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Written on Syracuse's Shafer, Swinney bond after televised 'blunder':

".....Shafer received his harshest critique for the outburst, from his 15-year old daughter, Elsa, who saw social media take the unfortunate incident and run."

She must have a pretty salty tongue, because I was laying out some real vile stuff about Shafer, who was whining and making an irreparable horse's azz of himself the whole game....not just when Swinney went for it......IN THE SECOND QUARTER.

Written on ACC Kickoff: Winston says 'Noles still playing with edge in '14:

Jimbo Fisher always has his wife and kid come down on the field and hug him after the games.

Maybe Jimbo could have the girl who was raped and her family come down next year and he could give them a hug. That's about as vulgar and unseemly as having Winston be the face of your organization. My God. Shame runs thin in Tallahassee.

And, by the way, The Greenville News is comparing Jameis Winston to Tajh Boyd. The character of Tajh Boyd is, to my knowledge, impeccable. And for TGN to even suggest their personalities are similar is defamation, imo.

Written on Countdown to kickoff: Another Clemson-FSU classic in Tallahassee?:

Last year we lost due to a self caused avalance in the first five minutes.....Seckinger fumbles on first play. They score down close. Next series. Seckinger drops easy first down pass on third down, again they score. Then we fumble or some other bumble. Mo was glued to their sideline and it was over.
Just like when Andre fumbled on the goalline vs. WVA in the O bowl three years ago. The whold complexion of the game changed in an instant. Then the despicable soon-to-be fired Dana Holgorsen ran up the score on a hopelessly discouraged CU team.

I think CU was the better on paper team in the WVA game and at least a 40-60 team vs. FSU.

If the rapist is on could be tough in Tallahassee. But it's not impossible.

South Carolina did not luck out on us the last five years. They beat us.

Likewise.....we did not luck out on Georgia last year. We beat them.
We did not luck out on LSU....we beat them.
We did not luck out on Ohio State. Actually, we were far more superior to them than the score suggests.
We beat Auburn soundly two out of the last three times. And if Nick Fairley hadn't cheap-shot hit Kyle Parker while he was down....we would have beaten Auburn in their Natl. Championship year.

I've taken off the 'we're not worthy' vest. Let someone else wear it. Clemson is the real deal and a national power. If you choose to feel differently, you are mistaken.

Written on 2014 Forecast: Clemson offense evolution toes line of reloading, regressing:

Jesse Palmer is headed to "The View"..... a member of the panel.

Written on ACC Title Road: Louisville provides a new, formidable, mid-season hurdle:

"New coach Bobby Petrino says Cards confidence they can compete with FSU, Clemson in Atlantic Division"(sic)

Staff Report needs a proofreader.

Written on Clemson's consistency catching eyes, earning respect:

"They have ALL BUT defeated the notion of Clemsoning."

Dpes that mean that whenever the effeminate sounding Jesse Palmer starts the chant up again, the phrase will again be in vogue?

Palmer(appropriate name)is a scion of the Drunk from Columbia and always seemed a bit hasty to make a dig at Spurriers' rival. David Pollock put him in his place, though.

It's funny how morons jump onto a bandwagon and follow a vocal bully, even if the chant is without merit. The effeminate sounding Palmer was advancing the idea even as Clemson was whipping the azzes of every SEC team it played with the exception of Carolina.

And hats off to Carolina. They have whipped our azz for five years straight. I know, we have done the same to them several times before. Even seven straight at times and nine out of the previous eleven, or something close,coming into this oasis in the desert of Carolina football history.

But beware, chickens: the clock strikes twelve in Death Valley this year....and you're turning back into pumpkins.

Written on Going, going...gone: Tigers expect to lose another first-rounder to MLB draft:

In 2008 the Dodgers first round choice from Toccoa, GA was committed to Clemson.

That's three lost to the first round in seven years.

These players had their choice of colleges......and play for. They chose Jack Leggett and Clemson.
But, when the big money and the dream unfolds to them, they grab the brass ring. Totally understandably.

But the point is that these young men, and their families and AAU coaches, and high school coaches and advisors in the know.....knew where the best mentoring was at Clemson and Jack Leggett.

Could their presence at Clemson have helped the record? Who knows. All ends as it should anyway.

