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So do greyshirts normally have some other kind of scholarship or are they just stuck with that freshman year bill?

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Did I say anything about the story ? No I didn't I only commented about you. It's ok guy not everyone can have a life and not have time to troll every other college fan site talking down to them. Just any human contact making themselves think their pathetic life is worthy of their next breath.

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You say you want to read his stories too. How will his stories be any different from that of the athletic dept if they won't tell him anything different than what they're already telling you? Saying that you want to read his stories AND that you don't have any problems with the changes just doesn't make any sense.

That's ok because someone who isn't even a Clemson fan insisting on repeatedly posting here is pretty stupid to us. Or maybe it's just sad ?!?

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Here on orangeandwhite we've been dreaming and demanding an O-line recruiting class like this for years. Big big things appear to be on our horizon tigers but let's remember who we are and who "WE SURE AIN'T"!!!

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Thugball on the football page again !!!!!!

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Gone. Told you.

LOL u called it first

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Chad has far more grit and talent than Stout but Kelly has been a punk brat since middle school and unfortunately he never grew out of it. RUMORS say that there was vicious bad mouthing of coaches from Kelley all over the bars of downtown Clemson Saturday night just before him being a passenger in a hit&run and police chase. Again I stress these are rumors and Mr. Rink was a responsible journalist who did not pass them on but I'm not a reporter and I know some of it to be 100% true so I tend to believe the rest to be accurate therefore I have no problem making the whole story be known. I wish Chad Kelly the best but as far as Clemson is concerned we'll be just fine without him.

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Let's not forget these coaches have known FAR MORE than us about Giffs situation for some time and still didn't recruit more OL. I just don't get how the "arm chair quarterbacks" can be so right and the coaching staff so wrong on this one. For those who intend on mocking me as a know it all go ahead and throw some successful OL stats at me.

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Sorry I can't find this stat so yes I may get proven wrong but I'd feel pretty safe to bet Sammy had twice as many drops as Nuk ! Minus those costly drops I think he would have won this award and no telling how our 2 bad games would have turned out. Sammy did draw the best DB (sometimes 2) on every team we played so that and bad passes may have contributed to said drops. Either way he will go in the first round and will be a force in the NFL.

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Thank you Brandon this is exactly what I was getting at (though you did the research to prove it) and I do understand that O-Line is difficult to evaluate but I'll take a stable of 4 stars over a herd of 3's any day. Imagine how fast an O-Lineman would commit if we swooned him like we do all the receivers and QBs.

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I was very exacting with what I said and I did not say he needs to go now but its on the horizon. With the O-line woes we have had for many years 2 OL recruits a year is a joke.

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If what we saw last night with Auburn is Morris' goal, then why are we not recruiting more O linemen?

Amen !!!!! I was thinking the entire SEC championship game "this is Clemson with an offensive line". Hey Tommy, oh oops, Dabo recruit O lineman to go WITH the great skill players. It's like buying a Ferrari, putting the cheapest 87 octane gas u can find in it, and then wondering why you can't get the advertised performance. Or here's the appropriate conventional cliche .... Your only as strong as your weakest link ! Yes on the field its the O-line BUT at some point we must blame the coaches for not fixing the problem. If through better training or recruiting better (and MORE) players or maybe just figuring out how to squeeze a guys full potential out of him. I don't care but like I said eventually it comes down to coaching (like the defensive turnaround with coach V) and were darn close to that point !!! I want Dabo as HC but if he can't continue to improve, if he's taken us as far as he can, then he will need to go.

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With all the new peabrained rules that are supposed to "protect the player" its absolute BS the GT brand of cut blocks haven't been eliminated. Did anybody see the GT GA game last year? The one where the SEC officials threw a chop block penalty on the first 2 or 3 GT plays and after that was taken away Tech was effectively neutered !!!! Not THAT was great TV

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Ya looks like she's a coot troll trying to bait our coaches into being as classless as the chickens. Better luck next time chicky.

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Ok as a matter of integrity I must admit that I (and many others) were duped by video editing. Sorry I don't know how to attach thevideo but if you'll search Clemson-Georgia stoppage for injury and watch the 15 second video the GA player is obviously favoring his uuuhhh manhood and signaling for a substitution long before he looks to the sidelines and flops. Ok that being said he was kicked (inadvertently) by hot rod the play before the video in the Clemson backfield on the Georgia side of the field so this guy wasn't too injured to cross the field, cover a receiver, and then recross the field before flopping down like flipper. Still making it somewhat a faking and being encouraged to fake issue but nowhere near as cut and dry as it appeared in the first video.

