Jerome Maybank

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Why be excited: Size and size-potential. Think Jarvis Jenkins four years ago: A slightly under-the-radar big man with the size and strength to be a disruptive presence in the middle of the defensive line. He was a two-way, every-down player in high school, and also has potential as an offensive lineman. (Waccamaw High's head coach described his team's offense as 'run behind Maybank 90 percent of the time'). In any case, Clemson's coaches have a lot to work with in the just-turned-17 big man.

You may not know: He was the lone local player chosen for the Offense-Defense All-America Bowl at Myrtle Beach, and he held his own when matched against Texas Longhorns commitment Cedric Reed, who is rated as one of the better offensive line prospects in the country.

Where he fits into the depth chart: Barring injuries to front-line players, the Tigers should be able to invest a redshirt year in Maybank.


Position: OT/DT
High School: Waccamaw (South Carolina)
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 320 lbs.

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