I urge all who wanted J. Leggett fired to go on and listen to Daniel Gossett's interview after he was drafted yesterday when asked about Jack Legget.

Written on Clemson's baseball future and the power of words: Has Jack said too much already?:

Jack Leggett has produced some good teams here at Clemson. He's done....overall, an outstanding job. He's had, literally, a Hall of Fame career.

The last couple years,,, and especially this year... haven't been good. We've lost to Carolina too much lately. Three times this year alone. That is what matters most. Let's be honest.

But to fire someone who has done so much good is bad medicine. That said, Clemson has too much tradition to let the slide continue much longer. That's a given.

But let's not forget: Jack Leggett is responsible to a very large degree for a very large portion of that good tradition.

I think he deserves a chance to get things back on track. He has a good team coming back next year. Those men came to Clemson to play for Jack Leggett. I think they will come through for him.

Written on Despite season, dismal weekend, Leggett has earned a chance to right the ship:

If Gossett and Crownover both come back the team should be better...if the team performs and doesn't do as it did this weekend(and season).

I think he deserves a chance to right the ship as well. But with the talent in Clemson, that chance means next year, and a lot better.

Written on Commentary: Clemson reinventing media access, 'sports communications' mission:

'We work for Clemson University and serve the Director of Athletics.'

Did Radakovich write this?

Written on NCAA unlikely to look kindly on Tigers' 2-1 loss to last-place Irish:

First and third. One out in the top of the ninth with speed on the bases AND at the plate,.......I'm bunting.

Written on 3 Points: K.J. should come back:

Powerful video.

I see no reason the gaggle of photographers is still allowed at the bottom of the hill. It takes away from the moment, imho, and if they haven't got file pictures, they could get a zoom lens shot from the west end zone.

Written on Clemson football program accused of pushing Christianity on players:

in response to CUHyperDuc:

Perhaps you have a different perception than I of the Crusades and the Spanish Inquisition.

It seems you're categorizing all Muslims as extremists, who support a strict interpretation Sharia Law. Do all Christians follow the word of Deuteronomy 17:2-5?

I wasn't around 700-800 years ago. I haven't any idea what went on when the Christians(my guys) were trying to RETAKE the holy places from the Muslims(your guys).

Ask someone other than that left-wing pseudointellectual phony that's apparently filled your head with anti-Christian thought....for a more truthful analysis.

For examples of the stuff I pointed out.....just watch any daily newscast and see heartbreaking examples of Sharia enforcement nightly: Female genital mutilation, "honor killings" of girls by the big brave Muslim/Moron fathers, stonings, bombings, ETC., ETC., ETC.

As for Deuteronomy......tell that pseudointellectual phony leftist prof that's jamming your cranium that Deuteronomy is an Old Testament Book. Jesus was sent by God much later. Then is when the doctrine of 'love others as you would have them love you' was born.

Written on Clemson football program accused of pushing Christianity on players:

in response to CUHyperDuc:

"On the right path" of having morals and a sense of purpose in life does not need to have anything to do with religion. Just because one does not practice your religion, you cannot assume they are devoid of any sense of values, and are just thugs who don't give a crap about anything.

The FFRF's arguments have merit. The universities you mention are private Chrisitian universities, not public state funded institutions. As a public university, Clemson should not give an appearance of preference towards Christianity or any other religion (or non-religion for that matter). Having the team participate in things such as bible study in between team drills (more information on these occurrences needed here) would be an indication of preference.
I'm not saying that I don't respect Dabo for his religious commitment, ethics and trying to use such as a medium for improving the lives of others. However, he holds a position of influence and has to be careful how he manages such.

And KIMOSAMI, like it or not, minorities are still entitled to voice their concerns. Your statement that "Muslim types" coerce and Christians do not, is asinine.

You can't give me one example of anyone being forced to accept Christ as the prototype. Not even God Himself. He gives us free will.
There are consequences, yes, just as in everything we do or don't do. But we have free will.

Muslim doctrine is to kill infidels. That's coersion. You have no free will.

If your daughter has an affair(or is raped).....get the cousins together and rape her....then stone her to death.

Ever heard of a Christian doing that?

Finally, minorities can and do voice their concerns here in America and the West. Try doing that in Iran or any Muslim country.