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Anybody heard the web trash coot talking about us deliberately giving the Georgia player's food poisoning and "the NCAA was holding an emergency meeting to decide if Clemson should vacate the Georgia win" BAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAA OMG OK OK I'll get it together WOW web talk is getting ridiculous.

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Ya and how many more snaps would we have gotten minus the flipper impersonations every time our offense got into a rhythm. That's ok though we really should thank them for their pathetic and obvious acting bringing it to the lime light. Making this sort of cheating such a prominent topic of national discussion that even the NCAA can't indefinitely ignore it.

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HAAAAAA HAAAAA HAAAAAA HAAAAAA I LOVE IT ..... Just like LSU I suspected this but holy cow that's REALLY BAD acting !!!! Freakin LOSERS .... I'm sorry to the ones of us that are less sharp with their opinions but this is crap !!!!! CHEATING if you will but yes there will be ones to say "there aren't rules against it so its not cheating" but that's what makes our society a diverse place ...... CRAP PEOPLE & those of us that have to deal with them

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Great game and 1-0 is great but you know what the fact that our boys effectively silenced the trolls is pretty darn nice too. Where are ya ???? There is no "the refs stole the game or you only won because of fast paced offence or the sun was in our eyes" crap talk just SILENCE ........

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I didn't answer your question though ..... I agree Shuey isn't good at coverage and I don't understand the move to the outside but I really trust Brent to have a winning plan. Maybe some edge rush packages or bubble screen and jet sweep coverage. Long story short I think we have the numbers at linebacker to have guys in for specific situations and that means actual "starting positions" are irrelevant.

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I wasn't a college level middle linebacker but I did play in highschool and the Corps and the one thing I definitively learned is if a team has a hard nosed run stopper in the middle and OLBs that are good in pass coverage/speed to seal the edge you'll be ok. Matter of fact I'd prefer that set up. MLB punishes the receivers in short crossing routes to the point they hear nothing but footsteps and drop every pass in fear then he stuffs any holes in the running game. Agh I'm so ready to get this show on the road !!!!!

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The emergence and success of Shuey in the Venables D says everything to me about the type of defense we will run in the future. The old school nasty hard nosed smack em in the mouth Clemson Ds of the past seem to be order of the day. I have no clue WHAT THE ***** Steel was doing at the LB position but Brent really seems to be putting our boys on the right track. Oh and don't count Boulware out at any of the 3 LB spots. Freshman or not he will make himself known !!! The transfer sounds pretty solid too so basically we are in a wealth of talent.

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LOL I caught it by wasn't anything worth mentioning! What history do Watkins & Alexander have ?

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why do coots feel the need to post on Clemson websites? I guess its the only way to keep their tradition going... being buttholes. Maybe one of the coots could enlighten me on their other traditions.


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Kyle Parker coming back as a millionaire and not putting in the effort was his issue. You'd think a coot would know what Korns issue was but I spell it out for those who can't put it together. We the fans over hyped Willy because of Burns success BUT your boy Lattimore was apparently mostly responsible for that so your gonna have to get more examples there troll. Ty Brandon

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See I'm not crazy .... Ya ya I said F150 but I can't see under the hood. Not surprised it is a Tiger fan but I am very disappointed. Oh and NOW is the time to tell the university police good job. Better job when he rolls on the buddies. Screw PTI fry the M A N all we can !!!!!

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What a team does in the wins/losses column the year prior is irrelevant (Auburn !!!!!!) but the mental lessons learned, REMEMBERED and passed on are paramount! The U.S. Marine Corps doesn't mash the taliban by saying "i hope we can" NO they train endlessly to build the confidence that they will win PERIOD !! I'm sorry to be so consistently disagreeing but the boys must have this mindset to win !

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You don't hear tide fans afraid of too much hype. Wanna know why because if u have the skill and put in the work its irrelevant! No matter what the talking heads say you just go out and demoralize your opponent. I understand our tigers have had the choke bug in recent years but I believe we got that monkey off our backs and killed it. I believe they have seen the path and know year round hard work is the key. Example Sammys 4.27 40 on grass last week, no more fat Tajh, and no more off season meltdowns (fingers crossed). Even ESPN, the biggest anti-Clemson entity in sports, is coming around. Were on our way .....Go Tigers

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They did say they lifted a partial print but ya now that I rethink it even if the police did have a suspect what will they do ..... Give em 30 days or something. Pfft tell ya what they should "accidentally" leak the name and address then forget about it. BWHAHAHAHA

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A 92-96 F150 to be specific. I mean come on Barney quit playing with your 1 bullet in yor breast pocket and do your job. How many of that truck, of those 4 years, white, in good condition could there be between say here and Columbia ? Came in one way, left another, and accessed the rock from the closest parking angle NOT closest to their driving route all equals they know the area.

