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Written on Despite season, dismal weekend, Leggett has earned a chance to right the ship:

If he wants to stick around, give him the rowing job. He may win a national championship in that. He has had this team going backwards for the last 4 years.

Written on Down to their last out, Gamecocks rally for 4 ninth-inning runs to sweep Tigers:

I love my Tigers, but after watching the games this weekend, if this team wants to go to Omaha they better get on Stub Hub.

Written on Clemson cheerleader Erica Powell's passion for life undeterred by blindness:

Great story, this young lady should be a true inspiration for all of us.

Written on No. 1 2015 offensive tackle Mitch Hyatt will announce college choice on Wednesday:

in response to 33dtb
I was speaking of all teams, but to address your babble. Do you actually think Clemson could have beaten FSU with a better O Line? I guess maybe they would have if they scored 60. In that light maybe the O line could have given us time to put up 77 on UWV two years ago. Come on dude. Check the TEAMS that compete for championships, they have good defenses. That was my point.

Written on No. 1 2015 offensive tackle Mitch Hyatt will announce college choice on Wednesday:

I agree tigerrob. It is Defense that wins championships. Just ask the Denver Broncos. Back to back 11 win seasons makes me think the "O"line isn't that bad.

Written on Spurrier on war of words with Swinney: ‘I’m talking to our people’:

For Thetruth46, just so you know a coot is not a duck. It does not have web feet like a duck. It has feet like your beloved chickens. Again I ask, why are the USC fans on this site? I find it sad they have no one else to talk to.

Written on Spurrier on war of words with Swinney: ‘I’m talking to our people’:

What I don't understand is why there are so many coot lovers on this site? Are you so obsessed with Clemson you can't look at your own site? Do you post stuff on every school you plays websites? I think an Auburn fan said it best about USC, "an Alabama mouth with a Vanderbilt trophy case."

Written on Cornerback D.J. Smith picks Gamecocks over Tigers, Vols:

It is not always about football. Some of these kids won't pick a school that actually expects something of them in the classroom.

Written on Boys being boys: Spurrier and Swinney are at it again:

I will put Dabo's character against the Ol Ball Sack's every day of the week. On another note, I do respect your son for graduating from Clemson that is a great accomplishment. I also am an alum and that is the main reason why I am insulted by a MORON like Spurrier who thinks everytime he gets a chance he throws off on MY SCHOOL. If that makes me a half-wit then so be it.

Written on Boys being boys: Spurrier and Swinney are at it again:

Dabo needs to continue to take the high road. Let the old fool keep running his mouth. Remember William Shakespeare's comment "You can't have a battle of wits with an unarmed man." I thought all USC fans liked to chant SEC SEC and now because they can't win enough league games to get a BCS invitation, he blames the SEC. IRONY

Written on Trevion Thompson back on top of Clemson's wide receiver wish list:

O-line,O-line,O-line. Last time I checked this team lost 2 games this season. In the two losses we gave up at total of 83 points. Now, how many of these O-linemen are going to play defense? Maybe with a better O-line we will score 60 a game an won't need a defense. Is that the thinking?

Written on Page turned, Tigers hit the books, while Swinney and staff hit the road:

The O Line did play pretty good. Give USC some credit, we were not playing "Jerry's Kids", they are a good football team. We started out great until that STUPID trick play that costs us points and then the fumbled punt. Thats the things that got them going. If you want to fuss about a line, ask why the D line couldn't contain Shaw. It was the defense that gave up 31 points not the O line.

Written on Bowl projections: Clemson-to-Orange still looking good:

As an IPTAY member and tiger fan I pray we don't play Alabama in the Orange Bowl. Granted, we did win 10 games this year but look who we beat. Then look at who we lost to an by how much. Bama would be playing for yet another national championship had their kicker not missed everything but the team bus to the game. We are not in their league, an if Dabo thinks we are then he is nuts. Belk Bowl...Belk Bowl...Belk Bowl

Written on Swinney says Tigers want, deserve BCS bowl bid against best possible opponent:

I really don't care what bowl we go to right now. I do know that if we play Alabama in the Orange Bowl or the Toilet Bowl, Saban's team will kill us. After the Auburn game he will have that team on a different level. It may be just me, but I truly believe Nick Saban can outcoach Dabo.