Written on Former QB Chad Kelly apologizes to Clemson coaches and fans, family:

in response to TigerNE:

Funny. Every journalist's piece on the topic I've read ties the incidence to Swinney's statement about a "pattern of behavior."

Don't know anything specific about her. But some were gossiping that she was a Gamecock fan. That's why I asked.

She's a Clemson grad and works in the Clemson football program somehow. There are pictures of her and her family online....and she and her parents are all decked out in solid orange at Death Valley.

Also one of her and Tyler Shatley dancing at some Clemson function.

From all I've read, it seems she was just trying to turn all the cards over before the rumor mill started grinding. Smart girl.

Written on Clemson football program accused of pushing Christianity on players:

155 contrarians out of what, 3 or 4 million people in S.C. have a problem with grown men doing something voluntary. Voluntary.

Christians don't coerce. That's the muslim types, contrarians. But your type are scared shi##less to say anything to them.

Written on Chad Kelly dismissed from Clemson football team:

in response to YabbaDaboDooDoo:

What took so long? There's a PATTERN of screaming at coaches? They wouldn't put up with this from a second string safety. I think the only reason he's gone is b/c they've got a senior QB and a near-healthy Deshaun Watson which makes Kelly dispensable.

Maybe they should follow the Cocklovers model:

Allow the quarterback to key a prof's car.
Get caught drinking in the dorm.
Come to a team meeting drunk.
Be late for meetings.

THEN......dismiss the starting quarterback, ONLY when the second-stringer is up to snuff and can be trusted to run the team.

Maybe it's the drunk-at-the team meeting infraction that caused the delay in dismissal.....after all.....the Old Ball Sack is guilty of the same, huh?

Why don't you go blah,blah,blah at the Cocklovers site....where you belong?

Written on Chad Kelly dismissed from Clemson football team:

in response to TigerMarine:

Chad has far more grit and talent than Stout but Kelly has been a punk brat since middle school and unfortunately he never grew out of it. RUMORS say that there was vicious bad mouthing of coaches from Kelley all over the bars of downtown Clemson Saturday night just before him being a passenger in a hit&run and police chase. Again I stress these are rumors and Mr. Rink was a responsible journalist who did not pass them on but I'm not a reporter and I know some of it to be 100% true so I tend to believe the rest to be accurate therefore I have no problem making the whole story be known. I wish Chad Kelly the best but as far as Clemson is concerned we'll be just fine without him.

What's the 100% true part?

Written on U.S. Department of Education investigating FSU's response to sexual violence complaints:

One man's opinion:

This girl was raped twice....once by the perp and then by the "authorities".

She doesn't have a trophy to put on the mantle. She has the feeling of being violated to carry with her for life. Her family will have the same feeling to carry with them.

Written on Jameis Winston exercises his bragging rights, then apologizes, sort of:

in response to MoncksTater:

Absolutely love it. Bring out the smacktalk and disrespect is what college sports was founded on . Jameis Winston gets it .

(The previous paragraph is an example of sarcasm.)

Gotcher sarcasm.....that said....

Isn't it a sad state of affairs when that Drunk of Columbia makes it a habit to do the same thing. And the Drunk of Columbia is almost seventy years old!
The Drunk of Columbia debases the sport that has given him a life. He lowers the level of civility in the state, the country, and encourages the goofballs of society to emulate him. ........and they do.

Written on SI & NY Times reporting ACC tourney headed to Barclays Center in Brooklyn for 2017-18:

In New York City ???!!!

The ACC belongs in Greensboro.

Just like they've fubarred NASCAR, John Swofford has made it his mission in life to mutilate the ACC.

Written on Tigers' rally falls short versus Blue Devils:

Great call by Brownell.

Lousy no-call by the officials.

(Ditto what Blue Ridge Bengal says re Duke, above).

Written on Having 'scratched, clawed and persevered,' Tony Steward's time is now:

in response to Xander5000:

Its too bad that Steward and Anthony couldn't have had majority of the defensive snaps together for like 2 years or something. Those two were supposed to be the enforcers of a rich tradition thats polished and shining once again.
They were supposed to be the second coming of Kirkland and McDaniel or Kirkland and Simmons.

Maybe this year with these two will have us all witness legacies old and new come alive again 50-fold for Clemson defensively....and do it all in one year what we should have seen a couple of years ago,----- and thats pure out-right ferocious domination by them.