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Originally I didn't think they would find the culprit but how many white F 150s (and yes its a friggin F150 PERIOD) that old are in that good of condition. The giant stickers blocking the drivers view in the front and rear are good ways to narrow it down even more. I'd bet somebody has seen these pictures and knows who it is already.

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I vote for the corps of cadets to have a guard next to it 24 hours a day 7 days a week !!! Something like the Tomb of the Unknowns. NO dumb chickens I do not think this is anywhere near as important but these are cadets training to be our future military commanders and they need to learn the importance of tradition. Every opportunity to give a lesson in this should be welcomed.

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Ya in the Corps we are taught if u don't properly protect your stuff u r just as much at fault as the perp if its stolen (defaced in this case) so I agree I'm extremely disappointed that it wasn't protected better. Unfortunately just like the event in Columbia I don't think we will ever know who's at fault but let's not forget their damage is fixed with a bucket of paint . So the cheering chickens on FB/twitter and coworkers has been very telling to me as far as their character. Let us remember fellow tigers we have been there and done that (unlike them) yet we still have class even in the face of kock lovers don't !!!

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Ya bowls are an unamusing joke at this point. I like 10-15 bowls but 30+ is silly.

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Actually its 18, u sign AND mommy or daddy sign too !! Till last years runaway momma nobody thought twice about the parents. LOL

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The Tigers of that orange bowl folded under adversity and a fumble returned 99 yards for a TD was apparently enough to do it. A DC having a legitimate mental episode repeatedly calling plays that weren't even in the Clemson play book didn't help either! After the truck load of heart and dominance on the D line in their victory over LSU I'm pretty confident those issues are in the past. In short bring on WVU or anybody for that matter Clemson is a team on a mission and I have a good feeling that mission will be a success.

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Well my opinion on future ACC rivalries "The Clemson Tigers are the ONLY orangemen in the ACC" so let the rivalry begin.

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in response to SoCalTiger:

It's one thing to call him out behind the scenes and give him a chance to fix the problem, but to call a player out in a news article with words like "immature" and "uncommitted" is unnecessary. I never would have known he had these problems and don't see the point of airing it out in public. He's a young college athlete. Why call him out in public? What purpose does it serve for all the know his problems? I'd be embarrassed.

Dabo made those statements as if they were issues in the past that have been overcome in the past few months behind the scenes. Not to mention if he didn't want all his flaws aired out on a public stage he should have skipped collegiate sports.

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Well written TY sir

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Hmmmm call it a gut feeling but I think I'd still take Kelly if the stuff hits the fan !

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He's a really good Xs and Os coach but he has to be to balance it out with his mouth. I will give it to him even if what he says makes no sense to anybody with an IQ over 80 the inbred redneck coot fans sure eat it up. He's nothing but a used car salesman to me.

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Of course I agree with u all I was just baiting the trolls and apparently they know enough to shut up on this one !!! LOL

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Strange how Clemson seems to lose far more players to academic issues than other teams. So trolls does that say something about us or them ?

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Aren't Auburn & LSU an sec schools ? You can try that crap on just about every other team in FBS but Clemson was 2 for 3 against the sec last year. I don't give a crap about the rest of the ACC and how horrible they may be. Trolls like you on the other hand cling to the fact that SOMEBODY ELSE in their conference has won the national championship the past few years. Georgia-chicken fans come back and talk all the crap u want WHEN YOU WIN A NC not somebody else!

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Cole is like lambs to the slaughter. Kelly is going to destroy him provided he can keep his tail out of trouble. Granted we haven't heard a peep out of him since this time last year which is promising on that front ! Either way competition is best for all.

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Ya like Auburn and LSU were last year huh. Just like last year Clemson has the most ambitious non conference schedule in the ACC AND sec. I'm actually impressed with the chickens non conference schedule for once. Maybe the used car salesman is finally growing a par to match that mouth of his.

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Dunno brother guess Jumbo just ain't Bobby

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If he did turn it in and the clip wasn't in I really don't see why he should be fried on this. I mean first off how the heck did he fly it to New York in the first place. Secondly he apparently tried to do the right thing once he knew. But hey he owns guns so he must be a bad guy huh. PFFT what's this world coming to.