Written on Clemson AD: Orange Bowl has 'concerns' over Tigers' ranking, ticket sales:

I don't think we have to worry about the Orange Bowl. Since the Georgia game we have not beaten a quality team. Just look at the rankings, the only really good teams we faced were FSU and SC and both of them PUNKED us. Take the Chick-fil-a or Belk Bowl and be happy.

Written on Dabo Swinney turns down the sound on 'negative' ESPN commentary:

Anytime you are watching the game at home just mute the TV and turn your radio on the Clemson network. The plays are running about 2 or 3 seconds ahead of the TV, but at least you don't have to listen to Jesse Palmer or Ed Cunningham. Palmer is up there with Tod Ellis on the crap scale. It is no wonder he couldn't get a girl on "The Bachelor", he never shuts up.

Written on Venables: Clemson 'D' effort, precision didn't combo versus FSU:

I think the D is doing pretty good overall. The glaring problem I see is the secondary is giving the recievers to much room. A good quarterback can pick apart our D with little 10 yard dump passes. I do think the front 7 are doing good.

Written on Dabo Swinney sees no silver lining, but says Tigers must respond and move on:

In response to CU_No1 Fan, I do understand how you feel. I feel much the same way. Nobody likes to loose and especially when you get crushed. It pains me even more to loose to USC four times in a row. My point was and still is don't parise Dabo and his staff and all the players for beating UGA if you are just going to tear them down a few weeks later when they loose. I understand the loyalty Clemson fans have, I have it too. I am an Alum and I was a member of the 81 team. However, I also know football and I knew FSU would beat Clemson, I didn't think "blow out" though. I was so confident of this I gave my tickets to my son and told him how I felt. Anytime you are a home team in a game that big and Vegas has you as an underdog, and every TV and radio commentator, except one are picking the visiting team, that should tell you something. I truly believe Clemson would have a better chance beating Alabama than FSU. I was just a little dismayed at some of the posts after the loss, an how many armchair coaches there are who know exactly what the problems are. I guess after winning 7 games in a row with 2 of them being LSU and a healthy UGA, maybe Dabo and his entire staff forgot what they were doing.

Written on Dabo Swinney sees no silver lining, but says Tigers must respond and move on:

Wow, just last week everybody was so happy and positive. now after 1 loss it is time to scrap the offense get better on defense and fire the coach. What about the players that fumbled and the interceptions, should we kick them off the team and recruit better? I honestly believe one of the worst things that happened to Clemson was winning the 1981 National Championship. Since then the fan base believes we should dominate everbody we play. GET REAL. This is the teams 3rd loss in the last 2 years. Did you really think Clemson was the 3rd best team in the country. Watch some of these other teams play. We are now rated where we should have been all year. This team should win out, and I am including USC. They lost to FSU because of turnovers and a defensive secondary that left recievers open all night. You cannot give recievers and 5 yard cushion. We have done this for years. Bottom line, its just one loss, relax

Written on Who'll play the post? Tigers need both fast-track improvement and recruiting :

I hope Brownell can recruit because he sure can't coach.

Written on No. 3 Hurricanes deal Tigers another heartbreaker, 45-43:

Brownell has to go. This guy would get out coached in a church league game. Ask yourself this, game after game this season Clemson has come down to the last minute with a chance to win and what has happened? They loose. If it were once in a while I could accept it, but this is every stinking game.

Written on Tigers struggling to execute offense, leaving Brownell few adjustment options:

Brownell appears to be the Ken Hatfield of Basketball. I don't care if he resigns, quits, walks away or gets fired but this guy has got to go.