Agree 1000 percent. Been waiting for these two to be THE guys for four years.

Written on Panthers 83, Tigers 78: 'This one hurts because we had it' :

What a tough loss.

I think Brownell has done a good job this year. Hated to lose Oliver Purnell, but Brownell's done reasonably well.

Aside....just getting over the nausea I suffer every time I have to listen to Dave Odom(former Gamecock coach whose voice is disgustingly similar to Tommy Suggs). He saw the ball out of the shooter's hand at the end...even though it was obviously still on his fingertips.
Can't really dispute the call, however....given the shot clock disparity and the fact of the call on the court.

Tough one that got away.

Written on Tempo-pushing coaches skeptical of 'injury concerns' behind slow-down rule:

in response to JSBCharleston:

Maybe to further prevent injuries, they should no longer allow the sec to land 7-10 recruiting classes with all the best athletes.

That could be accomplished if ESPN quit advertising 24/7/365 for the SEC.

Written on Nine-game ACC schedule not going away:

Will you please give me a clear, cogent explanation as to WHY it is desirable to play a nine game conference schedule.

I know the reasons it is desirable to NOT play a nine game schedule.

Written on Tigers reload with fourth straight top-15 recruiting class:

in response to TheTruth46:

Came close to what? Robbie...I have chatted with you in the recent past. Please take off those uringe colored glasses, stop sipping Blabbos's koolaide, and come back to reality. FSU is so much better than Clemmons, it shouldn't be a topic of discussion. SC just flat out beat ya up in the 4th quarter. To answer your recruiting question, please read above. FSU's class is far superior, and SC's is just as good, and if you look at average star rating...slightly better. And please don't whine about turnovers...that's part of the game, and has gotten old. We'll see how good that defense really is when you go between the hedges...large dose of Gurley coming at ya.

The Old Ball Sack, AKA, The Barnyard Drunk.....

The gang's all here, huh?

Written on Tigers reload with fourth straight top-15 recruiting class:

in response to TheTruth46:

Came close to what? Robbie...I have chatted with you in the recent past. Please take off those uringe colored glasses, stop sipping Blabbos's koolaide, and come back to reality. FSU is so much better than Clemmons, it shouldn't be a topic of discussion. SC just flat out beat ya up in the 4th quarter. To answer your recruiting question, please read above. FSU's class is far superior, and SC's is just as good, and if you look at average star rating...slightly better. And please don't whine about turnovers...that's part of the game, and has gotten old. We'll see how good that defense really is when you go between the hedges...large dose of Gurley coming at ya.

Hey, troll...why don't you go stutter-it-up with the old ball sack (dubya nickname...'scrotum').

You're always around this site trying to pester people who are brighter than you.

Written on No. 1 2015 offensive tackle Mitch Hyatt will announce college choice on Wednesday:

in response to brookesdad729:

Thank you CharlestonTiger! 11-2 is a good record no doubt but I wish people would be realistic here. Other than the UGA game, the rest of our schedule we should have beaten soundly and some of them (NCSt & BC) we struggled with. Our offense was never fully in sync this past year. There was not a game where I could truly say we were crisp and sharp like we could have been. Seriously! I don't watch games through orange colored glasses! Even in the blowout games there were times when I just scratched my head and went "what was that?!" That being said, we didn't pull a "Clemson" like we have in the past and for that I am grateful! Our defense is moving along a more progressive path than our offense for sure however. I know some of us live in this politically correct world where we don't like to say anything negative or offend anyone but I'm not one of those people. The truth is the truth. Our offensive front has got to be able to protect the QB period against stiff competition. Morris is a good coach but he is getting paid mad money to run that offense and it's time he produced a consistent smooth running offensive product. That's not a knock, it's the truth! He's one of the highest paid coordinators in the nation and he's got to produce in the big games. I'm not even upset if we don't necessarily win them all but we at least need to be in the same stadium with FSU and SC among others! If it's close, you have a 50/50 chance. If not, you'll be playing their second team guys in the 4th quarter. That's embarrassing! I don't know about you but to see FSU who was once behind us surpass us, make us the ESPN highlight reel, and win the national title is a little frustrating to me! Just saying! If you're okay with finesse football against inferior opponents then I guess what we have is alright for you. As for me, I'm not and I am just as much a Tiger fan as anyone else on here. I'm Brookesdad and I approve this message! the FSU and S.Carolina game we turned the ball over 10 times. They were quality opponents. You can't win games when you turn the ball over 6 times and 4 times to mediocre teams. Let alone good teams.

