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JackLeg should be fired today.

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So sayeth the guru who couldn't believe kelly was a goner.

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JackLeg HAS TO GO!!!

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Jack has to go.
A change is overdue.
14 losses at this stage is unacceptable.

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in response to Bigboots:

Crash much

Get it?

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Gone. Told you.

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That didn't take long, did it?

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Get that crap out of here,!!

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in response to TigerNE:

Bigboots sounds more like a fair weather friend. And I agree, the game is a glorified scrimmage. So as the coaches are saying, when rolled up with all of the scrimmages, Kelly isn't doing so badly yet.

The problem is there is no chance he will be given a chance to start without getting his emotions better under control. Is he mature enough to admit it and become a little more humble? We'll see. At best right now he might get marginal playing time. Not what he wants. Hence, unless he changes he might be better off with a transfer. Power is in his hands.

I've got your fair weather friend.
The point is, Kelly has not shown the ability to lead. Or to throw tight spirals. So I predict he will leave. That's my prediction.
Yours is that he might get marginal playing time, become unhappy, and leave.
Pretty much the same evaluation, I'd say.
You're not bright enough to see that, are you?
What a joke.

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Is Kelly on drugs?

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Kellys gone. I cant see him staying much longer. And he looked awful. I was pulling for the guy, but seriously. He is not very good. At all.

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I say we can still beat Georgia with our Peters out.

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Keep up the good work and positive attitude. It will pay off.

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I saw Noah Green play a game this year.
My report: good frame; got to the linebackers pretty well; at least a little mean streak. I think he can compete. Looks to have potential.

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You can take the boy out of the ghetto,
but you can't take the ghetto out of the boy.

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I hope Sammy gets a better team than the Rams.
He deserves better. What a lousy organization.

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Who knew?
He just sounds like a bumpkin. Pair him with Ellis and you have a whining bumpkin combo.

Written on Panthers 83, Tigers 78: 'This one hurts because we had it' :

On the final inbounds play, why not throw the longball 3/4 of the way down the court?.
If we catch it----game over. If they get it, they have at least a half court shot to tie.
Seemed like a poor strategy the way it was played. Shame to see a good effort go down the drain.

Written on Tigers' woes continue at Western Carolina:

Way to hold 'em under 20.
Nice job, Jack.

Written on David Beasley, Corey Crawford, Shaq Anthony, Garry Peters suspended for Georgia game:

So if they babysit, can they play in the opener?

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in response to radtiger:

Coaching had nothing to do with it, SC is #3 in the Nation for a reason.....Theyve always had better talent in Baseball them Clemson

Oh, I didnt realize coaching had nothing to do with it. Really?
Then why even have a coach? Why pay a staff?
Sc has not always had better talent. clemson leads the all-time series record. And who do you suppose recruits and pencils the line-up in for each game? Maybe a COACH?
Cant have that many errors.
Cant blow a 9th inning lead that way.
Cant lose every game to your rival.
Jack should resign TODAY!

Written on Down to their last out, Gamecocks rally for 4 ninth-inning runs to sweep Tigers:

Jack. About ready to retire?
Maine is calling.

Written on Five-star, top-rated 2015 OT Mitch Hyatt is a Tiger:

Who is Terry Kinard?

Lost Lettermen for $400, Alex.

Other 1981 All-Americans include Jeff Davis,
Perry Tuttle, Lee Nanney, and 2nd team selection Jeff Bryant.

Athletic department even promoted Kinard for Heisman! I don't know if he returned to Clemson, but I know Davis did and think Tuttle did.

I knew Benish a little and his hot girlfriend, Karen.
He was a tough DT. Glad to see Hyatt joining the Tigers.

Written on Five-star, top-rated 2015 OT Mitch Hyatt is a Tiger:

Come to Clemson.
Work hard. Hit the weights.
Multi-millionaire within 4 or 5 years.
Not bad.

Written on Swinney new eight-year deal approval expected Saturday:

You have to beat your rival.

Written on Clemson, Dabo Swinney agree to new 8-year contract:

Big money.
I expect 8 straight wins over usc.
Dont care so much about the sc states, wofford, furman.
Win against sc or decline 1/12th of your salary.
Man up.

Written on He's back: Vic Beasley returning for senior season:

Welcome back.
No more ridiculous gestures such as Superman ripping his shirt open, please.
Just smash the guy with the ball, get up and go back to your position.

Written on Syracuse AD pushing for 9-game schedule, more cross-division games :

I'd take a 9 game schedule if it means we don't waste another Saturday playing Furman, The Citadel, SC State, Wofford, et als.
Fine schools. Fine whatever. Should not be on our schedule.

Written on Round One to the Buckeyes, as 5-star LB Raekwon McMillan chooses OSU:

Must have gotten a fat signing bonus.
No other good reason for a georgia boy to go to ohio state.

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I wish Whiff Timothy the best. He is probably a fine young man.

Written on Danny Ford on the state of the Clemson-Carolina rivalry: 'Oh Lordy mercy!':

I'd agree with that.
It is a concern that we seem to have learned nothing from the sc loss in 2012 and made the same mistakes this year.