Written on Clemson passing game had remarkable balance:

All these numbers are crap if you don't have a "D". The game was won against LSU because the defense finally played great football.

Written on Brad Brownell on blowout loss to Coastal Carolina: 'I didn't see this coming':

Brownell needs to go! This team is awful and the style of basketball they play is just hard to watch. Please don't tell me it is because they are young. If they were good enough to get recruited to a division 1 college program they should at least know how to shoot a basketball. Jennings is a senior and he was 2 of 12, the team shot 32% and this is the story every game.

Written on Lady Tigers fall to 1-7 after 67-55 homecourt loss to S.C. State:

Getting beat by S.C. State by double digits. Really?!! Isn't it time to do away with womens basketball and start softball? My goodness...S.C.State? I must agree with Bigboots, if you can't play good, at least look good. Recruit beauty queens.

Written on Looking west: Clemson fans keeping an eye on Lubbock as bowl prep continues:

I don't think Morris is ready, Brent has only been here 1 year so I really don't know. I do know that they are the 2 highest paid coord. in the country and they better think twice before leaving Clemson for any head coaching job. Remember,"The grass is always greener over the septic tank."

Written on ESPN's Mel Kiper. Jr. thinks Tajh Boyd, DeAndre Hopkins should return:

I agree with Kiper's comments on Boyd and Hopkins. I need to know if he is kidding about Logan Thomas of VT. Sure he is big and athletic, but he stinks as a quarterback. Apparently Mr. Kiper did not watch any of his games this year. He had wide open receivers in the FSU game and was missing them by 5 yards. At least Tim Tebow was good in college.

Written on Clemson fades late, falls to No.8 Arizona:

This team can't throw it in the ocean off the pier. It may be time to get some juco transfers that can SCORE. We just don't have any shooters.

Written on Charlie Harbison leaves Clemson for Auburn's staff:

Well if he coaches at Auburn like he did at Clemson, everyone in the country will soon know you can throw on Auburn.

Written on Tajh Boyd edges UNC RB Giovani Bernard for ACC Player of the Year:

Congrats Tajh! You earned it.

Written on Chad Morris' offense rendered a non-factor by USC:

Dadgum, you people are hard. The team just finished the regular season with a 10-2 record. Just a couple of years back they had a loosing record. Has everyone forgot that? The D has been awful for the last 2 years. Give Venables time and lets see what he can do. As for Dabo and Morris, you need to leave them alone, they seem to know their jobs. I remember previous coaches and their records. Do I like loosing to Carolina? HECK NO! Didn't Dabo and Morris team up to win an ACC Championship last year. I wonder if the Alabama people wanted to fire Saban and his staff after they lost to Texas A&M, or wss the Old Ball Sack on the hot seat after the LSU and Fla. games. Next time some of you feel like you can call plays better than the coaches and know the players and their capabilities better just send Dabo your resume. I'm sure he would love to have a student, a car salesman or a fry cook giving him coaching advice.

Written on With ugly ACC title game on tap, should league tweak its format?:

After watching this past weekends head to head matchups with ACC teams and SEC teams, I think the arguement is moot. The ACC Championship game will be a battle to see who is the tallest midget. The whole conference has to get better not just our Tigers.

Written on Another South Carolina defeat leaves Clemson with empty feeling:

It is easy to blame the coaches, the conference or the schedule but the fact is we got beat by a better team. Both of Clemson's losses this year were to better teams. So now everyone should know what they need to work on to get better.

Written on Swinney 'embarrassed' for Spurrier after Gamecock coach's latest verbal jab:

The "Old Ball Sack" is an idiot. Leave it at that.

Written on Venables pleased with defensive progress:

Ditto to all the above statements. The way our D is playing right now, our only hope is to continue to score 40 or more points a game. If something is not figured out about the secondary and how to tackle by Nov. 24 we may be looking at another Orange Bowl type beating.

Written on Scouting Furman: How the Paladins win...:

I think Furman will stick right with Clemson with neither side giving an inch...Then they will kickoff and Clemson will crush them.