In the FSU game,Seckinger fumbled on the first play, and on the next series, he dropped a perfect pass on third down. The tone was set and the cascade began....similar to the WVa game in the Orange Bowl.

Our schedule is similar to all good programs. The games....and opponents....usually are set years in advance.

The last two years we have beaten teams we were supposed to lose to in the bowl game.

Speaking of Morris...have you forgotten the Billy Napier offenses?

"Pulling a Clemson" is a horse's azz statement made by such as the effeminate sounding(ahem) Jesse Palmer.

Written on Worth mentioning: HS coach proposes Swinney vs. Spurrier wrestling match:

Good luck to Mike Bellamy. He has the talent to make it big.
Always will remember his first play here....and the electric play he made up at VaTech to seal the deal.
Hope his head is on right now.

Written on 3 Points: ACC's giving football powers an edge:

Yeah. "They" started the narrative that Tajh wasn't NFL caliber...all of a sudden.

He's looked pretty dam good for the last three years.

Written on Season Review: Tigers' three-year run is best in three decades:

Scheduling 'lesser' schools is a win-win.
It's a home game for the big school....big stadium, more fans than the little guy. Little guy gets a relatively huge payday, and big guy keeps a wad more than he would have if he were playing, say, Illinois on home and home, even though Clemson would probably beat Illinois at both places.

Plus, it hopefully gives your starters a break, and gives the subs playing time. Both need it. For health and morale. It's a long season, and besides, the younger, or less talented guys deserve to play aa well. They are part of the team and actually play an important role.

Finally, tell Univ. of Michigan they should schedule Illinois(or the equivalent) instead of Appalachian State.....AND THEY WOULD SAY YOU'RE DAM RIGHT.

Did you notice how shoddy Wofford was a couple years ago????? It's ALWAYS a good game with those guys. Their only problem is depth.

At least that's how I see it.

Written on Clemson, Dabo Swinney agree to new 8-year contract:

S.Carolina beat us five times in a row. Let's face it. It is the zenith of their existence. We have beaten them like the mediocre program that they were for all of history...for all of history. But that was then. For the last five years, they beat us.

There is no excuse. Forget the turnovers. Forget the fact that they have a drunk, stumblebum old has been as a coach. He was drinking heavy the last year when they beat us as well.

And history IS history. We can't bring up the fact that Clemson OWNS the series. And the fact that S.Carolina would have to win the next TWENTY FOUR straight years to even the series not relevant.

Just like the last five years is not relevant.

We can start talking in Novemeber 2014....just like the fans of the drunk Otis Spurrier can then. The last five years is HISTORY. Just like the previous 100 or so years when Clemson dominated the teams of the old drunk ball sack's and pervert assistant coaches' fans, which is a euphemism for hens.

(radtiger...truth46....are either of you two either that Drunk old ball sack or his pervert assistant coach?)

Written on Dabo Swinney says ACC has proved 'we're as good as anybody out there':

in response to TheTruth46:

You are quite interesting lil buddy. I can't decide though who you might really be, and hiding out in this website. First, I thought you were Tonto, but decided against that. Now,I'm thinking you are either Jethro Bodine or Goober Pyle. Oh, and one more thing...I'd bet your IQ and shoe size are the same number.

Here I rushed to the keyboard....anxious to engage you with a back-and-forth about you being a troll and such......and then you send that zinger at the end about shoe size and IQ......

Well...ya got me. I can't compete with wit like that.


Written on Dabo Swinney says ACC has proved 'we're as good as anybody out there':

in response to 13tiger5:

If we are average now, what were we five years ago? A top 10 team is not average my friend

radtiger and truth46 are scummy buttbuddy trolls.....possibly the same scumbag.

Written on Cornerback D.J. Smith picks Gamecocks over Tigers, Vols:

in response to TheTruth46:

I have read numerous posts of yours, and, I must admit, have a difficult time following your train of thought, as with this post as well. I am a USC graduate and long time fan, with radtiger being a CU fan. Also, it appears you cannot post without calling someone unacceptable names. Possibly you should take some deep breaths and try again.