1. No commitment to running the ball.

2. Leave the QB free to break off long runs.

Guess what? It got us beat again.
That and turnovers.

Written on Brandin Cooks unexpectedly claims Biletnikoff Award over Sammy Watkins:

These individual awards don't mean much.
I'm more concerned with team performance.
If a player picks up an award along the way, great.

Sammy has been a valuable player. He's been fun to watch.

Written on Clemson's o-line: Numbers, star ratings and the competition:

If Clemson continues to bring in less than 4-star O-lineman, overall improvement is unlikely. There has to be increased emphasis on identifying top prospects earlier in their high school careers and developing a relationship with the Clemson program, which seems to be the case with QBs, WRs, and other "skill players".
We'd better realize that blocking is a skill, too.
If we treat O-lineman as an afterthought, we will only be able to bring in the leftovers.

Written on A load of malarkey: ESPN and SEC aside, unbeaten teams deserve first shot at title:

I'd tend to agree about the probable OSU/FSU matchup.
If an unbeaten from a "lesser" conference were to barge into the title game, I doubt there would be as many who would defend Morris' contention. Depends on who's the better option, not solely based on record of wins and losses, although that is certainly the primary criterion.

Written on Chad Morris among those mentioned as possible Grobe successor at Wake Forest:

Dear Wake Forest,

I am writing to recommend Chad Morris for your opening at head football coach.
Chad enjoys being well-paid. I know you overpaid Jim Grobe for years. This would seem to be a good fit.

He is also a proven winner at schools of your size. Before coming to Clemson, he coached at a high school in Texas that was only a little bigger than Wake Forest.

I have friends with pickup trucks who would be willing to help with the move if moving expenses become an issue.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

Cordially yours,

Ron D. Ball

Written on Dabo Swinney, Connor Shaw express their mutual respect:

If you think Dabo can string together 4 in a row over usc, you must think spurrier is getting ready to retire.

Written on Clemson AD: Orange Bowl has 'concerns' over Tigers' ranking, ticket sales:

If Clemson plays Alabama in the Orange Bowl as everyone seems to be predicting, i hope the money makes the beating on national TV worthwhile.
It won't help recruiting or Clemson's image.

The only difference in this matchup and the Orange bowl blowout we lost to West Virginia is that this time we can clearly see it coming.
That will probably hurt ticket sales.

And in response to the appeal for fans to buy tickets thru the athletic department, we have visited this topic before.
Bowl trips are expensive. Especially longer trips, such as Miami.
Tickets have been offered at lower prices in the open market than the price Clemson sets for tickets. So for the fan on a budget the decision is easy. Furthermore, many of the Athletic Department tickets are for the worst seats in the stadium. Better seats are sometimes found on web- sites, or even by dealing with scalpers at the venue.

Why pay premium prices for end-zone, nose-bleed seats just to make the AD look good? He'll be in the luxury suite on the 50 yard line with beef tnderloin, cavier, and an open bar.

Written on Page turned, Tigers hit the books, while Swinney and staff hit the road:

So I was wondering. If we play usc 10 times, how many do we win Dabo?
After the beating FSU gave us , you said we would beat them 5 out of 10.
FSU is better than usc and will be playing for the national title in January.
So back to usc, i gotta figure we'd win at least 6 or 7 out of 10 by Dabo's logic.
Recruit hard. We need it. Maybe mix in a good offensive lineman if you see one.

Written on Dabo Swinney, Connor Shaw express their mutual respect:

I thought Dabo may have been asking Shaw if he had any eligibility left since we have a few holes to fill.

Written on Tajh Boyd's November topped NCAA charts, Tigers lead nation in tackles for loss:

Who cares about a bunch of meaningless stats when we play such a candy-@@@schedule? Not I.

We lose to usc and fsu, I don't need stats beyond that.
We should have bailed on the lousy ACC when others were shuffling a year or two ago.

Save the bubblegum and hairbow stats. Wins and losses are all that really matter. Stats are for people who believe everyone should get their own little trophy. If you want to improve, look at stats that are not so good, like turnovers, stupid calls by Morris, and results against ranked opponents.

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Wake A. D.: So, Jim. I don't think we can take another year of that garbage. You want me to fire you?

Jim: Nah. I'll resign.

Written on Tajh Boyd accepts Senior Bowl invite:

I wish him well. I believe he did the best he could.
I don't think he's cool under pressure by any means, but he has worked hard and represented the program the best he could.
So good luck.

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You need to look at that first punt turnover again. Bryant caused that one. Clear as day. The guy has no brain.

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Oh, Georgia had some injuries.
No other team had any injuries, did they? Just Georgia.
They beat at least 3 weak teams to pad their resume' and they needed OT to win over Tech and Tenn.
Good win over SC and good win to beat LSU.
All considered, average.

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A little more on the fantastic Georgia Bulldogs:

8-4 record with a 3 pt win over a weak Fla Gators team
Wins over App State and N Texas
And a loss to Vanderbilt.
They also beat Kentucky. Woo hoo.
Yeah, average sounds about right.

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Georgia barely escaped Tenn and GT with overtime wins.
Pretty average.