Written on Dabo Swinney made right call in Sammy Watkins suspension:

Good job Coach. I think Dabo knows that if this team looses to AU or anybody else, it will not be because of the offense. As long as the quarterback play is good this offense will click.

Written on Ask an opposing beat writer: South Carolina:

I agree that this team feels more like 8-4. Also, I thought UGA won the SEC East last year. If USC won the East why didn't they play in the championship game? The main concern they better have is a running quarterback in the SEC. Running quarterbacks and dogs that chase cars don't last too long.

Written on Pendleton DT Michael Hill commits to Ohio State :

We can't get them all. Maybe the kid just wants to get away from home, move on to greener pastures. He will just have to learn, there is no place like home and the grass is always greener over the septic tank. I still wish him luck in whatever he chooses.

Written on From Bronze Star to the top of Clemson's Hill: Daniel Rodriguez's incredible journey:

This young man should be an inspiration for the entire athletic department. Anytime a coach or a team is having a bad game or a tough practice, this MAN can explain what a bad day really is. I'm proud he chose Clemson.

Written on Flurry of commitments boosts Tigers in national recruiting rankings:

I hope that is not true. Verbal committments can change their minds. Once you have a signed letter, then you can cherrypick.

Written on Terry Don Phillips says new hoops facility "highest priority":

Did I read this correctly? TDP wants to spend 5.1 million on a practice facility? Where is this money coming from? We are in a RECESSION. Is this why the tuition I pay for my son keeps going up? I this why my IPTAY dues are high? Why can't they practice at Little John? If the roof dosn't leak, keep the light bulbs changed and the floor swept and roll them a ball out and say start playing.

Written on Florida LB Isaac McDonald dropped from Clemson's 2013 commitment list:

It is probably for the best. After reading his coach's comments, if the student is anything like the teacher, he would fail out of Clemson in one semester.

Written on Plenty of complexities, pros and cons, but Clemson belongs in the ACC:

Great article and comments. It is a fact that if any school goes undefeated in conference play and undefeated in non-conference games they will be in the mix for a national title shot. However, these non conference games can't be against "Jerry's Kids" or "The School for Unwed Mothers". Thats where a 9 game conference schedule becomes hard.

Written on Clemson headed to South Carolina for NCAA Tournament:

Should be a quick weekend. This year, I don't think we can beat Coastal or USC in tournament play. Prove me wrong boys... Go Tigers!

Written on Clemson Board of Trustees meeting to discuss expansion:

I don't think going out to Lubbuck, Texas is as stupid as going to Syracuse, NY and Pittsburg, Pa..

Written on ACC has further work to stay relevant in college football's changing landscape:

Until the ACC gets new leadership, football will continue to be an afterthought. Basketball and the NC schools is what the ACC is all about. If Football was a primary concern, why was Syracuse asked to join the conference? It certainly wasn't their location or football RPI. The conference should have gone with West Va., East Carolina or South Florida. These schools are located in the traditional ACC region and all three's practice squads could beat the mud out of Syracuse starters.

Written on Clemson baseball must focus on improving NCAA lot:

Maybe they should be happy with any regional. "To be the man you got to beat the man", don't strive to get in some regional with weak teams. After losses to Presbyterian and Western Carolina our boys have proven they can be beaten by bad teams. If we have got to loose I would rather loose to a Stanford than "Jerry's Kids".

Written on Sammy Watkins' arrest gives Dabo Swinney disciplinary crisis:

I'm sure Dabo will do what he feels is the right thing. We, however, this includes the writer of the article, should not rush to judgement. Since Watkins was arrested, let the legal system do its job. His punishment should be based on the outcome of the investigation. Does he have a medical problem? Why did he have drugs for ADHD without a prescription? Who did the pills and the pot belong too? Did he test positive for taking any of this stuff? Was the person in the car with him free of any blame? Lets get a few more answers before we crucify Watkins or Dabo. Remember, giving part of a story is good only if you are running for public office.