With your intellect, you probably do find it difficult to follow my train of thought.

Try this: bite me, troll.

Written on Cornerback D.J. Smith picks Gamecocks over Tigers, Vols:

in response to radtiger:

Some of these Comments about why we lose out to recruits over SC is ridiculous,Of course they will choose SC over us, they are aware that SEC gets more recognition and PRIME TIME TV coverage over ACC, SEC send more guys to NFL over ACC, they are RANKED HIGHER and they have beat us for the last 5 years!!!So sitting around with all of these excuses about the players choosing SC because of them being allowed to fail classes and do drugs (lets not forget Watkins with his pot and Adderall)makes us you look STUPID.What we need to do is fix the real problem with why they decide against us.

You continue to be a scummy phony troll.

That having been said....and a scumbag (YOU)identified....

best wishes to the young man in his career. He chose what he considers the best place to get a good education and play football. I hope he does well.

It is a shame he is tarnished by having a scummy troll(YOU) invoke his name in a publication.

Written on ACC calling on NCAA for 'autonomy' on championship matchup:

"Reducing restrictions on the divisional structure could open the door to further expansion....."

And this is good......why??

Written on Clemson-bound Gabe DeVoe scores career-high 52, hits 11 three-pointers:

in response to YabbaDaboDooDoo:

Congrats to the kid for kicking the dog poo out of Statesville and for being 1 of a 1000 kids to be nominated to be a McDonalds all-american.

Congrats to Clemson for beating out his other offers from the basketball powerhouses of Marshall, Richmond, Tennessee Tech, UNC Charlotte, and Xavier in order to get him.


This is Clemson's SIXTH McDonald's All American since 1977.

S.Carolina has had THREE.

Written on Clemson-bound Gabe DeVoe scores career-high 52, hits 11 three-pointers:

in response to YabbaDaboDooDoo:

Congrats to the kid for kicking the dog poo out of Statesville and for being 1 of a 1000 kids to be nominated to be a McDonalds all-american.

Congrats to Clemson for beating out his other offers from the basketball powerhouses of Marshall, Richmond, Tennessee Tech, UNC Charlotte, and Xavier in order to get him.

Congrats to you for being an ahole.

This kid is David Thompson's cousin.

Written on FSU's Jimbo Fisher concerned new playoff will diminish premier bowls:

Jimbo Fisher is exactly right.

A playoff won't prove who is the best team. And anyway....why is that all so all-fired important?
Condi Rice and a few other people choose four teams to play to tell us who is the best team?

Who died and made them omnificent?
And who chose them anyway? A burning bush??

It works with FCS teams, but with the big boys, someone is going to get hurt real bad and a career will be lost.

And like Fisher said, a lot of pagentry and tradition will die. It's inevitable

Then regular season games for most schools will be perceived by fans as insignificant. Eventually the system will wither and die.
That's my fear..

Written on Clemson, Wyoming set 2021 football date in Death Valley:

Slow day for big news, eh?

Written on Boys being boys: Spurrier and Swinney are at it again:

in response to TheTruth46:

I am always amazed how you like to point out the past, call USC and Spurrier names, use caps in your posts, and much more. The simple fact remains Tonto, whether you like it or not, USC and Spurrier own CU and Dabo..period. So continue to drink the koolaide, conduct your history classes, call people names, and next November you will find yourself with a 6 game losing streak. Put your big boy pants on Tonto,with no excuses or name calling, and admit what is happening now...not the past. Thank you.

The "past" was yesterday....when an ACC team claimed the last national title of the BCS era. It also includes the previous seven years, in which SEC teams won the title...I'm sure fondly remembered by your ilk.

Remember this:

The past also includes that five game span just concluded by the hens. That happened once. It also imcluded a couple five game win streaks by the TIGERS. As well as a seven game win span by the TIGERS.

In the last 25 games between CU and s.Carolina, Clemson leads 17-7-1.

In the overall series between the two schools, Clemson leads.........get this.....:



Just like Dabo said: That's no rivalry, that's a domination. You don't like it, but it's true.

That five game win streak is going to end on Nov. 29, 2014.

And as I stated, the CROWING we've been hearing for the last five years will resume to the cackling of a bunch of hens.

We'll load the poultry truck with filled cages and it will head back down I 26 that night....and things will be back to normal.

