of deep passes in the weeks to come. GO TIGERS!

Written on Clemson offense is working on its flow:

I'm not saying it shouldn't be addressed, but was it really surprising to see the starters come out a little flat against the likes of SC State? I feel very good about the fact that our backups could come in and take care of business the way they did. I think that says more about the direction our program is moving than the fact that our starters weren't razor sharp against an FCS school. These guys will be sharp when they need to be. GO TIGERS!

Written on Linebackers Spencer Shuey, Stephone Anthony are a formidable duo:

Good to see Anthony finally growing up a little. If he keeps his head on straight his potential is limitless.

Written on Off-the-radar contributions show well-coached Clemson team:

in response to TigerNE:

I'm hoping and praying that this elite behavior continues and we don't slide backwards when facing "lower" teams like we have in the past. It will be absolutely convincing that we have 'turned the cornet' when that happens.

Don't you feel like this team has already done a lot to shake off that bad habit? What inferior team has beaten us in the last two seasons? In previous years I always just counted on at least one or two losses to someone like Maryland or Wake, but personally I haven't felt that way at all recently. I think we have reached a new level of focus in this program, another result of good coaching.

Written on Off-the-radar contributions show well-coached Clemson team:

Very nice article, my favorite this week so far. This truly is a well coached team now and it's beginning to show on the field.

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in response to clemvol:

I applaud your dedication to the tigers and wish that everyone would have total dedication no matter the outcome. But, i for one don't care about polls this early in the season. One game has been finished but the overall job is far from done. take one game at a time and when the dust settles on the season then everyone will be able to roar. Polls are just opinions. The players will have the final say when the dust settles and the season is over. Go Tigers.

I get where you're coming from, but the polls mean everything at the end of the season. I agree it's not as significant now as week 12, however, to be on top in the end, you have to climb the polls. I'd prefer to do it sooner than later. But hey, if you don't care you don't care. We can all agree we want to see 13 more wins by the end of the season. GO TIGERS!

Written on For Tigers, victory over Dawgs is something to savor:

Completely agree with ghostchaser about Pinion and his kickoffs. That young man may be a huge weapon for us this season.

Written on For Tigers, victory over Dawgs is something to savor:

in response to TRUTH4U2:

Until there is a penalty created for flopping in college football you will see more of this. It is an easy way to slow down the fast paced offenses most are running now. Not that I agree with this, but as of right nothing you can do about it.
Good win tiglets, looking forward to November in Columbia.

Thanks chicken nugget! You may want to look forward to Athens this weekend though. Good luck!

Written on Clemson leaps to No. 4 in Associated Press Top 25, ranked No. 5 by coaches:

Sorry, can't buy all "the polls don't matter" talk. They do matter in college ball. They have for decades. Our current ranking is well earned and we should all be proud of it. It should also sharpen our team's focus to protect it week after week. Acknowledging you've accomplished something doesn't mean you don't want to keep building on it. Truthfully, who on this message board wouldn't have been ready to poop a brick if the Tigers hadn't landed in the top five this week. I know I would have.

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I don't understand how any tiger fan could stand to be outside the stadium for one second of a game like this one was. It would make my head explode. I couldn't even walk away to use the bathroom!

Written on For Tigers, victory over Dawgs is something to savor:

Cheaters or incredibly soft? I'll let them choose.

Written on In Dabo's Words: 'The little things won the game for us. Our effort and intensity was awesome':

In Georgia's defense, how could they win when they are all on their period at the same time?
Those cramps are a killer! Sorry, but that was just a joke. I was sorry to see a program I respect resort to something like that.

Written on Tigers top Dawgs in a thriller, 38-35:

"pulling a Clemson" (new definition) (v): Beating a top ten ranked SEC team, leaving their quarterback with grass stains all over his butt.

Written on Jim Barker urges Clemson to give UGA fans 'their best away game experience ever':

Yes sir Mr. Barker. I'll play nice.

Written on Notes & quotes: Swinney sees Death Valley as 'huge factor' Saturday:

My biggest concern is they may run out of space on Clemson's side of the scoreboard.