Written on Buckeyes lament mistakes, missed opportunities in loss to Tigers:

I love Urban...but Clemson made crucial mistakes as well....and won, deservedly.

Clemson had a better team. Look at the stats. Go watch the game again.

I think you'll come away convinced that the superior team won. Hands down.

Written on Boys being boys: Spurrier and Swinney are at it again:

The....HIGHEST....ranked bowl game that s.Carolina has EVER been in is the Gator Bowl.

THE HIGHEST RANKED. That was when there weren't thirty something bowls. They went four times....and of course, lost every time.

So, I guess Otis Spurrier was right when he said that they've never been to a BCS bowl. But it wasn't because they were in the SEC.

Written on Orange delight: team effort beats OSU 40-35:

in response to TheTruth46:

Gettin' a little ahead of yourself there, aren't you Tonto? You would think Clemmons just won the BCS championship, or better yet...beat USC or FSU...NOT!!! Just keep drinking that koolaide and the next thing you'll be 0-10 against those pesky coots and Everglades Injuns.

Paste this in your 'He told me so' file:

Clemson will not only beat S.Carolina in 2014, but the drunk roosters will stop crowing and get back to cackling like fry hens regularly do. Like the yard birds they have been for the last century.

In short,....the short term run as 'chicken salad' will once again return to the regular role of CHICKEN FECES for the poultry.

The old ball sack(AKA Otis Spurrier) can plan on upping his already large daily consumption of alkyhall. He's gonna need it.

Written on Orange delight: team effort beats OSU 40-35:

Starting to buy in to Dabo's way: We're not hoping to win anymore.....we're EXPECTING to win.

Clemson will beat S.Carolina next year in Death Valley. Things will return to normal.

Congrats, Tigers!!

Written on Syracuse AD pushing for 9-game schedule, more cross-division games :

This Syracuse crowd is a mouthy one. Remember the coach during the game...making an azz of himself. Then the announcer(McDonough)suggesting that Dabo was running up the score by trying to score at the end of the FIRST HALF. McDonough is a Syracuse grad and acted way,way unprofessionally.

Now this clown's act wants us to screw up the schedule for the rest of us because he is delusional enough to believe a nine game schedule will benefit him.

Something may be stinking here.....could be a trick by Swofford to reintroduce the nine game schedule.

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Lets not be so Quick to make fun of a team that has beat us 5 yrs in a row and ranked higher than we are......I would have much rather beat them than to have a BCS BOWL GAME that we will more than likely lose.

yeah.....but would you rather be whatever the F you said.....or just be the same old phony troll that you always have been, are, and always will be??

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Obviously I'm just talking about football above.

Yeah the press conference was pretty bad, but it's consistent with the circus that's been how that case was handled by the folks involved.

I know, Brandon. And...sorry for sullying up your very good column. It's just that it's very frustrating that there is no reportage of this story under the carpet that it's been swept under.

It's frustrating that:

The girl reported a RAPE by unknown, to her, assailant(s).

Winston was an unknown commodity at the time. She...nor anyone else...knew who or what he was.

She had nothing to gain by reporting that she had been raped. Nothing......and obviously, now, a lot to lose.
She submitted to a rape kit/exam. Real time.

Winston refused to cooperate.


The POlice told the girl to forget it. She was told her life would be a living hexx.
They put the case folder in the file cabinet and forgot about the violation of the girl that had occured.

When the case resurfaced(not sure how) a couple months ago, the POlice said she had dropped the case. She adamantly refutes this.

Winston's attorney said it wasn't Winston....she portrayed her RAPIST as another sized man.

Then, when DNA proves at least one of her assailants WAS Winston, the attorney said it was consentual sex.
(Was the other sized man the other DNA that was present on the girl?) An investigation probably would have shed light on this.....and produced talk by all involved.

The DA gets the case a couple weeks ago and rushes to tell all in a cheerful, yuk filled news conference that laughing boy Winston would not be evidence.

The announcement was made by the uber liberal Willie Meggs in plenty of time for the Heisman voters to vote for Winston.

After all....we know what's really important.

Meanwhile, the violated girl, and her grief-stricken family are left at home wondering how our world got so twisted that an investigation could not be the very least....because it would jeapardize a G.D. trophy campaign.

Frustrated?? .....Dam right.